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According to GS Group, in Q1 2023, 6.4M smartphones were imported to Russia, 5.2% less than in Q1 2022 and 18.6% less than in Q1 2021. Russia accounts for 2.4% of the global smartphone market. Top vendors: Xiaomi (1.3M devices, 21%), Samsung (14%), Honor (11.3%), Realme (11%), and Apple (just under 11%). In 2022, according to Rosprirodnadzor, the main air polluting cities in Russia were Norilsk (1,800 thousand tons or 10.5% of total emissions), Cherepovets (270), Novokuznetsk (263), Lipetsk (262), Reftinsky (225), Mezhdurechensk (198), Magnitogorsk (173), Vorkuta (168), Irkutsk (132), and Ufa (132). In Jan-Feb 2023, according to the General Administration of Customs of China, Russia became the leader in oil supplies to China - 15.68 mil tons (1.94 mil barrels/day), 23.8% more than in Jan-Feb 2022 (1.57 mil barrels/day). In total, in 2023, China may increase imports of Russian oil to 2.2-2.5 mil barrels/day. In Jan-Feb 2023, according to Bloomberg, wheat exports from Russia almost doubled (+90%) compared to Jan-Feb 2022 and reached a volume of 6.1 million tons. At the end of 2022, Russian grain regained its competitive advantages. It is likely that shippers have overcome the financing and insurance problems caused by the sanctions. In 2022, according to preliminary data from Rosstat, the natural decline in the population of Russia (the excess of the number of deaths over the number of births) amounted to 599.6 thousand people, which is 42.5% lower than in 2021 (1.04 million), and also less than in 2020 (702 thousand). More notes from Russia »
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Anthony asks: I want to live in the countryside of Russia. Anyone needing help I would be willing to be a daily servant to someone like a widow mother or widow who needs help. I'm seeking an Arranged relationship. I bring 1000-2000 USD per month.
Expert's answer:
You can start by contacting US citizens/other foreigners living in Russia now. Probably they can give you good advice. Here are some contacts: EXPAT American, Benyaamin Forster, a Swiss citizen making honey in the Russian countryside (Pereslavl-Zalessky), Jason Campbell, an American also living in Pereslavl-Zalessky (his story), haven't found any direct contacts of him, try to ask about him the local diocese, as he is interested in making icons. You can use Google Translate to add a Russian translation to your request to increase the chances that they will answer and can translate their reply as well.

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