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Questions and answers:

Thabiso asks: Hi i'm from South Africa City of Durban, i would to know if there are any black people in Khabarovsk? I will visit my GF soon in this place. Any interracial relationships around the city?
Expert's answer:
Khabarovsk is a fairly large city, located close to the border and a lot of foreigners visit it. From this point of view it is a bit safer comparing to smaller cities/towns where every foreigner immediately becomes the center of attention. There are still some risks and I would not recommend you to go for a walk alone or with your gf in the evening/night time, especially not in the central parts of the city, avoid any conflicts with locals, be especially careful if you go to local night clubs.
Robert asks: How safe is it to visit Volgograd as I was told some place in Russia are unsafe.
Expert's answer:
It is safe enough to visit the city. Crime rate in Volgograd is below Russian average. In any case our usual advice is not to walk alone in the evening/night time especially if you are not in the central part of the city, don't carry a lot of cash (better use Visa/Mastercard), try to avoid conflicts with locals especially in night clubs/bars, etc.
Victor asks: How safe is Rostov-on-Don? Could you walk the streets in the night? What is the crime rate like?
Expert's answer:
According to this article Rostov oblast is on the 63th place of crime rate among all Russian regions (first half of 2011). The crime statistics of Rostov oblast. And article about most dangerous and safe districts of Rostov-on-Don. The following service to translate from Russian. In general I can recommend you not to have a walk late at the evening/night time, especially not in the central parts of the city.
giuseppe asks: I would go in Penza, but someone told me that there is risk. Is it true?
Expert's answer:
There is nothing special about Penza like higher level of criminal activity but of course you should follow some safety rules: don't have a walk alone in the evening time, not in the central parts of the city.
eddie asks: Is Voronezh city safe to live in? Are there incidences of war and bombings?
Expert's answer:
The crime rate of Voronezh city is lower than in the majority of other large Russian cities, about 16 crimes per 1000 residents of the city a year. As for the acts of terrorism, there were several bombs explosions during the summer of 2004.
Anita asks: Is it safe to travel to Irkutsk for conferences?
Expert's answer:
Irkutsk is one of the most unsafe city in Russia from the point of view of criminogenic situation. Here is an article about this problem by Russian version of Newsweek. To have the general translation you can use Google translate service. So during your visit to Irkutsk city be careful walking alone in the evening/night time and not in the central part of the city.

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