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The mansion of Russian hussar

According to the legend Russian hussar colonel Vladimir Khrapovitsky had a bet with his friends that he would build a castle comparable to Louvre (Paris, France) with the park better than the Park of Versailles.

The colonel was a successful merchant and had all the resources to win the bet. The castle was built by Moscow architect P.S.Boytsov.

Russian hussar mansion


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Kolomenskoye is a historical place of Russia located on the south of Moscow city, It was an ancient residence of Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible. Kolomenskoye was the place where first Russian Emperor Peter the Great spent his childhood.




Kursk city presentation video

Nice time lapse video presentation of Kursk city.


You can takeĀ horseback rides and trips near Staritsa village of Tver oblast, between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg (authentic, free aged horse manure). You will have famous Russian dacha experience, rafting, caving, banya etc.




The vast territories of Russia are in great need of transport infrastructure objects of all kinds. The following videos were captured on Ussuri river located in Primorye (Primorsky) krai of Russian Far East.





Russia welcomes you caricature

The real Russia has something common with the following picture by Sergey Elkin :) Almost every Russian city has at least one monument to Lenin and a church like here in Bryansk, Blagoveschensk or Ufa.

Russia welcomes you




Seven wonders of Russia

According to All-Russian contest the following artificial and natural objects were voted to be Seven Wonders of Russia. The photos are clickable.

Baikal lake located at Irkutsk oblast and Buryat republic of Russia

Seven wonders of Russia - Baikal lake


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