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Berezniki – the City of Sinkholes

Berezniki is the second largest city in the Perm region with a population of about 145,000 people, a large industrial center located 191 km north of Perm.

The city stands on a large deposit of potassium and magnesium salts that have been mine-produced for decades. Berezniki on Google Maps. Photos by: Lana Sator.

Administrative and household building in the zone of one of the sinkholes.

Sinkholes in Berezniki city, Perm region, Russia, photo 1

sinkholes of Berezniki from above

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The Northern Urals is one of the most hard-to-reach areas of the Urals, but it gradually becomes more popular among tourists primarily thanks to two main attractions: the rock formations on the Manpupuner Plateau and the Dyatlov Pass.

Both of these places are covered with legends. Although one of them was created by nature, and the second – by human tragedy that is still an unsolved mystery. Photos by: Slava Stepanov.

Manpupuner Plateau and Dyatlov Pass, Russia, photo 1

fly over the Northern Urals

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Belogorsky St. Nicholas Orthodox monastery is a monastery located on the edge of the Ural White Mountain, 120 kilometers south of the city of Perm.

Holy Cross Cathedral of the monastery, built in the neo-Byzantine style on the model of St. Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev, is particularly picturesque in winter when the building and everything around it is covered with snow. Belogorsky monastery on Google Maps. Photos by: Mikhail Turkeev.

Holy Cross Cathedral, White Mountain, Perm region, Russia, photo 1

a real winter fairy tale

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The giant sinkhole near Solikamsk tripled

November 18, 2014, one of the mines of “Uralkali” company, located near the town of Solikamsk in the Perm region, was flooded, all workers were evacuated. A little bit later, a huge sinkhole was found on the territory, occupied by garden plots of local residents. At that time, the hole in the ground had a diameter of 30 meters.

Over the past nine months, the sinkhole greatly expanded and its current size is 120×125 meters. The following photos were taken in August 2015. Solikamsk sinkhole from space.

The giant sinkhole near Solikamsk town, Perm region, Russia, photo 1

the sinkhole becomes bigger and bigger


Saying goodbye to winter, let’s visit Belogorskiy monastery (1902-1917) – one of the main attractions of Perm region. It is located about 120 kilometers to the south of Perm, the capital city of the region.

This majestic building, standing on a hill called White Mountain, impresses with its size. The monastery is the seventh largest church in Russia. After the construction, it could accommodate up to 8,000 people. Belogorskiy monastery on Google Maps. The photos were taken by Andrey Kirnov.

Winter in Belogorskiy monastery, Perm region, Russia, photo 1

explore the magnificent monastery


Brief background. Last November, one of the mines owned by “Uralkali” company was partially flooded. The mine is located near Solikamsk town (Perm region).

Later, about 3.5 km from the mine, on the territory occupied by garden plots of Solikamsk residents, a giant sinkhole (30×40 meters) was found (the first post about this event).

Giant sinkhole, Solikamsk, Perm region, Russia

the situation a few months later


November 18, 2014, the mine Solikamsk-2, owned by a Russian company “Uralkali”, was partially flooded. All the miners were safely evacuated, and the work was suspended. The mine is located near the town of Solikamsk in Perm region.

After some time, 3.5 km from the mine, on the territory occupied by garden plots of Solikamsk residents, a giant sinkhole (30×40 meters) was found. Risks of expansion of the sinkhole and its danger to the city are still not fully understood.

Giant sinkhole near Solikamsk in Perm region, Russia, photo 1

the gate to the underworld




The Beauty of Russian Winter

Winter in Russia is not always a disaster but a very beautiful time of the year.

Belogorsky St. Nicholas Monastery is located near Belaya Mountain (Ural Mountains), 120 kilometers from the city of Perm (temperature minus 25 degrees Celsius). Photo by Vladimir Chuprikov

The beauty of Russian winter

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Perm – the region of contrasts

Perm is a city in the east of the European part of Russia, in the foothills of the Urals, the administrative center of Perm Krai. The city is a major industrial, scientific, cultural, and logistic center of the Urals.

Perm was founded in 1723. In 1876, first in the Urals and Siberia railroad was built through the city. In 1979, the city’s population exceeded 1 million people.

In 2009, the authorities of the region started an ambitious project – “Perm – Cultural Capital.” The project significantly increased the number of cultural events held in the city, a lot of various art objects appeared in the streets.

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Abandoned village of Uzhginskoye, Perm krai

Uzhginskoye village is located in Cherdynsky district of Perm krai. Like a lot of other villages of Russia it was abandoned. The village had favorable location at the crossroads, near the river and the reason why it was abandoned is unknown. The pictures were captured by Andrey Senyushkin (all the photos are clickable).

Perm krai, Russia abandoned village scenery 1


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