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Questions and answers:

Jane asks: In Stalin's time, my uncle was in exile in KK in a place called Pikinsk, if my memory does not fail me. I tried to locate such a place on Google and Ask without success. Can anyone help me locate the place? (I think it should be south of Mashukovka but again, I am not sure). Thanks.
Expert's answer:
I have not found any info about Pikinsk, but here is the map location of Mashukovka, may be it can be useful.
darren asks: Is there a township or village by name of Zagury in Mari El? If so where is it close by?
Expert's answer:
I have found Zagury village on the map. It is located not far away from capital city of Mari El Republic - Yoshkar-Ola. In 2002, the population of the village was 64.
Kar asks: I was just there any place i can find info on sreni-belaya... i don't know how to spell it, but i was told it is in the amur oblast
Expert's answer:
I have found this settlement, it is the village Srednebelaya (population about 6,000), here is the map location.
tony asks: Location of the city Kushva?
Expert's answer:
Here is the map location of Kushva (Sverdlovsk oblast, Russia). And the article about Kushva city. Can be translated by the following service.
terry asks: Hello,I would like to inquire as to what region the city/town of Marakulino is and if its possible to see any pictures or information of this town.
Expert's answer:
I have found the village of Marakulino located in Kirov oblast of Russia. Here is the map location of the village and here are some photos of the surrounding areas.
Doug asks: Where is Tipsirma?
Expert's answer:
I have found that there are two villages Verkhnyaya (Upper) Tipsirma and Nizhnyaya (Lower) Tipsirma in Chuvashia Republic, The villages are very small and no more info about them is available.
mike asks: Where can I find Petushki city?
Expert's answer:
Petushki is a small town (about 15,000) located in Vladimirskaya oblast of Russia about 67 km southwest of Vladimir city and 120 km to the east of Moscow. Here is the map location of Petushki town.
Ed T asks: Hi, my question is. Where is Kulbash? Have friend who lives in that vilage, but can't find on map.
Expert's answer:
Kul'bash village is located in Mari El Republic of Russia. Here is the map location.
peter asks: How far is the Village of Nagorsk from Kirov City? Is there bus service between the two places?
Expert's answer:
Nagorsk is a small town with the population of about 4,500 located to the north of Kirov city, the administrative center of Nagorsky district. The distance to Kirov city is about 130 km. There is direct bus run from Kirov to Nagorsk. I am not sure about the schedule for 2010 but in 2009 there were 3 runs per day (at 8:35; 12:15 and 17:05 local time). Time in travel about 3,5 hours, the cost of the ticket about 10 USD.
mert asks: Is there a town by the name of Podgornoye near Krasnoyarsk city?
Expert's answer:
Yes, Podgorny is a small town (the population is about 6,000) located about 30 km north-east of Krasnoyarsk.
Tony asks: Where exactly is Ivanovka, Kirov located? Tell me a little bit about this city. Is there a train directly from Moscow to Ivanovka?
Expert's answer:
It is not a city, it is a small village located in Darovsky district (total population of the district is about 13,000) of Kirov oblast (northwest of Kirov city). That is why there is no direct train from Moscow to this village. You can go by train to Kirov city and from there have a regular bus or taxi to the village.
rudy asks: Where is Kokshaysk Russia?
Expert's answer:
Kokshaysk is a small village located in Zvenigovsky district of Mari El Republic, about 56 km from Yoshkar-Ola city.
Vika asks: Where can I find the town called Ust Kut? My birth certificate says I was born here but I cannot find it anywhere. Has it been renamed?
Expert's answer:
The town of Ust-Kut (population about 45,000) is located about 510 km to the north of Irkutsk city. Here are several photos of Ust-Kut.
Javier asks: Hello! Can you help me locating information about the Venera school? Address and phone. I was told is in Kazan city 1000km from Russia, Moscow. Thanks you so much! Javier J.
Expert's answer:

I need a little more information about the school you are looking for. All the schools in Kazan are numbered and I haven't found any of them with the name "Venera" or something like it (so I need the number of the school).

Also I am not sure it is the name of the school, may be it is the first name of the principal of the school?

