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According to the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, the strongest temperature deviations are expected in the north of western and central Siberia (up to 15 degrees warmer than usual). In European Russia, the deviation will be from 6 to 12 degrees, in Moscow - 6-9 degrees above normal, daytime temperatures will be near and above zero. According to Evgeny Bryun, the chief narcologist of the Ministry of Health, the number of alcohol abusers in Russia (daily consumption of 50 ml of strong alcohol for a month) is 30%. The majority of them (80%) are men. However, over the past 10 years, the consumption has decreased from 18 to 9.3 liters per capita (12 liters including moonshine). Russia ranks 134th out of 165 countries in the Democracy Index 2019 compiled by The Economist Intelligence Unit. Russia still remains in the list of countries with authoritarian regimes and no improvements are expected in the near future (2020-2024). In 2019, according to AUTOSTAT, the most popular new foreign cars in Russia were: KIA Rio (92.5 thousand, -7.7% than in 2018), Hyundai Creta (71.5, +5.8%), Hyundai Solaris (58.7, -10.5%), VW Polo (56.1, -5.6%), Renault Duster (39, -5.7%), VW Tiguan (37,2, +11.1%), Renault Logan (35.4, +16.9%), Skoda Rapid (35.1, +0.1%), KIA Sportage (34.4, +5.2%), and Toyota Camry (34, +0.9%). The climate in Russia is rapidly changing. Over the past 30 years, the average annual temperature increased by 1-1.5 degrees Celsius. In Moscow, the average January temperature rose by 2 degrees. Russia is warming about 2.5 times faster than the entire planet because its land area significantly exceeds its water surface. More notes from Russia »
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Elena asks: Hi i m Italian and i would like to work in Moscow like aupair. How much cost the document for ask the Working permit, the invitation letter and health insurance from Moscow immigration? And Also the courier! Because i need to receive this documents for go to my embassy for visa. the family told me that i have to pay 2000 is it possible?
Expert's answer:
To work in Russia, a foreign citizen should apply for a work visa. Before obtaining it, a foreigner must receive a work invitation from a particular company. Therefore, at first, you need to find an employer interested in your services and it will help you to get the documents required. The name of this company will be mentioned in the visa. Some info about the process.

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