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Questions and answers:

Rasmus asks: How much would be 1,400 Russian rubles in 1714 in today's euros/dollars?
Expert's answer:
I have found retail prices for beef in 1718 and used this indicator. By rough estimate, the difference is about 10,000%, so 1,400 Rubles in 1714 is 14,000,000 Rubles in 2019 or about 215,000 USD (65 Rubles per 1 USD).
Lucy asks: Is Khabarovsk a safe place to visit?
Expert's answer:
Khabarovsk regularly takes place at the end of the top 30 cities in Russia with the highest crime rate. So this is not the safest place in Russia. You should follow such usual precautions as not to go alone in the evening/night time, especially not in the city center. Also don't bring a lot of cash with you (use Visa/Mastercard debit cards), avoid conflicts with locals especially when visiting night clubs, cafes, restaurants. You should better keep your documents, tickets, cards, other valuables with you, don't leave them in hotels/rented apartments.
Amit asks: What is rent of two room apartment in Tambov?
Expert's answer:
As of May 2019, the cost of long-term rental of such apartments in Tambov is in the range of about 10,000-15,000 rubles per month.
Bazza asks: Is Tuva a nice place for a vacation? I have been to Moscow and Novgorod and would like to see more of Russia. In the photos I see, Tuva looks like Norway and Switzerland. I like mountain landscapes and fresh air. I have a health issue and may need careful choices of foods and possibly access to Doctors that speak English.
Expert's answer:
There is a number of fishing/water tours in the Tuva Republic, check the following official site with some tours. If you prefer mountain landscapes, I think visiting the Altai Mountains or Kamchatka (extinct volcanoes in your case) is better. Kamchatka and Altai are also more popular with foreign tourists, so the level of service should be somewhat higher than in Tuva.
Aggelos asks: Hello and thanks for your services. I would like to visit Rostov-On-Don in September-November. I am from Greece. Could you please tell me what flight company to choose to visit the city?
Expert's answer:
There are not a lot of options available. You can either fly via Moscow (there are a lot of different flights available) or via Istanbul. Check the site of the airport of Rostov-on-Don to get the latest info about the flights.
NICK asks: Good Evening. I will plan to take a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg for a period of 8 days with a tourist visa. Can I use a Credit Card or a Debit card for my daily food expenses?
Expert's answer:
In most of the cafes and restaurants in Moscow and St. Petersburg, you can use your debit card (Visa/Mastercard) to pay for the order. However, sometimes there are situations when you can be told that the card payment terminal is broken and you should pay in cash. So we recommend that you also have a certain amount of cash just in case.
Krista asks: I would like to ask firstly where to find my mums Birth records. She was born then called (sorry for the spellings) Siberia, Tomsk, Krevoshanya, small place called Yelezaryeva. And secondly - my nan was born on the 1932 in Saratov, think it was the NORKA. Can someone please direct me where to start? Thank you in advance
Expert's answer:
You should try to get in contact with the state archives of the Tomsk region and the Saratov region. You can use Google Translate to translate sites automatically.
Rys asks: Hello, asking about Paratunka, Kamchatka. What app should I use to find prices in all small hotels and motels in there? And is there any ATMs in there? or better take out money in PK? Thank you
Expert's answer:
Check the following lists of hotels available in Paratunka, Kamchatka (first, second, third). You should better take cash (Russian rubles) as the number of ATMs is minimal (found only 1).
Vadim asks: Hello. I will be at Moscow for one week in August. Will 600$ be enough for living there for this time. My planned activities are the following: night live, museums, metro,...
Expert's answer:
As of February 2019, 600 USD is about 40,000 Rubles. Most people in Moscow earn about 40,000-60,000 Rubles per month. So if this sum doesn't include accommodation than it will be more than enough for one week. Of course we are not talking about visiting expensive restaurants and nightclubs.
Peter asks: I'm going to study in Russia (Ryazan or St. Petersburg), I'm also getting a dorm, how much money will I spend per month on food?
Expert's answer:
Your food expenses will be in the range of about 10-15 thousand rubles per month (150-230 USD). Here is a good article about prices in Russia.

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