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Questions and answers:

Summer asks: My dad used to work overseas back in 90s. He has here a 1993 10,000 Russian rubles. Does it still has worth? If there is, could it still be changed here in the Philippines (or in any country)?
Expert's answer:
This banknote is not a valid means of payment and can not be exchanged. At current prices, it is 10 Russian rubles (about 0.2 US dollars). So you can just keep it as a souvenir.
eagle asks: How can I reach the center of Arkhangelsk from the airport Talagi by public means of transport? Thank You
Expert's answer:
According to the site of the airport, there is a regular bus (#12) running from the airport to the Arkhangelsk river station every 8-10 minutes.
bob asks: Can I send letters from the USA to Omsk?
Expert's answer:
Yes, you can easily do it. Just write the correct address on the envelope. For example, it will look something like this: To: Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich Address: 644000 (the main postal code of Omsk), Russia, Omskaya oblast, Omsk, Lenina Street, 1 (the house number), 1 (the apartment number).
waz asks: Hi. I have to visit russia soon. I have a medical illness, the side effect of which is that I have become very Obese in recent years. I am wondering, how will I fare with the seats in railways and restaurant booths, and are disability washrooms available. I have go to Moscow for a week to see my wifes' parents and I am a bit worried about it all. As a westernerI fear I may be a target for being mocked and robbed.
Expert's answer:
Unfortunately, your doubts are not unfounded. The level of culture in this respect and the availability of special facilities is quite low in Russia. It would be better if you had a person that could accompany you during your trip (maybe your wife?). Moscow as a huge city is a little more tolerant but has its dangers.
Zepphoria asks: I have a 50000 Russian note, the date seems to be 2000, down on the right hand corner? in good condition, is it worth anything and is out of circulation?
Expert's answer:
50,000 rubles banknotes were in circulation in Russia from 1995 to 1997. Perhaps you have 50,000 Belorussian rubles that were issued in 2000. The pictures of all 50,000 banknotes. None of them are in circulation now and don't worth much. So you can keep it as a nice souvenir.
John asks: My great-grandfathers naturalization papers list his birthplace as Balanicuta, Russia. I can find nothing, including alternate spellings. Any help you can offer?
Expert's answer:
I haven't found anything about this place. But if you can send me a picture of how it is spelled in Russian then I will try to find it again.
Alan asks: What is the time difference between the UK and Orenburg?
Expert's answer:
The time difference between Orenburg and the UK is 4 hours.
Wilmot asks: Do Russian railways have English speaking ticket staff? Many thanks.
Expert's answer:
I would not count on it. You can find some info about tickets on the official site of Russian Railways.
Rob S asks: What year did Barnaul become sister city to Flagstaff Arizona USA?
Expert's answer:
I haven't found the exact date. Even Jerry Nabours, the current mayor of Flagstaff, in his interview to the family from Barnaul that visited Flagstaff in 2015, said that he thought a lot about this issue, trying to find any information in open sources and archives of Flagstaff, but didn't find, whose initiative it was. Probably it happened in 1950-1960-ies.
Mouusa asks: Is it possible to buy a property in Grozny, for a foreigner.
Expert's answer:
You should get in contact with the real estate agencies in Grozny. The following service can be used to automatically translate the sites.
Mystery asks: Can you tell me exactly how much it would cost to buy a movie ticket is Russia?
Expert's answer:
The price of a movie ticket in Russia starts from about 100 rubles (about 1.5 USD), the average price is about 200-250 rubles.
Jack asks: The coat of arms of Krasnodar krai has five banners with monograms. Which Tsars are represented by these monograms?
Expert's answer:
The banners have monograms of the following Russian Emperors (from left to right): Alexander I, Catherine II, Alexander II, Paul I, Nicholas I. It is almost a copy of the coat of arms of the Kuban region that existed in the Russian Empire.
