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The Akhmat Kadyrov Mosque “Heart of Chechnya” located in the center of Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic, is one of the largest mosques in Russia and Europe. The construction of the mosque lasted from April 2006 to October 2008.

The mosque stands on the picturesque bank of the Sunzha River, in the middle of a huge park (14 hectares) and is part of the Islamic complex, which, in addition to the mosque, includes the Russian Islamic University named after Kunta-haji Kishiev and the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Chechen Republic. Photos by: Alexander Popov.

Mosque Heart of Chechnya in Grozny, Russia, photo 1

amazing mosque

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The rebuilt center of Grozny from above

Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic, is a city with a population of about 300 thousand people located in the North Caucasus in the south of the European part of Russia.

During the First and Second Chechen Wars, the city, especially its central part, was almost completely destroyed. In 2003, Grozny was recognized by the UN Commission as the most ruined city on Earth since the Second World War. Photos by: Slava Stepanov.

The rebuilt center of Grozny from above, Russia, photo 1

fly over Grozny

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Oleg Dmitriyevich Kononenko is the 102nd cosmonaut of Russia and the 473rd cosmonaut of the world. As of April 2019, he is on the International Space Station and during the three previous flights he already spent 533 days in space.

From the ISS, he took a lot of photographs of various regions of the Earth. Let’s see how the cities of Russia look at night from orbit. Source: Roscosmos.

Moscow – the capital of Russia.

Cities of Russia at Night from Space - Moscow

Russian cities from space

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Night views of Grozny city from above

The following unique bird’s eye views of Grozny city at night time were taken by timag82. The scenery is really beautiful but the second thought is the amount of funds spent to construct all these buildings even without taking into account possible significant corruption component.

Some think that as the city was destroyed during the war the federal center had to rebuild Grozny from ruins. Others believe that the funding level is too high especially comparing to the central regions of Russia.

Grozny city, Russia night view from above photo 1


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Grozny city at night time

Today, after the war, Grozny is once again the administrative center of the Chechnya Republic of Russia. The reconstruction works are in process. In 2004 the railway connection with other parts of Russia was restored and the Grozny city airport, Severny, began to offer flights to Moscow in 2007.

Also, after several years of reconstruction, the beautiful Grozny city mosque (the largest in Europe) was opened in 2008. The following beautiful high-res photos of night Grozny were taken by timag82.

Grozny city at night time 1



The first Chechen War began in the winter of 1994. Grozny was captured by the Russian army in February of 1995 after a battle. A lot of buildings and infrastructure objects of the city were damaged or destroyed because of the Russian Air Force and artillery strikes.

But the resistance to Russian troops was not ended, and numerous Chechen guerrilla raids continued to operate in the city from the nearby mountains. In August 1996, Grozny was recaptured by Chechen guerrilla in a surprise attack. The battle was ended after a ceasefire (in 1996) and peace treaty (in 1997) was signed between Russia and the Chechen Republic.

Rebuilt Grozny city, Russia view 1


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October 5 Grozny (capital city of Chechen Republic) with characteristic to local authorities fanfare celebrated the Day of the city. Noncircular date (193 years) has not prevented wide celebrations: such stars as Jean-Claude Van Dam, Kevin Costner and Vanessa Mae were invited to take part in the concert.

The concert was organized to celebrate the opening of Chechen financial center “Grozny-City,” but everyone knew perfectly well that in fact it was the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. The concert was broadcasted on second federal TV channel.

Grozny City day celebration 1


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