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Questions and answers:

Ray asks: Where is Biisk in reference to Barnaul?
Expert's answer:
Biysk is located 165 km south-east of Barnaul.
Charlie asks: Can a 1,000 ruble note of 1995 still be exchanged?
Expert's answer:
You can't exchange this banknote. Its nominal value is only 1 Ruble today. Although its collectible value is about 200-300 Rubles or 3-5 USD. So I think that you should just keep it as a nice souvenir.
Hirota asks: I'll be visiting Moscow in February for 5 days. I've got a free accommodation already, and I'm planning to be thrifty and probably bring about 6,000-9,000 RUB (100-150EUR). Would that be enough for one person or two? Mind you, I don't mind dining at very "local" places.
Expert's answer:
I think that it will be enough for 1 person and definitely not enough for 2. The cost of a unified public transport ticket (20 trips) is 700 rubles. Here is the list of relatively cheap cafes in Moscow.
Romana asks: What about the end of August - is it also a good time to visit Yakutsk? Are there a lot of mosquitos in that period? Thanks :)
Expert's answer:
Yes, it is a good time to visit Yakutsk, although it is already a little bit chilly, the average temperature in August is about plus 15 degrees Celsius. The largest number of mosquitoes is observed in June and July, so in that sense it is also a good time.
Ali asks: How much does real roses cost in Novorossiysk? I want to buy my girlfriend 50 roses or 100 roses when I go there. How much will it be?
Expert's answer:
In Russia people traditionally give bouquets consisting of an odd number of flowers and it is very important, 51 or 101 roses in your case. The cost varies but in general it is about 80-100 USD and 160-200 USD.
Jake king asks: I'm going to Russia soon (Novorossiysk). How do I exchange money there? Do I have to have cash or can I also do it from my debit card?
Expert's answer:
You can use your debit Visa/Mastercard and it is a safer way than carrying cash. In case you choose cash, you should have new 100 USD bills to avoid possible problems with currency exchange in local banks.
Robert asks: I'm going to Samara, Russia this summer for five days. How much money should I take with me for expences? I'll be meeting a lady that I've been writing to for three months and we'll be going sight seeing and going out to dinner a few times so please factor that into your answer. Thanks.
Expert's answer:
The average cost of accommodation in hotels in Samara is about 2,000-3,000 rubles per night (30-50 USD) (December 2016). The average bill in local cafes is about 1,000 Rubles per person (15 USD). So your total expenses will start from about 600-700 USD. Of course this is a very rough estimate.
Sasha Ali asks: When I'm going to Russia, my cousin told me that I can only exchange the new 100 dollar bill to Russian rubles. Is that true? He told me if you have an old 100 dollar bill and the brand new one with the blue strip they won't exchange to rubles. Also can I exchange like 5, 10, 20, 50 dollar bills too?
Expert's answer:
Officially, there are no restrictions on the exchange of old banknotes, but in practice you may encounter problems. Employees of banks can say that they can not check the authenticity of the old notes or simply refuse to do it despite the fact that these actions are unlawful. Thus, you'd better follow your cousin's advice and take new notes or your Visa/Mastercard.
Polar veg asks: How much does it cost to rent a hotel in Novorossiysk for one day?
Expert's answer:
The average cost of hotel accommodation in Novorossiysk is about 2,000-3,000 rubles (30-50 USD) per night (December 2016).
Sasha asks: I'm going to Novorossiysk for 9 days in December. I want to know if 500 usd can do me a lot. My girlfriend lives there and we are going to hangout everyday going to movies, nice restaurant, shopping for her,buying her watch, buying her huge teddy bear. Will 500 USD dollars be enough money for all of that?
Expert's answer:
In 2016, the average salary in Novorossiysk was about 400 USD per month. The cost of one ticket to the movies - about 3-5 USD, the average bill in a restaurant - about 20-30 USD. This list of Novorossiysk restaurants will probably be useful. In general, I think this amount may be enough but it is better to have some more in reserve.

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