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Russia is becoming known not only for its glorious past remains like churches and fortresses but for newly built masterpieces like the following one – the church constructed in 2000-2001 in Nadovrazhino village, Istrinsky district of Moskovskaya oblast.

It was built on the place where the church of the 18th century had been standing before being destroyed in the 1930th (the photos were captured by av_otus)

Russian church modern style


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The following photos of the church with the foundations laid in 1780  were captured by Vitaliy Raskalov near the village Yaropolets, Volokolamsky district, Moskovskaya oblast (all the photos are clickable).

Moskovskaya oblast church view


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Abandoned summer camp for kids photos

The following photos were captured by Denis Frantsouzov at abandoned from the Soviet times summer camp (young pioneers camp) for kids located somewhere in Moskovskaya oblast.

Abandoned summer camp for kids


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Russian President firing a machine gun

Several days ago Russian President Dmitry Medvedev had a visit to Russian army training ground in Moskovskaya oblast. During the visit the President had a chance to fire legendary machine gun “Maksim” and to drive new vehicles.


Kolomenskoye is a historical place of Russia located on the south of Moscow city, It was an ancient residence of Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible. Kolomenskoye was the place where first Russian Emperor Peter the Great spent his childhood.




Soviet army abandoned cantonment photos

The vast territory of Russia has numerous abandoned military objects of all types. The following photos of former cantonment of Soviet army were captured by Viktor Borisov somewhere in Moscow oblast (the photos are clickable).



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