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Nowadays, theу Zubr-class military hovercraft of Soviet design is the world’s largest hovercraft.

Its main purpose is to sealift landing assault units (such as marines or tanks) to non-equipped shore like on this photo.

Zubr military hovercraft, Russia

but apparently something went wrong




Art Park “Nikola-Lenivets”

Nikola-Lenivets is located about 200 km from Moscow – in Kaluga region, on the banks of the river Ugra. Part of its territory belongs to the national park. It is open to creative experimentation and is constantly updated with new art objects.

It is the only in Russia art park with the landscape installations – land art objects made by the best Russian and foreign artists. Many of these objects have become iconic for contemporary art.

Art Park Nikola-Lenivets, Kaluga region, Russia photo 1

more objects of contemporary art


Alexander Zavaly is a Russian painter, illustrator and stage designer with more than 500 works living in Gelendzhik (Krasnodar region). A lot of his works are included in the collections of national museums, private galleries, both in Russia and abroad.

We would like to present to you a series of his works named “Epical cats”. This series triggers mixed feelings in Russians. You can make your own opinion by looking at these pictures.

"Epical Cats" of Painter Alexander Zavaly picture 1

heroic Russian cats


“Alye Parusa” (“Scarlet Sails”) is an All-Russian party of school graduates celebrated in St. Petersburg, usually on Saturday closest to the shortest white night. This year’s celebration was held on the night of June 23-24.

The celebration is carried out in two stages: a big concert with elements of theatrical performance at the Dvortsovaya Square and Vasilievsky Island, and Grand light and pyrotechnic multimedia show on the Neva River. Photos by Petr Ushanov

Alye Parusa pyrotechnic show, St. Petersburg, Russia photo 1

enjoy the beautiful show




Soviet movie posters in 1920ies

Soviet moviegoer in the 1920ies, during the NEP (the New Economic Policy), was able to watch a lot of not only Soviet, but also foreign films. As a rule, it was purely entertaining films, ideological films were not the biggest part of all the films, as it became later.

The movie posters of these years are of great interest. It was a continuous celebration of avant-gardism, endless experiment with colors, shapes, images. This flashy language of bright colors was coming into collision with the black-and-white world of the silver screen. Pictures by visualhistory

The Battleship Potemkin

Soviet movie posters in 1920ies 1


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Nizhny Tagil is a very tough city. On the roads along with the usual transport you can find battle tanks. And here are several examples.

Last weekend one driver was nearly run over by the tank that was rushing at high speed across the highway.


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Yakutsk is surrounded by many hills. In the Soviet era the tunnel in one of them, located near the mountain Chochur Muran, was used as a huge cellar for food storage. In November 2008, tourist center “The Kingdom of Permafrost” was opened here.

At the entrance to the “Kingdom” visitors receive warm coats and boots. It is necessary because in summer the temperature in the tunnel is minus 4 degrees Celsius. But in winter the temperature does not fall below minus 10 degrees C, so after minus 50 degrees C outside it is a good place to get warm. Photos by Alex Cheban

Tourist center "Kingdom of Permafrost", Yakutsk, Russia photo 1



September 8, residents and guests of Vladivostok could see beautiful light show prepared for the APEC summit. It was the largest light show in Russia this year.

A multimedia show is a light-laser-fireworks performance on the water, fully synchronized with the music. Duration of the show was a little more than 19 minutes. The cost of the fireworks and laser show on the contract is USD 2.5 million. Photos by Petr Ushanov

Light show in honor of the APEC Summit in Vladivostok, Russia photo 1



Kuban Cossacks (Kuban Cossack Army) is a part of Russian Cossacks of the North Caucasus, living on the territory of present Krasnodar krai, Stavropol krai, as well as the Republic of Adygeya and Karachay-Cherkessia. The military headquarters is located in Krasnodar (former Ekaterinodar).

Historically Kuban Cossacks were free militarized agricultural population. At the head of the Kuban Cossack Army was the chieftain (ataman), who was the military chief of the division and also the governor.



October 5 Grozny (capital city of Chechen Republic) with characteristic to local authorities fanfare celebrated the Day of the city. Noncircular date (193 years) has not prevented wide celebrations: such stars as Jean-Claude Van Dam, Kevin Costner and Vanessa Mae were invited to take part in the concert.

The concert was organized to celebrate the opening of Chechen financial center “Grozny-City,” but everyone knew perfectly well that in fact it was the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. The concert was broadcasted on second federal TV channel.

Grozny City day celebration 1


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