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The Republic of Ingushetia is located on the northern slopes of the foothills of the Greater Caucasus Range (in its central part) and on the adjoining small ranges of Tersky, Sunzhensky and Skalisty.

The length of this region from north to south is 144 km, from west to east – 72 km. In the northern districts the relief is steppe, in the south – it is mountainous consisting of ridges separated by valleys and gorges. Photos by: Alexandr Lipilin.

Amazing landscapes of mountainous Ingushetia, Russia, photo 1

beautiful mountainous region


The Svyato-Vvedensky Island Convent is located on an island in the middle of Lake Vvedenskoye, about 4 km from the town of Pokrov in Vladimir Oblast.

It was founded by the monks Sergius and Timothy at the very end of the 17th century. They retired to an island in the middle of the lake and built a wooden chapel and a wooden cell there. Their seclusion, according to legend, did not last long. Soon other people wishing to join them began to come here. Svyato-Vvedensky Island Convent on Google Maps. Photos by: Vadim Razumov.

Winter in Svyato-Vvedensky Island Convent near Pokrov, Vladimir Oblast, Russia, photo 1

picturesque island convent

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Medieval Tower Complex Egikal in Ingushetia

In the 11th-12th centuries, Egikal was one of the largest settlements of medieval Ingushetia located on the northern slopes of the foothills of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range.

Today, on this territory there is a picturesque architectural complex “Egikal”, which includes, in addition to military and watchtowers, residential towers that belonged to old clans, as well as structures of a religious cult. Egikal on Google Maps. Photos by: Alexandr Lipilin.

Medieval Tower Complex Egikal in Ingushetia, Russia, photo 1

beautiful old towers


As appetites for casino gaming grow across the planet, players everywhere are heading to websites and brick and mortar casinos for a taste of the action. In Russia, players are also heading to casinos for fun with poker, roulette, slots and much more! In the world’s largest country however, gambling is only legal in several selected regions.

With that said, the nation remains home to some huge casinos, with players flocking there from across the globe to enjoy gaming of a variety of styles. In this article, we will take a look at the biggest casinos in Russia. From Kaliningrad to Sochi, we will consider the finest gambling establishments in the Russian Federation.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the biggest casinos in Russia, starting with what has to be the biggest, most popular of them all!

Sochi, Russia


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Five Most Beautiful Towns in Russia

Russia is a beautiful country, stretching over a massive length of northern Asia and Eastern Europe. It became an independent state on the 12th of June, 1990. Natural beauty and glamour in Russia are unmatched. Russia has various gorgeous cities, towns and villages. Here are a few of Russia’s most beautiful towns.

Kolomna, Russia

beautiful old towns of Russia

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Ivangorod is a town with a population of about 9.5 thousand people located in the very west of Leningrad Oblast in the northwest of Russia. It stands on the right (eastern) bank of the Narva River opposite the Estonian city of Narva and is part of the Russian state border area (entry only with passes, foreign passports, or with local registration).

The Ivangorod fortress was built on the right bank of the Narva in the summer of 1492. It was named after Ivan III Vasilievich, who reigned at that time. The purpose of the construction of the fortress was to protect the Novgorod land of the Tsardom of Russia from its western neighbors.

Ivangorod Fortress, Leningrad Oblast, Russia, photo 1

picturesque old castle




Soccer Stadiums You Have to Visit in Russia

Russia’s star athletes have won major accolades around the world of sports for decades, with the nation being noted as one of the best in many competitions. Ice hockey and boxing are among the most notable at present, with the likes of Alex Ovechkin, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Nikita Kucherov among hockey’s finest, and Artur Beterbiev, Dmitry Bivol, Sergey Kovalev, and Alexander Povetkin being dominant forces in boxing.

However, much like most other European nations, Russia is also a huge fan of soccer, with football being among the most popular sports in the nation. The sport has always been popular, but in 2018, the level of fandom stepped up another notch, or ten, with the country hosting the FIFA World Cup.

As a result, many people now see Russia’s soccer stadiums as must-view attractions, with several of the best featuring prominently in the massively televised event. If you’re one such soccer enthusiast, these are the most exquisite and historic soccer stadiums in Russia for you to visit.

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Russia


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The Ferapontov Belozersky Nativity Monastery is a monastery of the Vologda diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church located in the village of Ferapontovo, Vologda Oblast, about 119 km north-west of Vologda.

This is one of the oldest monasteries in the Russian North founded in the late 14th century. The monastery has survived to our time in the buildings of the 14th-17th centuries and in the wall paintings of the famous icon painter Dionysius. In 2000, this monastery was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Ferapontov Monastery on Google Maps. Photos by: Alexandr Lipilin.

Ferapontov Monastery, Vologda Oblast, Russia, photo 1

beautiful old Russian monastery

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Veliky Ustyug is a town with a population of about 31 thousand people located in the north-east of Vologda Oblast in the north of the European part of Russia, about 446 km from Vologda.

First mentioned in 1212, it is one of the oldest Russian towns with a rich cultural heritage. There are 28 preserved churches of the 17th-18th centuries in Veliky Ustyug. Photos by: Alexandr Lipilin.

Summer in Veliky Ustyug, Vologda Oblast, Russia, photo 1

picturesque old Russian town


Even though Russia is no longer led by kings and queens, its royal sites can give other European monarchies a run for their money. The country has its fair share of royal cultural sites.

Are you wondering where to start? Here are several royal places that you can tour.

Palaces in St. Petersburg, Russia, photo 1

magnificent royal palaces