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Questions and answers:

Andrew asks: What are the winter roads like in Russia? Are they similar to other roads in the Arctic North?
Expert's answer:
Here are some pictures of roads in Russia in winter time from Google Images. Also, this video is a nice illustration too.
Andrew asks: How are the road and railroad connections to Yakutsk coming along?
Expert's answer:
The article about the construction of the railroad to Yakutsk and some info about the "road" for cars. This service to translate from Russian.
Andrew asks: Is there a road that goes from Vladivostok to Yakutsk?
Expert's answer:
There is a road Vladivostok-Blagoveschensk-Yakutsk (M56, the distance is about 3,300 km.) The large part of the road has gravel surface, one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Here are some photos of this road. The following service to translate from Russian.

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