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At the end of 2019, according to The World Bank, about 30 developing countries owed Russia almost $ 22.9 billion. The largest debtors: Belarus (8.1), Bangladesh (2.4), Venezuela (1.8), India ( 1.7), Vietnam (1.6), Yemen (1.1), Afghanistan (0.849), Serbia (0.769), Ukraine (0.606), Syria (0.525), all African countries except Egypt (0.973). In 2020, life expectancy at birth in Russia decreased to 71.1 years (73.3 years in 2019). The decrease occurred for the first time since 2003. The reason is excess mortality, which in April-December 2020 amounted to 358 thousand people. In 2020, according to the Accounts Chamber of Russia, the country's public debt increased by 72 billion USD (39.9%), and amounted to 253 billion USD (17.8% of GDP). In 2019, its growth was 7.8%. Despite this, in relation to GDP, it remains one of the lowest among both developing and developed countries. In 2020, according to Rosstat, 2,124,500 people died in Russia, 324,000 (18%) more than in 2019. In 162,249 cases, coronavirus was either the main or indirect cause of death. The number of marriages decreased by 19% (from 950,100 to 770,800), divorces - by 9% (from 620,800 to 564,000). According to preliminary data from Rosstat, the population of Russia as of Jan 1, 2021 was 146,238,185 people, which is 510.5 thousand people less than on Jan 1, 2020. The last time such a significant depopulation was in 2005. In 2019 and 2018, the population decreased by about 100 thousand. More notes from Russia »
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It is not a lot, at the current exchange rate (March 2021), 2,000 Rubles = about 27 USD. For example, you can buy about 5-10 movie tickets or 40 liters of milk or 40 kilos of sugar with this amount of money in Russia. Most people in Russia earn about 20,000-30,000 Rubles per month.

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