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Questions and answers:

brent asks: How much would a school teacher of young kids around eight make per monyh in Russian rubbles?
Expert's answer:
The level of wages in Russia varies greatly depending on the city. The highest salaries are paid in Moscow (about 40,000 rubles a month for this work). In other Russian cities, the average salary level for it is about 15,000-20,000 rubles a month.
Gary - Canada asks: Are Canadains well like there and is English common in many places or would an interpreter be needed? Are foreigners allowed to work in Saratov?
Expert's answer:

The foreigners have the right to work in Saratov and in any other city or town of Russia if they have some documents needed like the permission to work in Russia, visa. There are numerous firms offering their services in helping to obtain all the documents required.

As for English not a lot of people in provincial Russian towns can speak it so it will be a problem for the first time but soon you will learn some Russian and will be fine.

charles asks: Job opportunities in Tambov?
Expert's answer:
Here is a large list of work offers in Tambov city.
radha asks: I am an aircraft maintenance technician working as an apprentice for orient flights in India. After the month of July, I want to get a job in any airlines which is in Russia, how can I get it.If I am going through the web its in Russian, I cant understand it. My aim is to get a job in any russian airlines and get settled in Russia, can you guide me, thanking you
Expert's answer:

Here are the official sites of top 5 Russian airlines companies (the English friendly versions) where I hope you will find all the info required:

Good luck!

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