Russian Currency Ruble (RUB)

Russian currency

The currency of Russia is ruble (also spelled rouble). The ruble was also the currency of Russian Empire and Soviet Union. One ruble consists of 100 kopeikas. The ISO 4217 code of Russian currency is RUB.

Russia ruble history

The most known version of “ruble” word origin is that it is derived from Russian verb “rubit” (to chop). In early history of Russia the ruble was a piece chopped off a silver bar called grivna. That’s why later that term became the official name of Russian currency.

In present day Russia there are 6th types of banknotes (10 Rubles, 50 Rubles, 100 Rubles, 500 Rubles, 1000 Rubles, 5000 Rubles) and 7 types of coins (1 kopeika, 5 kopeikas, 10 kopeikas, 50 kopeikas, 1 Ruble, 5 Rubles, 10 Rubles).

Russian banknotes pictures

Russian 10 Rubles banknote front view Russian 10 Rubles banknote back view Russian 50 Rubles banknote front view Russian 50 Rubles banknote back view Russian 100 Rubles banknote front view Russian 100 Rubles banknote back view Russian 500 Rubles banknote front view Russian 500 Rubles banknote back view Russian 1000 Rubles banknote front view Russian 1000 Rubles banknote back view Russian 5000 Rubles banknote front view

The comments of our visitors

Vincent Isambert
500.000 Rubles banknote
The 500.000 Rubles Banknote is actually an interesting and rather scarce collectible (especially if in good condition ). I believe it is worth quite more than 17 USD. I am personally ready to pay between 30 and 90 USD for one, still depending on condition (30 for average, 90 for uncirculated or about uncirculated). If anyone has one, please send me an e-mail! Sincerely Vincent Isambert vincent.isambert (at)

The questions of our visitors

casey asks: What is the historical value of a 1993, 1000 ruble bank note?
Expert's answer:
This note is not of great historical value, a lot of them were released into circulation in the 1990s. Today, the cost of it is less than 1 USD. But still it is a nice souvenir.
Zepphoria asks: I have a 50000 Russian note, the date seems to be 2000, down on the right hand corner? in good condition, is it worth anything and is out of circulation?
Expert's answer:
50,000 rubles banknotes were in circulation in Russia from 1995 to 1997. Perhaps you have 50,000 Belorussian rubles that were issued in 2000. The pictures of all 50,000 banknotes. None of them are in circulation now and don't worth much. So you can keep it as a nice souvenir.
Sharon asks: I have several 50,000 Rubles notes from 1995. Are they worth anything?
Expert's answer:
The value of these Russian banknotes as collectible objects is growing with time and currently it is about 1,500 Rubles per 1 banknote (about 20 USD).

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