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Parus (Sail) Rock is a natural monument located on the Black Sea coast, 17 km southeast of the resort town of Gelendzhik in the Krasnodar region.

The rock is a sandstone monolith standing vertically on the beach, separated from the main rock mass by a gap. The shape of the rock resembles the shape of a quadrangular sail, hence its name. Parus (Sail) Rock on Google Maps. Photos by: Andrei Kireev.

Parus (Sail) Rock near Gelendzhik, Russia, photo 1

magnificent monument of nature

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Flying over diverse Russia

Serguei Fomine, a photographer from Russia, began his project “Russia From Above” in 2003. The project is an artistic photo shoot of the most visually attractive natural, historical and architectural sites located on the territory of the country.

A lot of his photos are unique because these hard to reach places have never been photographed before. Let’s take a look at some of these photos.

Acid lake in the crater of Maliy Semyachik volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Russia from above, photo 1

fly over Russia

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Sochi – the view from above

Sochi is a Russian resort city located on the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar Krai. Tourism, mostly internal, is the basis for the city’s economy. Sochi is the largest resort city in Russia.

The population of Sochi is only about 400 thousand people, but every year about 6 million tourists visit the city. Photos by: Slava Stepanov.

Sochi from above, Russia, photo 1

fly over Sochi

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Important guests, traffic jams, big money… Investment Forum “Sochi-2013” was basically the same as all the previous ones. But this time was not without incident.

Krasnodar region prepared the pavilion with 1,800 projects, for example, the F1 track. Among the projects was the ski resort Lagonaki. At first glance, nothing out of the ordinary was noticed: the snow-capped peaks, green fir-trees, etc. But photographers found something else…

Lagonaki Ski Resort Layout, Russia photo 1

What did they find?

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Alexander Zavaly is a Russian painter, illustrator and stage designer with more than 500 works living in Gelendzhik (Krasnodar region). A lot of his works are included in the collections of national museums, private galleries, both in Russia and abroad.

We would like to present to you a series of his works named “Epical cats”. This series triggers mixed feelings in Russians. You can make your own opinion by looking at these pictures.

"Epical Cats" of Painter Alexander Zavaly picture 1

heroic Russian cats


Krasnaya Polyana is a small town in the Adler district of Sochi (Krasnodar krai) located 39 km from the Black Sea coast.

The population of the town is 3972 people (2009). There is a highway from Adler and Sochi airport to Krasnaya Polyana. The town will be one of the places hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 2014 and probably the most picturesque one.

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