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Unmanned Russian rocket “Proton-M” with three navigation satellites “Glonass-M” again didn’t reach Earth orbit. The flight lasted only a few seconds, then the rocket exploded and crashed to the ground one kilometer from the launch site at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Another failure of the Federal Space Agency of Russia is estimated at $ 200 million. The launch of the rocket “Proton-M” at Baikonur was broadcast live on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Proton-M rocket, Baikonur

Let’s see how it all happened

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Once again, on one of the military training grounds in Russia, this time located in Samara region, the shells exploded. The explosions at the test site near the town of Chapaevsk began on Tuesday evening. About 6,500 people were evacuated from the nearby Nagorny village to Chapaevsk.

Explosions rocked during disposing of ammunition. The total number of shells stored at the site was about 13 million. According to recent reports, one person died and 34 were injured in the blasts, because the explosions also hit the nearby highway.

Explosions at military training ground in Samara region, Russia

Watch videos captured by witnesses


Polish president plane Tu-154 en route from Warsaw to Smolensk on Saturday crashed during landing in Smolensk Oblast killing all 132 passengers on board, including President of Poland Lech Kaczynski and his wife.

The airplane was landing in heavy fog. The government of Smolensk region said that nobody survived the plane crash. They clarified that during the landing approach Tu-154 touched the treetops and hit the ground, and then split up and caught fire.

Kaczynski was flying today in Smolensk, to visit the memorial “Katyn”. Today there are ceremonies in regard to the 70th anniversary of the massacre of Polish officers.


“According to preliminary information, there were 18 German tourists and flight crew on board of the MI-8,” a spokesman for the Far East Emergencies Ministry Sergei Viktorov said.

Mi-8 helicopter





Moscow city subway terrorist acts

Two attacks were carried out by suicide bombers this morning in the Moscow subway. Explosions with a time period of 40 minutes happened at the stations “Lubyanka” and “Park Kultury” of Sokolniki subway line. As a result of terrorist attacks in the Moscow subway 36 people (38 with suicide bombers) were killed, an additional 92 people were injured.

The attacks were carried out in rush hour, when most people rode to work. The assessments of explosive devices power ranges from 300-400g of TNT equivalent to 3 kg. In connection with the accidents Moscow City Council advises the people if possible to refrain from trips to the center of the city.

Moscow city metro scenery





The tragedy at Perm city nightclub

The following video was captured at the beginning of conflagration happened at Perm city nightclub “Lame Horse” tonight. At least 109 people were killed and 140 were injured mostly because of smoke inhalation and panic. According to officials the fireworks blast caused the fire.

December 7, 2009 is declared a day of mourning in Russia.