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Questions and answers:

sylvie courtade asks: Where can one find the date and place of death of a family who lived in Uralmach in Sverdlovsk in 1936?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the State Archives of the Sverdlovsk region.
Ripsik asks: I am a surgical doctor with tree years experience at hospital. Can I find job in hospital?
Expert's answer:
You should contact private clinics located in Novorossiysk.
Andrew asks: Where is Eletskii in the Republic of Komi. It is a small village.
Expert's answer:
Eletskiy is an urban village with a population of about 700 people located south of Vorkuta. Eletskiy on Google Maps
Arun asks: What is the mode of transport, for example, if my train reaches at 22 hours, how do I reach my hotel?
Expert's answer:
The most reliable and fastest way of transportation at this relatively late time of the day is to go by taxi.
John asks: Hello. Are there any good travel agencies in Kirov that would arrange all documents: passport, travel visa, etc for my girlfriend to holiday in England. Or what cost and procedures need to take such journey? Regards John
Expert's answer:
The cost of a Russian biometric international passport issued for 10 years is 3,500 rubles (about 60 USD). The cost of a standard visitor visa is 89 GBP. As we receive a lot of similar requests, our advice is not to send any help to a person in Russia before you are absolutely sure that the person is real. Otherwise you are doing it on your risk.
Joe asks: Hi I would like to send a small parcel to a friend in Kirov. Can you tell me the best method so it arrives safely? Does Fedex deliver to Kirov? Thank you for your help. Joe
Expert's answer:
Yes, you can use the services of FedEx to deliver a parcel to Kirov, get a quick rate at their site.
James asks: How much would I spend in a month if I were to study in Kursk area?
Expert's answer:
In 2016, according to official statistics, the average salary in Kursk was about 24,000 Rubles per month (400 USD). But a lot of people earn much less, about 10,000-15,000 Rubles, so this sum will already be enough if you live in a dorm and spend mostly on food.
Shakam asks: I am visiting Moscow to a friend in late August. Want to spend 10 days in a 3 star hotel and with good facilities. want to have sight seeing movies and outing. Is 1,500 USD enough for 10 days trip? kindly help me in this. thank you.
Expert's answer:
In 2017, the average cost of living in a three-star hotel in Moscow is about 3,000-4,000 rubles per day (50-70 USD), so 500-700+ USD will be spent on accommodation only. The average check in a cafe can be up to 1,000 rubles, so you will spend about 20-30 thousand rubles on food (350-500 USD). 40 trips by subway cost 1,440 rubles (25 USD). So you are left with about 200-300 USD on everything else. I think that in order to feel more free in spending you need to have a total budget of about 2,000 USD.
Lois asks: How hard would it be for an American to live in Khanty-Mansiysk? Does anyone speak English?
Expert's answer:
Few locals can speak English and if you don't know Russian, it will not be easy for you. At the same time, you can find plenty of info about Khanty-Mansiysk in English online that definitely makes living in the city without knowledge of Russian language easier.
Expert's answer:
In general, the traffic rules in the US and Russia are not much different. If you are an experienced driver, then you should not have any difficulties. Also it should be noted that the roads in Russia are on average much worse than in the US, which makes them less safe, drivers in Russia are also less disciplined.

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