Virginia asks: I have Russia USSR Soviet Union Notes dated 1951 and I have $3,244 worth. Is it worth any thing? I have $3, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200
Expert's answer:
In general, these notes are not worth a lot, because the number in circulation is very large. You can find some info about the prices on the following site. You can use this service to translate sites from Russian.
Andrea asks: Who is the leader or in charge of the city of Ufa?
Expert's answer:
Since 2012, Yalalov Irek Ishmuhametovich is the head of the Administration of the city district of Ufa city of Bashkortostan Republic. You can use the following service to translate sites from Russian.
jennifer asks: What are the names of the hospitals in Podolsk? What are the addresses of those hospitals?
Expert's answer:
You can find the following list of Podolsk hospitals helpful. This service can be used to translate sites from Russian if need be.
Tom asks: I am planning to visit Russia as a tourist. I am a former Russian linguist in the U.S. military when I was in my twenties so I can still speak and understand some Russian. I am now retired. If people there ask me how I know Russian, will I be viewed with suspicion if I tell them my background? I don't want to attract attention.
Expert's answer:
In the current situation, I think that your doubts concerning this matter are not groundless. If you don't mention your army past, you will certainly attract less attention, so it would be a smart move.
bill asks: I have been talking with a girl from Yoshkar Ola for over nine months, we met in person and spent 8 really nice days together, now that we have returned I want her to come to America and she also wants to spend more time with me. So what are the chances to receive a visa? Also it was very respectful and I was happy for that but I wonder if Russian girls are a bit stand offish about holding hands or regular physical contact
Expert's answer:
It is true that the US officials can be very strict when issuing visas. You should check the site of the US embassy to Russia to get the latest info. About the second question, all this is very individual and depends largely on the person.
sue asks: I have rubles dated 1993 (500 and 100) and from 1995 (50000 and 1000) are this still good I mean to they ever go out of date? I want to convert them to us currency?
Expert's answer:
These banknotes are not valid any more. You can keep them as nice souvenirs.
James asks: Are there any small villages around Ekaterinburg called Pestovo?
Expert's answer:
I have found several "Pestovo" villages in Russia, but none is located near Ekaterinburg or even in Sverdlovsk region
Alexander asks: Today I surfed at Google maps and I found an 800 km Long stripe which consists out of 3 lines of trees starting south of Pensa and Ends in Borodino near Belaja Kalitwa. What is that about? Spasziwa.
Expert's answer:
It is a state windbreak Belaya Kalitva - Penza (708.5 km). You can use this service to translate the page from Russian.
willain asks: Is Ivanovo a good place for partying? i mean are there nice bars and clubs? thanks
Expert's answer:
There is a number of night clubs, bars and restaurants in Ivanovo. You can use the following service to translate the sites from Russian.
Joe asks:

I am seriously studying Russian, online only, to prepare for a trip this September to Khabarovsk, because the schedule and fare is better than to Vladivostok.

My question is about Russian language classes at a univ. there. While I am there in your city can I meet someone at one of the univ. to discuss Russian language classes in eary 2015?

Expert's answer:
Pacific State University located in Khabarovsk offers several Russian language courses. Try to get in contact with socio-humanitarian faculty of the university, they definitely have the latest info about the courses available.
Noel Arellano asks: How do I address a letter to someone in Kirov from Texas?
Expert's answer:
Address will look something like this one: To: person's name (for example, Ivanova Elena Nikolayevna). Address: 610000 (postal code of Kirov), Russia, Kirovskaya oblast, Kirov, Lenin Street, 120 (house number), 35 (apartment number).
Danielle asks: Would 15,000 rubels be enough spending money in Russia for 3 days?
Expert's answer:
Yes, it will be enough. Just for comparison, the average salary in Russia is about 20,000 Rubles per month.
Amy asks: How far is the city from the recent bombings? Are there any extra security measures being taken in Kras?
Expert's answer:
If you mean Krasnoyarsk, it is located far away from Volgograd (about 4130 km), no extra secutiry meausures there. But if it is Krasnodar, it is located 710 km southwest of Volgograd, not far away from Sochi and Northern Caucasus republics. And in these regions, especially because of the approaching Olympics, additional security measure are adopted.
