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BioFoodLab is Flourishing in Russia

Russians who want to try and build up their immune systems are now turning to healthy food, which means that the sales have soared. Russians have been trying to eat much healthier to try and build their immune system as it is a way for them to protect themselves during the current pandemic.

Elena Shifrina, who is a former model and now CEO of a health food organization, has done her part to try and explain the surge in sales. She is the owner of BioFoodLab, and she has said that three years ago, the company was just getting started. Within just two years, the Forbes Magazine, Russian Edition named the company as being one of the most profitable start-ups of that year. The company has a leading brand called Bite, and they have certainly come a very long way since their early days.

BioFoodLab, Russia, photo 1

healthy food in Russia

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The largest coal strip mine in Russia

Borodinsky coal strip mine is located 7 km from the town of Borodino in the Krasnoyarsk region.

In January 2016, the one billionth ton of coal was mined here, making it the largest coal strip mine in the country. It provides jobs for about 1,500 people.

Borodinsky coal strip mine, Russia, photo 1

take a look at the mine and equipment


Prirazlomnoye oil field, located about 60 km from the coast on the shelf of the Pechora Sea, was opened in 1989. The sea depth in the area of the field is 19-20 meters.

Today, thanks to technological advances, oil production is conducted here with the help of the world’s first stationary Arctic oil platform called “Prirazlomnaya”, 320 km north-east of Naryan-Mar (the Nenets Autonomous District). Photos by: Alexander Cheban.

Oil production on the shelf in the Russian Arctic, photo 1

visit Prirazlomnaya platform


Novorossiysk sea port is the largest in Russia and the fifth port in Europe by cargo turnover. The port handles about 20% of the total volume of goods exported and imported through the sea ports of Russia.

It is located on the northeastern coast of the Black Sea in the ice-free Novorossiysk (Tsemes) Bay. During the year, more than 4500 ships come to Novorossiysk sea port. Photos by Stepanov Slava

Novorossiysk sea port, Russia, photo 1

the largest Russian port


Aluminum appeared in our lives only about century and a half ago, but in that short time it managed to go from being a decorative metal to the material, which allows us to move faster, to live in warmth and comfort, and enjoy all the benefits of modern civilization.

At the moment, the leader of the global aluminum industry is the Russian company RUSAL which accounts for about 12.5% of global production of aluminum that ensures the production facilities to produce 3.9 million tons of aluminum per year. Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant is owned by RUSAL. Photos by dedmaxopka

Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant, RUSAL, Russia photo 1



Bachatskiy coal open-cast mine, located in Belovo city (Kemerovo oblast) is one of the largest mines of the Kuzbass (total area is about 20 square kilometers, depth – 300 meters). Annual production amounts to more than 8 million 700 thousand tons.

The mine produces fuel for energy and metallurgical industries of Russia and other countries around the world.

BelAZ 75600 - biggest truck in the former USSR view 1





Top 7 Russian most expensive brands

According to the ranking of British company Brande Finance Sberbank (Russia’s largest bank) is the most expensive Russian brand in 2011 with the value of about 12 billion dollars taking 65th rank in the top 500 brands of the world (58th rank in 2010).

Sberbank logo

Also the following companies from Russia are included in the rating:


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Truthful animation video about the difficulties that may face foreign businessman in Russia.

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Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works plant or Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Kombinat (MMK) is the largest plant in Russia of such kind located in Magnitogorsk city. Here is a nice video of the plant in the production process.




Russian banya on the wheels photos

Siberian entrepreneur Sergey Benke made the following mobile Russian banya (sauna) by his own hands. It is very popular among lumberjacks, hunters and tourists.