Krasnodar city, Russia

The capital city of Krasnodar krai.

Krasnodar overview

Krasnodar is a city located in southern Russia, the capital of Krasnodar krai. It is also known as the southern capital of Russia. The city stands on the right bank of the Kuban River, about 120-150 km from the Black and Azov Seas, 1,340 km south of Moscow.

The population of Krasnodar is about 1,000,000 (2018), the area - 339 sq. km.

The phone code - +7 861, the postal codes - 350000-350921.

Krasnodar city flag

Krasnodar city flag

Krasnodar city coat of arms

Krasnodar city coat of arms

Krasnodar city map, Russia

Krasnodar city map of Russia

Krasnodar history

The town was founded in the year of 1794, and was named Ekaterinodar meaning “Catherine’s Gift” (the Russian Empress Catherine the Great gave the Kuban region lands to the Cossacks).

Ekaterinodar became an important center of the Kuban Cossacks in the first half of the 19th century. It received a town status in 1867. The town became a major trade and transport center of the North-Caucasian region after the construction of the railway Tikhoretsk - Ekaterinodar - Novorossiysk in 1870-1880-ies. The population of the town was about 45,000 in 1888.

It was one of the centers of resistance after the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. A large number of the Kuban Cossacks were fighting with the Red Army. During the Russian Civil War, Ekaterinodar de facto was the capital of the White south of Russia.

In 1920, Ekaterinodar received new name - Krasnodar. There are two meanings of the word “Krasny”: “beautiful” or “red”; the word “dar” means “gift”.

The city was captured by the German army in August, 1942, and was liberated by the Soviet forces in February, 1943.

Krasnodar pictures

Krasnodar street view

Krasnodar street view

Author: Shamil Khakirov

Krasnodar street

Krasnodar street

Author: Sergey Bulanov

Krasnodar scenery

Krasnodar scenery

Author: Sidorenko Alexey

Krasnodar features

From 1794 to 1920, the town was called Yekaterinodar (Ekaterinodar).

Krasnodar is a large economic and cultural center of the North Caucasus and Southern Federal Districts. Today, it is one of the few Russian cities which population is growing. Krasnodar celebrates the City Day on the last Saturday of September.

The city is located in the temperate climate zone. The average temperature in January is plus 0.6 degrees Celsius, in July - plus 24.1 degrees Celsius.

Krasnodar is a major industrial center in Southern Russia. The main directions of industrial activity: instrumentation and metalworking, production of construction materials, sewing and knitting, furniture, tobacco products, food and agricultural products.

Krasnodar has an international airport “Pashkovsky”, located in the eastern part of the city. The airport offers flights to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tyumen, Belgorod, Samara, Sochi, Vienna (Austria), Istanbul (Turkey), and a number of other cities.

For several years, Krasnodar was the leading city in the amount of construction in Southern Federal District. It is one of the leading Russian cities by the number of hypermarkets.

It is an important transportation and transit juncture. The federal highway M4 “Don” runs through the city. In the southern part of the city, there is a freight river port on the Kuban River.

Krasnodar places of interest

In Krasnodar, there is a unique architectural monument - an open-worked hyperboloid construction made of steel - a water tower built by the design of the scientist and engineer Vladimir Grigoryevich Shukhov in 1928. The construction is located near the circus building at the crossroads of V.Golovaty and Rashpilevskaya streets.

Besides, the following monuments of Krasnodar are of federal importance: the building of Krasnodar Philharmonic Society; M.S.Kuznetsov’s house (1888-1900), where a conservatory is located.

The monument “Zaporozhye Cossacks Writing a Letter to the Turkish Sultan” was opened in the city in 2008. It is located at the crossroads of Krasnaya and Gorky streets.

In 2009, at the intersection of Krasnaya and Babushkina streets, near the reconstructed fountain, Alexander Triumphal Arch was opened. Originally it was erected in honor of the visit of Emperor Alexander III.

In 2011, Krasnodar received one of the largest light-color fountains in Russia. You can find it at Theater Square.

The largest universities of Krasnodar are Kuban State University, Kuban State Agricultural University, Art and Culture University, Kuban State Medical Academy.

