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Beautiful Church of the Sign of Our Lady is located in the village of Dubrovitsy, Podolsky district, Moscow region, about 36 km from the center of Moscow, near Podolsk.

The church was built of white stone in 1690-1703. It is famous for its unique, unusual for Russia architecture. Most probably foreign (possibly Italian) masters were involved in the construction. Church in Dubrovitsy on Google Maps. Photos by: Vladimir Dar.

Church in Dubrovitsy, Moscow region, Russia, photo 1

architectural masterpiece

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Dolgoprudny is a town with a population of about 97,000 people located in Moscow region, in the vicinity of Moscow. In the south and east the town almost merges with the northern outskirts of Moscow.

Relatively recently, in 1997-2003, a beautiful church was built here – the Church of the Kazan Icon of Our Lady.

The Church of the Kazan Icon of Our Lady in Dolgoprudny, Moscow region, Russia, photo 1

very picturesque church

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This news is from the series “This is possible only in Russia.”

October 22, at 03:32 in the morning, an unknown person entered the territory of the train depot Lobnya (about 15 km from Moscow), climbed into the cabin of one of the trains, started the engine and escaped.

Train crash, Moscow region, Russia, photo 1

but something went wrong

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Abandoned Summer Camp with Retro Cars

Forests in Moscow region hide a lot of various abandoned buildings and structures. Some buildings are in ruins, but others are hardly affected by time.

Most often you can find abandoned military facilities, academic institutions, and summer camps. In the latter, usually, you can’t see anything unusual, but not in this case. On the territory of one summer camp the following collection of retro cars has been found. Photos by saoirse_2010

Abandoned Summer Camp with Retro Cars, Moscow region, Russia photo 1

explore the abandoned camp

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Abandoned peat extraction site near Moscow

Earlier this place, located in the north of the Moscow region, was Olkhovskoye swamp. In 1936, the swamp was drained, and peat extraction began in 1955.

In 2010, one of the sites began to fill with water because of its depletion. A lot of different machines for peat extraction were left creating a very beautiful post-apocalyptic landscape now. Photos by rotweller

Abandoned peat extraction site near Moscow, Russia photo 1


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The reconstruction of Borodino Battle

September 2, the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino was held in Moskovskaya oblast. Military-historical reenactment of the battle scenes took place on the field to the west of the village of Borodino. The battle involved cavalry, infantry and artillery.

The entire 2012 Russia marks the 200th anniversary of the Patriotic War 1812, a special place is given to the largest battle of the war happened near Borodino village. In France, the battle is called the battle of the Moscow River. Photos by Alexander Lipilin

Borodino Battle reconstruction, 2012, Russia photo 1



On the territory of science town Chernogolovka, located about 40 km from Moscow, there is the Military-Technical Museum, dedicated to the history of the civil and military vehicles.

The collection brings together vehicles made in the Soviet Union, Germany, France, USA, Japan and other foreign countries and covers more than 100-year period from the end of the nineteenth century to the present day. Photos by Misha Grizli

Military-technical museum, Ivanovo, Chernogolovka, Russia view 1


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“Dunai-3U” is early warning radar station of Soviet missile defense system A-35M located in Moskovskaya oblast. The station was put in service in 1978. NATO’s code for radar station “Dunai-3U” is “Cathouse”.

Today the station operates partly; most of the equipment was dismantled. Once it was one of the most secret military facilities of the Soviet Union. Today the station is practically deserted. Photos by artuniar.

Radar station Dunai-3U, Russia view 1


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Abandoned Research Institute of Corrosion is located somewhere in the Moscow region. The institute was working on studying the effects of different environments and conditions on certain substances.

In the late 1980s due to lack of funding the institute was closed. Now this is the place where you can feel the atmosphere of the Soviet Union.

Abandoned bomb shelter, Russia view 1


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Museum of Christmas toys in Klin

The museum can be found in the exhibition complex “Klinskoe podvorye” in a small town of Klin located near Moscow. The collection mainly includes glass toys produced by local factory “Yolochka”, although there are toys of other factories. I personally still have some toys you can see at the pictures below.

The museum runs a shop where all year round you can buy glass Christmas decorations produced by the same factory. Opening hours of the museum: from 9:30 to 17:00. The last tour begins at 16:00. Day off – Monday. Address: Russia, Moskovskaya oblast, Klin town, Staroyamskaya Str., 4. The site of the museum: Photos by Yulia Makarkina.

Museum of Christmas toys, Klin town, Russia view 1