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Questions and answers:

Linda asks: How can I find train schedule departing Orenburg?
Expert's answer:
You can find the schedule of trains departing Orenburg on the site of Orenburg railway station. The following service can be used to translate the sites from Russian if it is necessary.
peniket asks: Moscow to Vladimir how do I know when to get off train?
Expert's answer:
This schedule of the trains from Moscow to Vladimir may be useful. The following service to translate from Russian.
jean asks: How much is the train from Moscow to Ivanovo?
Expert's answer:
The train ticket from Moscow to Ivanovo costs about 900 Rubles or 30 USD. Here is the schedule of the trains/buses. The following service to translate from Russian.
Steve asks: I would like to visit Kirov. I live in Australia and would like to know how best to fly there. Regards Steve
Expert's answer:
First of all you will have a flight to Domodedovo or Sheremetyevo airports of Moscow. From Moscow there are flights (from Domodedovo) and numerous trains to Kirov, schedule of the trains The following service to translate from Russian.
Vittorio asks: How long does it take from Samara to Saratov by train?
Expert's answer:
It takes about 10-11 hours depending on the train.

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