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In 2021, according to Rosstat, consumer prices in Russia increased by 8.39%. The following goods rose in price most of all: building materials (23.8%), meat and bird meat (17.5%), tobacco products (16.4%), cereals and legumes (16.1%), chicken eggs (16%), hotel services (12.3%). In 2021, Russian nuclear power plants generated a record amount of electricity - over 222 billion kWh (about 20% of the total electricity generation in Russia). In total, there are 11 operating nuclear power plants with 37 power units in the country. Electricity exports increased 2.2 times and reached 25 billion kWh. In Jan-Nov 2021, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the number of foreigners, who received Russian citizenship increased by almost 18% compared to last year (from 563,342 to 667,939); the number of issued international passports increased by 39% (from 2,538,602 to 3,529,580); the number of issued visas for foreign citizens decreased by 11% (from 206,039 to 183,157). In Q1-Q3 2021, according to the Russian traffic police, more than 109k car accidents occurred in Russia, 12k people died and more than 137k people were injured. The largest number of accidents occurs on Fridays from 17:00 to 20:00. As a rule, at this time the number of drunk drivers and drivers tired after the last working day of the week increases. On November 5, 2021, the temperature in the central part of Russia is close to a record high of plus 13 degrees Celsius. In general, the temperature anomaly in the center of European Russia in the coming days will be 5-6 degrees. At the same time, in Siberia, the temperature anomaly will be about 20 degrees in the coming days. More notes from Russia »
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If you have a Visa/Mastercard card, you can try to pay for the order using it.

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