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Questions and answers:

vis naidoo asks: How much does it cost to rent a three bedroom flat in Tambov oblast?
Expert's answer:
It is difficult to say for the whole region, but as for the city of Tambov, the long-term rent of such an apartment costs about 15,000-20,000 rubles (250-350 USD) per month.
John asks: Has the new St. Michael Cathedral in Arkhangelsk been finished and consecrated? Thank you. John
Expert's answer:
Finishing works will continue throughout this winter, the latest photos from the construction site.
Kaiser asks: I am trying to track my family history, but I am getting stuck. I have found the document from when they came to the U.S. in 1892. The document says they were born in Russia, and their last residence was in a place called Milshin. I can not locate any place called Milshin in Russia. I know that the Russian Empire had much different borders than now, However my guess is that they were Volga Germans being that all their names are very German. Can you help me locate this place called Milshin?
Expert's answer:
I haven't found any info about this place. But it would be helpful to take a look at the documents you have (you can send the pictures of them) and maybe I will be able to check once again.
dan asks: Where is Sheshurga from Kirov?
Expert's answer:
Sheshurga is a very small village with a population of about 100 people located 250 km south-west of Kirov. Sheshurga on Google Maps.
gary asks: Is Volgograd a safe city?
Expert's answer:
According to a large-scale survey of residents of Russian cities, Volgograd is one of the most dangerous cities in the country, if it is about safety while walking on the streets in the evening and at night. In general, according to the statistics, Volgograd is not in the list of top 10 most criminal cities in Russia. In recent years, the crime rate in Volgograd has been growing all the time due to the poor economic situation.
Peter asks: How do I make a cell phone call to Kungur, Russia? I have tried and seem to be missing a city code or country code. Please let me know what I have to input in my cell phone.
Expert's answer:
If you want to call a landline (probably home) phone, the number will look like this: +7 34271 x xx xx (where x xx xx is a five-digit phone number and +7 34271 - the phone code of Russia plus the phone code of Kungur). If it is about calling a local cell phone, then the owner of it should give you the full eleven-digit number and it is all you need.
sylvie courtade asks: Where can one find the date and place of death of a family who lived in Uralmach in Sverdlovsk in 1936?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the State Archives of the Sverdlovsk region.
Ripsik asks: I am a surgical doctor with tree years experience at hospital. Can I find job in hospital?
Expert's answer:
You should contact private clinics located in Novorossiysk.
Andrew asks: Where is Eletskii in the Republic of Komi. It is a small village.
Expert's answer:
Eletskiy is an urban village with a population of about 700 people located south of Vorkuta. Eletskiy on Google Maps
Arun asks: What is the mode of transport, for example, if my train reaches at 22 hours, how do I reach my hotel?
Expert's answer:
The most reliable and fastest way of transportation at this relatively late time of the day is to go by taxi.

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