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February 12, 2014, the only surviving tank T-35A drove under its own power for the restoration from the pavilion of Heavy armored vehicles of the Central Museum of Armored Vehicles.

T-35 is a Soviet heavy five-turret tank developed in 1931-1932 – the first Soviet heavy tank launched into mass production before the beginning of the Second World War.

Five-turret Soviet tank, photo 1

unique tank


Nizhny Tagil is a very tough city. On the roads along with the usual transport you can find battle tanks. And here are several examples.

Last weekend one driver was nearly run over by the tank that was rushing at high speed across the highway.


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These tanks are not afraid to go under the water

In the previous post, we can see how the Russian and French troops looked 200 years ago during the battle of Borodino, but now back to the present. Military exercises of armored vehicles were held in Primorye this August. The main task of the exercises was surmounting water obstacles.

The exercises involved such armored vehicles as BMP-1, MTLB, BTR-80 and tanks T-80. Also as part of the exercises evacuation of vehicles stalled afloat was demonstrated; loading armored vehicles on the ferry was also shown. Photos by Smit Smitty

Military exercises, surmounting water obstacles, Russia photo 1


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Kubinka armored forces museum photos

The museum of armored forces in Kubinka (Moskovskaya oblast, about 63 km to the west of Moscow city) is one of the largest in Russia and has the unique collection of war machines. The photos were captured by k_kronos.

Kubinka tank museum, Russia view


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The following photos were captured during the military exercise of Kantemirovskaya tank division somewhere in Moskovskaya oblast by Chistoprudov Dmitriy. The division is armed with tanks T-80 and infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2 (the photos are clickable).

Russian army armoured division military exercise


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Russian war machines museum photos

The following photos were taken at Central Armed Forces Museum located in Moscow city, Soviet Army Str., 2. The current set is devoted mainly to Soviet and Russian tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

Next posts will be about flying machines and various war machinery (all photos are clickable).

Soviet and Russian war machines - Moscow armed forces museum


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