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The Russian Government has twice worsened the estimate of the reduction in the total population of Russia in 2020 - to 352.5k people, 10 times more than in 2019. According to Rosstat, in January-August, the natural decline has already reached 346.9k people, for the same period in 2019 - 219.2k people. According to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, the summer tourist season in the country was better than expected, the drop in tourist flow was only 30% against the projected 50-70%. Krasnodar Krai has been visited by about 9 million tourists, Kaliningrad - 1.7 million (30% more than in 2019). In 2021, citizens of 52 countries (Germany, India, Italy, Spain, China, France, Japan, etc.) will be able to visit Russia using a single e-visa ($ 40, up to 16 days, all regions) issued online for tourist, business, humanitarian, and guest trips. No documents confirming the purpose of the trip are required. In the first seven months of 2020, according to RIA Novosti, consumer demand in Russia decreased by 6.7% compared to the January-July 2019 result. Consumer demand was assessed as the sum of retail trade turnover, the volume of paid services to the population, and people's spending on cafes and restaurants. According to FinExpertiza, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Kemerovo Oblast, and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug topped the list of Russian regions with the most polluted air. Moscow took 16th place and St. Petersburg - 35th. In 2019, about 22.7 million tons of pollutants were emitted into the air in Russia. Enterprises (mainly metallurgical) generated about 75% of emissions, vehicles - 25%. More notes from Russia »
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Luis asks: Hi, I have a son in russia, i sent between $400-$500 dollars a month, is that money enough for a 10 yrs.old? I also sent clothes and other things, just need to know if it will cover his expenses...thank you!
Expert's answer:
This is more than enough. In Russia, the salary of most people is about 300-400 USD per month.

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