Krasnodar museums

  • Krasnodar Regional Art Museum named after F.A. Kovalenko (Krasnaya Street, 13);
  • Krasnodar State Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve named after E.D. Felitsyn (Gimnazicheskaya Street, 67);
  • Museum of Kuban Postal Services (Karasunskaya Street, 68);
  • Krasnodar Regional Showroom of Fine Arts (Rashpilevskaya Street, 32);
  • Museum of Military Equipment in the Park named after the 30th anniversary of Victory (Krasin Street, 2);
  • Kuban Literary Museum (Postovaya Street, 39);
  • House-Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky (Babushkina Street, 295);
  • Museum of Bodybuilding “Samson” (Krasnaya Street, 129);
  • Museum of the History of the North Caucasian Railway (Bratiev Drozdovykh Street, 2);
  • Museum of the Cossacks (Vinogradnaya Street, 58).

Krasnodar views

Krasnodar city scenery

Krasnodar city scenery

Author: Leonid Yurchenko

Krasnodar modern architecture

Krasnodar modern architecture

Author: Shamil Khakirov

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Krasnodar

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Krasnodar

Author: Evgeny Sheredeka

Krasnodar theaters

  • Krasnodar State Academic Drama Theater named after Gorky (Theatre Square, 2);
  • Krasnodar Musical Theater (Krasnaya Street, 44);
  • Krasnodar Regional Puppet Theater (Krasnaya Street, 31);
  • Krasnodar Youth Theater (Sedin Street, 28);
  • Krasnodar State Circus (Rashpilevskaya Street, 147);
  • Krasnodar Philharmonic named after Grigory Ponomarenko (Krasnaya Street, 55);
  • Concert Hall of the Kuban Cossack Choir (Krasnaya Street, 5);
  • New Puppet Theater (Stavropolskaya Street, 130).

Krasnodar souvenirs

Krasnodar offers a wide range of gifts and handmade souvenirs: decorative items, magnets, products made of glass, ceramics, wood, kitchen utensils, etc. Souvenirs with colorful attributes of Cossack theme are especially popular.

You can buy souvenirs in Krasnodar in the following places:

  • Network of shops of Kuban souvenirs: Golovaty Street, 313, Bershanskaya Street, 355 (Krasnodar airport), Karasunskaya Street, 162;
  • “Eureka” souvenir shop. 40 let Pobedy Street, 34;
  • “Papa Carlo” souvenir shop. Krasnaya Street, 176, housing #13 (Hall 101, 111).

Krasnodar hotels

More than 80 hotels operate in Krasnodar today. The most luxurious hotels are:

  • “Aton” Hotel. 19 rooms. Address: Fadeev Street, 189. Tel.: + 7 861 227 58 00;
  • “Rimar” Hotel. 69 rooms. Kubanskaya Naberezhnaya Street, 44. Tel.: + 7 816 279 58 78;
  • “Pyramid” Hotel and Restaurant Complex. 17 rooms. Krasnikh Partizan Street, 208. Tel.: + 7 861 253 92 50;
  • “Troy” Hotel and Entertainment Complex. 26 rooms. May 1 Street, 131. Tel.: + 7 861 257 71 44;
  • “Platan Yuzhniy” Hotel. 82 rooms. Oktyabrskaya Street, 16. Tel.: + 7 861 268 51 75;
  • “Premier” Hotel. 36 rooms. Vasnetsov Street, 14. Tel.: + 7 861 274 11 55;
  • “Intourist” Hotel. 244 rooms. Krasnaya Street, 109. Tel.: + 7 861 259 61 63;
  • “Red Royal” Hotel. 39 rooms. Krasnikh Partisan Street, 238. Tel.: + 7 861 215 50 50;
  • “Savoy Petit” Hotel. 17 rooms. Kostylev Street, 193. Tel.: + 7 861 254 25 42.

Krasnodar city of Russia photos

Krasnodar places

Krasnodar krai parliament

Krasnodar krai parliament

Author: Kudinov D.M.

Jet fighters monument in Krasnodar

Jet fighters monument in Krasnodar

Author: Vasily Afonin

Holy Trinity Cathedral in Krasnodar

Holy Trinity Cathedral in Krasnodar

Author: Evgeny Pertsev

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