TAM asks: Is there a village called Lum in Kirov, how to get there?
Expert's answer:
Yes, there is Lum village in Kirov oblast. It is located in the southern part of the region, to the south of Yaransk. The shortest way to get there is to go to Yoshkar-Ola and from there to Yaransk, during the trip you will pass Lum. Here is Lum location on Google Maps).
Liz asks: My girlfriend has just moved to Sakhalin. Her husband works for Exxon. They are in some kind of compound. Do you know anything out it? If so can you tell me about it?
Expert's answer:
I think he is working in "Sakhalin-1" project and here is the official site of it with various info and photos.
Steve Riley asks: Met someone named Natalya. Has mentioned Palova in her emails and that she is from Russia. How would a person travel from the US into Pavlova, Moscow Oblast, Russis
Expert's answer:
I haven't found the settlement named Pavlova in Moscow oblast, but there is Pavlovsky Posad town in the region, may be it is the one you need?
Paul asks: Just wondered how easy it was to get to Kirs which is nearest airport?
Expert's answer:
There is no fast way to go to Kirs town. You should have a flight to Moscow, get train to Kirov city and from there you can have a local bus to Kirs.
dave asks: Hello, I am trying to find some information on Kirs I beleive it is in the Kirov region of Russia.
Expert's answer:
Yes, there is such town in Kirov oblast. Kirs is an administrative center of Verkhnekamsky district, the population is about 11,000. It is located about 200 km from Kirov. Here are several photos of Kirs.
vasile asks: Golubinskyi poselok from Krasnozerskiy rayon of Novosibirsk oblast might have been the birthplace of my grandmother, in 1930 (it resemblence Golubovschi, the name I know, and is in the area I know for sure). Is there any information you could tell me about that place? What is there, any history, how to get there, photos, anything at all would be most apreciated.
Expert's answer:

Here are the coordinates of the village for Google maps (53.696706,79.273911). According to the schedule of local buses there is no direct run from Novosibirsk to Golubinskoye. The closest place to go to is the administrative center of the district Krasnozerskoye (there are several buses per day from Novosibirsk to Krasnozerskoye departure times: 8:40; 10:10; 13:15; 14:30; 17:00 and time in travel about 5 hours). And from Krasnozerskoye I think you will have to hire a car to get to the village you need.

The only photo I have found is not the photo of the village itself but the surroundings. Also the village is very small (the total population of the district is about 40,000 people and Golubinskoye is not mentioned among the largest settlements.

John asks: Can you tell me what the name of the dirt road is that runs along the railroad tracks on the west side of the Beslan Middle School no. 1? I was there and everyone told me it was Oktyaberskaya, but every article I read seems to indicate it was Komintern, which I was told was the paved street to the north and east.
Expert's answer:
Well, according to the following map of the accident the name of the street along the railroad is Kominterna Street.
Egor asks: Can you give me some information about Kemerovo (Kemerovo oblast), but not the general information, maybe some interesting facts of its history, please?
Expert's answer:
As you can see we are continually adding the info about Russian cities and regions so the day will come when we add more information to the page about Kemerovo oblast.
brankaleon asks: I want to have many photos from Kokshaysk. In a little time I try to come to live in Mari El, Yoshkar Ola, Kokshaysk, or, or :) Warm greetings from Greece (Thessaloniki- Sindos)
Expert's answer:
There are not a lot of photos of Kokshaysk village available, may be when you come to live there you will be the first to make a complete gallery. But here are several views I have found: Kokshaysk view #1, Kokshaysk view #2, Kokshaysk view #3, Kokshaysk church.
Samuel asks: Does the address of ..., Saratov city Russia actually exist?
Expert's answer:
Unfortunately we have no such services as checking if the info about addresses, people living in Russia is correct or not. You should better contact the specialized detective agencies.
Nicole Junkin asks: I came to Izhevsk city in March 1995 and had a wonderful time. I have three questions. What part of the city is the train station in? What part of the city is the sanatorium in? Are you familiar with a snack that is cone shaped that has fruit filling and tastes very good?
Expert's answer:
The railway station of Izhevsk is located in the southern part of the city (the address is Druzhby Str.,2). There are several sanatoriums in the city: sanatoriums "Metallurg" (address Kurortnaya Str.,2) and "Energetik" (address Aviatsionnaya Str., 10) are located in the eastern part of the city. And about the last question, the only thing I can imagine is the fruit ice cream.
vasile asks: I know for sure that in 1930 there must have been a village called Golubovschi somewhere in Siberia (might have been relatively close to Novosibirsk), yet I cannot find it on google. Could you please help with any information concerning its location?
Expert's answer:
I have found no references to the village you have mentioned in all available online sources on Russian language. But you can try to contact The State Archive of Novosibirsk oblast. Here is the link to the page with contacts of the archive.
Jan Khouback asks: Is there a village or town in Tuva named Baskeeva? That name I have found on an older map (from the fifthies). There are two names in Tuva. One is Kyzyl Khota and the other name is Baskeeva. I know that Kyzyl is the capital (but what does Khota mean?). And which village or town could be Baskeeva.
Expert's answer:
I couldn't find the village you have mentioned in your question but here is the detailed map of Tuva republic that may be helpful and comparing it with the maps you have you will be able to find this village.
Lorenzo asks: Where is the village of Pemba located
Expert's answer:
Pemba is a small village located about 20 km to the south of Yoshkar-Ola.

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