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Anadyr – the Easternmost City of Russia

Anadyr, the administrative center of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, is a port city with a population of about 15 thousand people located in the extreme north-east of Russia in the permafrost zone.

Today, a fish processing plant and energy enterprises are operating in the city. Gold and coal are being mined in its vicinity. Reindeer husbandry, fishing, and hunting are also developed. Photos by: Slava Stepanov.

Anadyr - the Easternmost City of Russia, photo 1

fly over Anadyr

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Anadyr – the view from above

Anadyr is a port city in the extreme north-east of Russia, an administrative center of Chukotka autonomous okrug. The city is located in the permafrost zone, on the shore of Anadyr Bay in the Bering Sea.

Multicolored buildings of Anadyr make a strong impression against the background of gray tundra of Chukotka. Photos by: Sergey Dolya.

Anadyr from above, Russia, photo 1

fly over Anadyr

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Wrangel Island is Russian island located in Arctic Ocean between East-Siberian and Chukotskoye Seas (Chukotka autonomous okrug). The island is the part of Wrangel natural reserve and has the status of UNESCO World Heritage from 2004.

Unfortunately like a lot of other territories of Russian Arctic the region was used as Soviet military outpost and here is the result. The photos were captured by Gorshkov Sergey.

Wrangel Island, Russia pollution view 1


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