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Questions and answers:

Robert asks: Is Rostov a safe place to visit?
Expert's answer:

Rostov-on-Don is among top 10 most criminal cities in Russia. So from this point of view it is not a very safe city. However, if you are concerned about safety during the World Cup 2018, then during this time, special efforts will be made to ensure security, so a visit to the city will be relatively safe.

I would recommend that you still follow such simple precautions as always keep your documents, tickets, cards, cash with you because thefts are still very possible. You should also avoid walking alone in the evening/night time especially not in the central part of the city.

Yeung asks: How can we book a car to pick up from airport to hotel? And how much?
Expert's answer:
The following taxi companies in Irkutsk offer their services in the local airport: first, second. You can use this service to translate sites automatically. The cost is about 5-10 USD. The airport is located within the city limits, relatively close to the center. You can also make a request to your hotel, maybe they can provide shuttle service.
Lana asks: Can you please direct me to photos of Pionerskaya Ulitsa and 25 Sentyabrya (25th of September street) in Smolensk?
Expert's answer:
I haven't found photos of Pionerskaya Street in Smolensk, just this satellite view. You can "walk" 25 Sentyabrya Street yourself here.
Joseph asks: Hi!! Is there a keep luggage service in the train station or another place in Saransk?
Expert's answer:
The railway station in Saransk offers this service. Also I would recommend not to leave any of your documents, tickets, cards, cash in your luggage just in case.
Carlos asks: What is the name of the airport of Saransk and if there are daily flights to Moscow?
Expert's answer:
As of December 2017, Saransk International Airport is still being reconstructed. The first daily flights from/to Moscow will be available from mid-February 2018.
Niki asks: Hey, I am going with three friends to Russia next summer to watch the World Cup live. One of the games is in Saransk, and it already seems difficult to find a place to sleep for the days of our visit, mid-June - any help on what to do? Anything would be appreciated, whether its hotels hostels, private accommodation, or something else. Thanks it advance
Expert's answer:
Check the following list of hotels and apartments in Saransk. More hotels can be found here, but information is in Russian. You can use this service to translate the pages.
karen asks: From the USA, what airline and airport would we use to Saransk, Kazan, Samara? Thank you
Expert's answer:
There are no direct flights from the US to Kazan, Samara, Saratov. You will have to fly to Moscow at first (Sheremetyevo International Airport). There is another large international airport in Moscow - Domodedovo with a lot of flights available to/from Europe and also offering flights to the cities mentioned above.
Robert asks: My travel visa is for Jan 6 th to Russia, my final destination is Rostov on Jan 6th but I land in Moscow on Jan 5th and catch a flight to Rostov on Jan 5th at 23:50. Will they let me fly within Russia a day before my visa is valid?
Expert's answer:
Your visa is valid until 23:59 of January 6, so you should not have any problems. Also, you'd better have your return tickets with you - proof that you are going to leave Russia on January 6.
sergio asks: I have 23 ruble bill form 1909, any value.
Expert's answer:
You probably mean a bill of 25 rubles. It does not cost much, in excellent condition - no more than about 20 USD.
vis naidoo asks: How much does it cost to rent a three bedroom flat in Tambov oblast?
Expert's answer:
It is difficult to say for the whole region, but as for the city of Tambov, the long-term rent of such an apartment costs about 15,000-20,000 rubles (250-350 USD) per month.

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