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Questions and answers:

Jerry asks: I have 31 100 rubles notes dated 1993. What is their collectible value?
Expert's answer:
These banknotes are no longer valid means of payment, so they can not be exchanged in banks. They have a small collection value, about 1-2 USD apiece, if they are in excellent condition.
Kim asks: Going to Sochi and staying at Russian Seasons Hotel. Can you recommend local restaurants with traditional/local menu and good prices?
Expert's answer:
We can't recommend any restaurant in particular, but check the following list of restaurants/cafes located in Sochi and nearby, there are map locations, a lot of reviews and additional info available.
Elina asks: Hi, i'm going to spend 3 days in Moscow and 3 days in St. Petersburg in may 2019; i want to know is 1500 rubles enough for food, transportation and entertainment per day? (For 1 person) and i will pay for train ticket (Moscow-st.p) before.
Expert's answer:

Here are some examples of prices in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2018, so they will probably be a little higher in the spring of 2019.

1 metro ticket: 55 Rubles in Moscow and 45 Rubles in St. Petersburg. During one day you will most likely need at least 2 tickets, and possibly 4-6 depending on the places you are going to visit, so at least about 200-300 Rubles only for this purpose.

The cost of food can vary very much. The average check in fast food restaurants (McDonald's for example) is about 500-700 rubles, so if you will eat there, you will need about 1,500-2,000 per day.

About entertainment, if you mean museums/galleries, the average prices are in the range of about 200-500 Rubles per visit in Moscow. So I think that 1,500 per day won't be enough and you should better have something like 3,000-3,500 Rubles per day.

Ksenija asks: I need the telephone number of the Tourist Information Center in Krasnodar. Most grateful for any help. Best, Ksenija
Expert's answer:
The contact phone of the Tourist Information Center of Krasnodar is +7 861 218 97 77, the email is
Naveena asks: Can a 1,000 ruble note of 2001 still be exchanged?
Expert's answer:
These banknotes are still in circulation so you can use them as you want.
Marianella asks: I want to take a city-sightseeing tour, but I can't find this in Saransk, can you give me some other alternatives. I will travel to Russia because the World Cup, my question is if it is better change Euro or dollar? Thanks
Expert's answer:
You can use the following list of sights in Saransk. It doesn't matter if you bring USD or Euro because you still have to exchange them for rubles. It is not recommended to bring cash, it is better to use Visa/Mastercard debit cards, there are a lot of ATMs available. If you choose cash then you should avoid bringing old banknotes, for example 100 USD banknotes of the 2006 series and older, as there may be problem with exchange.
Mousa asks: I've heard that 100 USD 2006 series or unclean cashes with marks are not accepted in Russian exchange offices. Is that true?
Expert's answer:
Yes, it is recommended to bring new 100 USD banknotes in Russia if you want to exchange them in banks (better go to banks rather than exchange points to do it, much safer). It is often explained by the fact that the staff can not accurately ascertain the authenticity of older banknotes and accordingly may refuse to exchange.
Alexander asks: Hi I am leaving for Moscow soon. I will be taking 2000 USD, will it be enough? Staying for 10 days.
Expert's answer:
If the accommodation is not included in this sum, then this is more than enough to live in Moscow for 10 days, the average salary in the city is about 1,200-1,500 USD per month. Otherwise, it all depends on how much you spend on accommodation.
chris asks: Is there a ladies clothes shop in Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russia called "Reserved"
Expert's answer:
Yes, this shop is located in the shopping and entertainment center "Maxi". Its location on Google Maps.
Lynda asks: Hi I will be going to St. Petersburg for 5 days. How much cash should I set aside for food, transport, attractions? I intend to try out some of their nice cafes specialties, etc.
Expert's answer:
After reading some fresh reviews of travelers who stayed in St. Petersburg for a period of 5-7 days, I can say that the sum of about 30,000-40,000 rubles (500-600 USD) should be more than enough in your case (food, transportation, entertainment).

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