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Russia will write off $ 32 billion, which the Republic of Cuba owes Russia on loans granted during the Soviet period.

The total amount of the Cuban debt is about $ 35.2 billion. 90% of the debt ($ 32 billion) will be written off and the remaining 10% will be repaid over 10 years.


some interesting details

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Under the agreement valued at $ 400 billion, Russia will supply China with 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year for 30 years.

Analysts estimate that the price of Russian gas on the border with China will be about $ 350 per 1,000 cubic meters, and apparently will not cover even the cost of natural gas delivered through the pipe at the border because in justification of the investment cost price was set at $ 360-400.

It is clear that this is a political project rather than concern about improving the welfare of the citizens of Russia.

Russia-China natural gas

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According to the words of Maxim Ksenzov, the deputy head of the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Mass Media, Twitter and Facebook can be blocked in minutes in the country and his agency “does not see big risks” in this. This news caused a great public outcry yesterday.

Today, after the words of Prime Minister that such statements are unacceptable, he was reprimanded. However, this does not negate the fact that he told the truth – to block these social networks in Russia only an order from the top is needed. Caricature by zhgun

Twitter Russia Zhgun

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Alphabet of Putin’s Russia

It is a perfect example of political satire on the latest events in Russia and Ukraine by zhgun

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Mikhail Khodorkovsky on the Maidan

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former Russian oligarch, the first and the world’s most famous political prisoner of the new Russia released just before the Olympics, arrived in Kyiv.

He will read his lecture “Human rights and freedoms” in the Polytechnic Institute. Shortly after arriving in the Ukrainian capital, he walked around the Maidan.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky on the Maidan, Kyiv, Ukraine, photo 1

Khodorkovsky on the Maidan

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Breaking news. Upper House of Russian Parliament voted to approve sending Russian armed forces on the territory of Ukraine.

It was done by Putin’s request because of the “extraordinary” situation in Ukraine and threats to life of Russian citizens, the personnel of the military contingent of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation located in accordance with the international agreement on the territory of Ukraine (Autonomous Republic of Crimea).


Crimea - Russian troops


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It is a very cool series of photos. Look at the picture on the TV screen and how it is changing while Vladimir Putin is turning to it.

Even if the photos are photoshopped, there is some symbolism in them. Also, it should be noted that viewers at least in Russia saw this part of the ceremony this way.

What happens when Putin is not watching the Games, photo 1

what happened next


One of the most significant events in recent years has happened in Russia today. Former head of the oil company “Yukos” Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the main political prisoner of the country, has been pardoned by order of Vladimir Putin and released from prison.

Khodorkovsky spent more than 10 years in prison (since 2003). The whole story of his release looks like a complex operation, covered with a veil of secrecy. State propaganda is already saying that his petition of clemency means that he admits his guilt, while in all his statements made before he refused to do it.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

some thoughts on the topic

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In Russia, there is a phrase “Potemkin villages” which means fake things made to impress. It originates from a historical myth of fake villages built on the orders of Prince Potemkin along the route of the Russian Empress Catherine II during her visit in the northern Black Sea region in 1787.

In a remote region recently captured during the war with the Ottoman Empire, she saw numerous buildings, troops, prosperous population. These achievements surprised not only the Empress, but also foreigners, who were traveling with her.

Suzdal Russia - Potemkin Villages, photo 1

centuries later…


Unique footage – the moment the Greenpeace ship “Arctic Sunrise” was boarded by Russian border guards on September 19, 2013.