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In 2023, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the volume of non-resource non-energy exports from Russia (mainly metallurgy, chemical industry and mechanical engineering) decreased by 23% and amounted to $146.3 billion ($190.4b in 2022, $194.2b in 2021). Total exports from Russia amounted to $425.1b (-28.3%), imports - $285.1 billion (+11.7%). According to Rosstat, the permanent population of Russia as of January 1, 2024 amounted to 146.204 million (decreased by 243.8 thousand). In 2022, it decreased by 532.6 thousand people. The regions with the largest decrease: Kemerovo (20.2 thousand), Nizhny Novgorod (20), Saratov (19), Sverdlovsk (16). The largest increase: Moscow Oblast (59.2 thousand), Moscow (50.5) and Tyumen Oblast (41.8). According to Rosstat, consumer prices in Russia increased by 7.42% in 2023: fruits and vegetables - 24.19%, food products - by 8.16%, non-food products - 5.96%, services - 8.33%. In particular: chicken eggs - 61.35%, meat and poultry - 16.2%, sugar - 10.8%, fish - 9.2%, medicines - 7.9%, tobacco products - 7%, gasoline - 7.2%, foreign trips - 24.8%. In 2023, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, 1,319,351 new vehicles were sold in Russia (+60% compared to 2022), about half are domestically produced. Sales of new passenger cars increased by 62% (1.056M), light commercial vehicles - +35% (105K), trucks - +74% (140.2K), buses +19% (17.8K), new electric vehicles - +290% (14,869). As of the end of 2023, Russia lacks about 4.8 million workers, according to a study by Nikolai Akhapkin, a researcher at the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In recent months, the unemployment rate in Russia is at a historical low since the early 1990s. In October 2023, it was 2.9%. In January 2022, for comparison, it was 4.4%. More notes from Russia »
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Jack asks: The damage to Stalingrad as estimated in 1943 was 9 million rubles, what is the US dollar equivalent of that in 1943 and now in 2024?
Expert's answer:
A small correction, the material damage caused to Stalingrud was estimated at 9 billion Soviet rubles. In 1936, the exchange rate of the Soviet ruble was pegged first to the French franc and then to the US dollar (to the gold backing of these currencies) and amounted to 5 Soviet rubles per 1 USD. Thus, the damage was about 1.8 billion USD in 1943 (about 32.6 billion USD in 2024). Of course this is a rough estimate.

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