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The Kochubeevskaya wind farm with an installed capacity of 210 MW, the largest in Russia, has been commissioned in Stavropol Krai. With a total area of about 200 hectares, it includes 84 wind turbines, each 150 meters high, the length of the blades - 50 meters. On Dec 26-27, Western Siberia had record freezing temperatures over the past 50-100 years. In Novosibirsk the temperature was minus 37-41 degrees Celsius, in Kemerovo and Barnaul - below -40. At the end of 2020, in Western and Central Siberia, the temperature is below the climatic norm by 20-24 degrees. In Apr-Oct 2020, according to Rosstat, the excess mortality rate in Russia was 164,057 people (in Sep - 31,666, in Oct - 47,777). This figure is likely close to the actual coronavirus related deaths. Based on it, it is possible to roughly calculate the total number of Russians infected as of October - about 24 M (16% of the population). In Jan-Nov 2020, according to the Ministry of Finance, the federal budget of Russia was executed with a deficit of $ 33 billion. In November, the deficit reached a record monthly level of $ 10.8 Bn. Budget revenues amounted to $ 220 Bn (80.3% of the annual income), expenses - $ 253 Bn (96.8% of the annual expenditure). In 2020, according BusinesStat, sales of bread in Russia may grow by more than 60 thousand tons, to 7.95 million tons year-on-year - the first increase in the past 5 years. Russian consumers buy cheaper and more satisfying foodstuffs because of the continuing decline in household income. More notes from Russia »
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BMS asks: I am interested in visiting the area where my great-grandparents (and older) used to live, beside Lake Koroppi, in Karelia. From what I can tell, there is nothing of their village there anymore, and it appears a remote, rural, and inaccessible area. Any recommendations on a private tour operator who could help arrange such a visit to such a location?
Expert's answer:
You should try to contact travel guides offering their services in Karelia. I have found several lists (first, second, third, fourth). You can use Google Translate to automatically translate sites.

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