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Questions and answers:

Amelia asks: I have a 100,000 rubles dated 1995. Is it worth anything? And can I trade for US currency?
Expert's answer:
This banknote is no longer a means of payment and you can not exchange it in a bank. It has a small collection value, about 10-15 USD. So you can just keep it as an interesting souvenir.
Ed Read asks: I have a Russian Ruble 10,000 note dated 1993. Is this note still good currency? Thank You, Ed
Expert's answer:
The banknote you have was valid before the denomination of 1997. Later, until 2002 you could exchange it for the new banknote. The present day equivalent of 10,000 Rubles you have is 10 Rubles banknote (about 0,3 USD) so it is not a big loss, but a nice souvenir.

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