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According to the Ministry of Natural Resources, oil reserves in Russia, at the current level of production, will be enough for the next 59 years, natural gas - 103 years. In 2020, oil and gas condensate production decreased by 8.6% (512.68 million tons). In 2019, Russia broke the post-Soviet record and produced 568 million tons. In February 2021, according to the research center "Tinkoff Data", Russians' spending on purchasing apples fell by 60% year-on-year; carrots, oranges, cabbage, and bakery products - more than 40%; potatoes - 30%; flour - 13%; beef - 25%; pork - 13%. The cost of basic food products included in the consumer basket increased by 16% year-on-year. At the end of 2019, according to The World Bank, about 30 developing countries owed Russia almost $ 22.9 billion. The largest debtors: Belarus (8.1), Bangladesh (2.4), Venezuela (1.8), India ( 1.7), Vietnam (1.6), Yemen (1.1), Afghanistan (0.849), Serbia (0.769), Ukraine (0.606), Syria (0.525), all African countries except Egypt (0.973). In 2020, life expectancy at birth in Russia decreased to 71.1 years (73.3 years in 2019). The decrease occurred for the first time since 2003. The reason is excess mortality, which in April-December 2020 amounted to 358 thousand people. In 2020, according to the Accounts Chamber of Russia, the country's public debt increased by 72 billion USD (39.9%), and amounted to 253 billion USD (17.8% of GDP). In 2019, its growth was 7.8%. Despite this, in relation to GDP, it remains one of the lowest among both developing and developed countries. More notes from Russia »
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Dahlia asks: How is lubim used in a sentence? I know how to use (lyiboy) but not lubim.
Expert's answer:

"Lyuboy" (any) is a nominative case, "lyubym" is an instrumental case. For example, "My budem dovol''ny lyubym iskhodom gonki" (We will be happy with any outcome of the race). Compare this to: "Lyuboy iskhod gonki nas ustroit" (Any outcome of the race will suit us).

At first, I thought that the question was about the Russian word for love, so I'll leave this part anyway. "Lyubim" is the plural form of the verb "lubit'" (to love) used with the word "my" (we). For example, "My lyubim koshek" (We love cats).

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