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Questions and answers:

Didem asks: We'll be going to Samara this weekend for 5 days to take photographs and write about the city. We'll need a guide and car for about three days. Is there a tourism office? Who can inform us?
Expert's answer:
The following list of Samara guides will probably be useful. Plenty of info about Samara sights. Car rental in Samara. Samara tourist information center. You can use this service to translate sites from Russian.
George asks: The train from Skytyvkar to St. Petersburgh or Moscow, is it non stop? Flight from Moscow to Syktyvkar how long does it take?
Expert's answer:
Here is the timetable of the train running from Syktyvkar to Moscow. The trip takes about 25 hours. The flight from Moscow to Syktyvkar takes about 2 hours.
ken asks: I'm thinking of flying to Moscow from USA. Is their a direct flight USA to Kazan?
Expert's answer:
There are no direct flights from USA to Kazan, Russia. Here is the site of Kazan International Airport.
Sia asks: I'm from the USA and will be attending my boyfriends graduation. What I'm wondering is to I need a visa to be able to visit?
Expert's answer:
Yes, you need to obtain a Russian visa. You can find official info on the site of the embassy of Russia in the US.
Judy asks: Is unsweetened almond milk available in Murmansk?
Expert's answer:
I haven't found any offers of this quite unusual for Russia food product in Murmansk. Although there are online shops selling it in Moscow (for example, this one ), but the shelf life is only 14 days so this is not a reliable option. Shipping in Russia may be delayed and take longer time. You can use the following service to translate sites from Russian.
Ashmeet asks: I'm going to be coming to Russia in February for an exchange programme to work in a hospital. Is February a good month to have a social life in Russia even despite of the cold weather?
Expert's answer:
In winter there are definitely less opportunities, outdoor recreation is limited except for skiing, snowboarding. People spend most of their time indoors. Social life mostly takes place in cafes, night clubs, movie theaters, concerts, sports events, theaters, museums, etc. So if you want, you can always find something to do if you live in a city and not a small town.
eagle asks: How can I reach the center of Arkhangelsk from the airport Talagi by public means of transport? Thank You
Expert's answer:
According to the site of the airport, there is a regular bus (#12) running from the airport to the Arkhangelsk river station every 8-10 minutes.
Callum asks: I am going to Moscow in August and have 82434 Rubles. I was wondering if that would be enough for 2017.
Expert's answer:
Today, the usual salary in Moscow is about 50,000-60,000 Rubles per month, so this sum will be enough to live in the city for some time. If you mean a monthly salary of this size, then it is somewhat higher than the average salary.
Ray asks: Where is Biisk in reference to Barnaul?
Expert's answer:
Biysk is located 165 km south-east of Barnaul.
Charlie asks: Can a 1,000 ruble note of 1995 still be exchanged?
Expert's answer:
You can't exchange this banknote. Its nominal value is only 1 Ruble today. Although its collectible value is about 200-300 Rubles or 3-5 USD. So I think that you should just keep it as a nice souvenir.

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