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Top 10 posts about Russia in 2015

Traditionally, summing up the year, let’s take a look at some blog posts about Russia that were the most popular in 2015.

1. Propaganda posters of Soviet space program (1958-1963) – Part 1. It is also the most popular post in our blog of all time.

Propaganda posters of Soviet space program (1958-1963)

2. Futuristic Soviet assault rifles. The Soviet Union did not spare money for the development of weapons, and sometimes the result looked very unusual.

Futuristic Soviet assault rifles

3. Propaganda posters of Soviet space program (1958-1963) – Part 2. More cool and inspiring posters about space exploration.

Propaganda posters of Soviet space program (1958-1963)

4. Mirny – the diamond capital of Russia. The giant crater of an open pit located within the city is very impressive.

Mirny - the diamond capital of Russia

5. This abandoned wooden house looks like a house from a fairy tale.

Abandoned wooden house from a fairy tale somewhere in Russia

6. Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic, looks amazing at night time.

Grozny city at night time

7. The territory of the former Soviet Union is rich in abandoned military facilities of all kinds and here is one of them.

Abandoned base of Soviet military equipment

8. One more abandoned military facility. This time it is a base for submarines.

Russian submarines abandoned base

9. The traces of rockets launched into space sometimes look very unusual.

Russian space rocket launch

10. Soviet military thought is an endless topic. The ship-plane carrying rockets – perfect!

Soviet missile ekranoplan Lun aircraft, Russia

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