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In Jan-May 2024, according to the Ministry of Finance, the deficit of the federal budget of Russia amounted to 983 B rubles ($11 B, 0.5% of GDP). In Jan-May 2023, it was 3 T (1.8%). Revenues - 14.289 T (+45.5%), expenses - 15.272 T (+18.9%). Non-oil and gas revenues - 9.338 T (+34%), oil and gas revenues - 4.951 T (+73.5%). In 2023, according to the Federal Tax Service of Russia, about 196 thousand citizens (0.3% of all taxpayers) had an annual income above 10M rubles (111K USD), 364 thousand (0.5%) - 5-10M rubles (55-111K USD), 11.2 million people (17.1%) - 1-5M rubles (11-55K USD), 53.6 million people (82.1%) - less than 1M rubles (11K USD). According to Kpler, Europe remains the main export destination of Russian liquefied natural gas: in April 2024 - 46% (1.31M tons), Asia - 34% (1M tons), the remaining 20% (0.57M tons) - "unknown destinations". In Q1 2024, exports amounted to 11.53M tons (+3.1%). Exports to Europe were down 15% in April compared to March, but shipments to "unknown destinations" were up nearly 18%. In 2022, migrants committed 40,150 (2%) crimes in Russia (7,680 in Moscow, 5,520 in Moscow Oblast). More than 85% were committed by citizens of the former USSR countries. In Jan-Nov 2023 - 36,600 crimes. Crimes are committed mainly against other migrants and are most often of a domestic nature, sometimes on religious grounds or, for example, just a fight in the market. In 2023, according to the IT company Platforma, the number of VPN users in Russia increased by 37% compared to 2022 and 2.5 times compared to 2021. The largest share of VPN users is in Moscow (11%), Krasnodar and Krasnodar Krai (9%), St. Petersburg (8%), Rostov-on-Don and Rostov Oblast (5%), Perm and Perm Krai (5%). The main age of VPN users is 35-44 years old (63%). More notes from Russia »
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JSa asks: Did Russia "lockdown" during covid and are there any covid protocols still ongoing for tourists? Must proof of vaccination be presented? Can foreign nationals apply for asylum in Russia?
Expert's answer:
All Covid restrictions have been lifted; foreigners don't need any vaccination certificates, tests, etc. to enter Russia. Check the following article about Granting asylum in Russia.

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