Gilles asks: Hello, I'd be interested to know what memories of Anatoly Karpov the inhabitants have. What was he like as a boy? When did he leave Zlatoust? Thank you
Expert's answer:
Anatoly Karpov left Zlatoust at the age of 14 (in 1965). The family moved to Tula. His name is mentioned on the site of Zlatoust school #3 where he was studying for 7 years (1-7 grades). You can try to contact this school to get more info. The following service can be used to translate the sites from Russian.
David asks: How did the city get a German name?
Expert's answer:
Orenburg was founded at the times of the Empress Anna Ioannovna. And her reign is known for great influence of foreigners on Russian politics. It also affected the names of new cities.
Xavier asks: How many digit number are in a cell phone in Volgograd?
Expert's answer:
The number of digits in cell phone numbers is 11 in Russia, the numbers are starting with 8, also instead of 8 you can use +7.
fabio asks: I want to know news and information of the village Ludorvay. I thank you in advance
Expert's answer:
I have found the following article about Ludorvay village. The site of Ludorvay museum-reserve. You can use the following service to translate the sites from Russian.
Bill asks: I would like a contact phone number of local notari offices in Stavropol. Thanks in advance
Expert's answer:
I have found the following list of Stavropol notaries that may be useful. You can use the following service to translate the sites from Russian.
TJ asks: I have been communicating with a woman from Orenburg. She says she wants to work in the US and is talking about meeting me and wants to come to my city. It sounds like a scam. What is the process for obtaining a work visa for the US?
Expert's answer:
Check the site of the US embassy to Russia for the info about obtaining visas. Also our usual advice is not to send any help to person in Russia before you are absolutely sure the person is real (you meet the person face to face). All the costs are not so high that can stop someone from coming to you especially if you help afterwards.
Alan asks: I write to woman from Izhevsk from internet, will it be safe to meet her, I am from the UK
Expert's answer:
Not sure about what do you mean by "safe" but if you have concerns may be you should ask her to come to you in the UK. If you are not 100% sure she is real I can recommend not to send any help money before she arrives to you.
Phil asks: What is the most popular place for dancing in Tula? Or most the popular licensed club? What's the nearest airport to Tula and how far away is it?
Expert's answer:
I have found the following site about night life in Tula with detailed information about night clubs, restaurants, bars, etc. This service to translate from Russian. Tula is located close to Moscow (about 180 km) so the closest large international airports are located there (Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports).
Andrew asks: Is Russia planning on building a railroad to Alaska through the Bering Strait?
Expert's answer:
There is no concrete plan of building the tunnel but there are a lot of discussions about the possibility, costs, economic efficiency etc. Here is a nice article summarizing the history and the present state of the project and some maps and pictures that may be interesting. This service to translate from Russian.
Judy Halpin asks: What is the population of Dubki village, Tula Region ? My son was born there as I would like as much information of the area as possible.
Expert's answer:
I have not found the info about population of Dubki. Here is the map location of this village.
sharon asks: Is Chelyabinsk university in the same city where the radiation leak was in 1957
Expert's answer:
Chelyabinsk state university is located in Chelyabinsk city. The radiation leak happened in another city - Chelyabinsk-40 (known as Ozersk today). The following service to translate from Russian.
Daryl asks: Is there a restaurant called "Jumanji" in Ufa? Contact details?
Expert's answer:
This restaurant is not mentioned in any of the lists of Ufa restaurants available online.
Jerry asks: Is there a Byelorussian language or do they speak Russian in Byelorussia?
Expert's answer:
There are two official languages in Byelorussia: Byelorussian and Russian. According to the survey of 2009 about 2/3 of the population says that Byelorussian language is native for them but also only about 23% of the population uses it to speak while being at home.
jerry asks: I am a fan of the Kamaz truck plant, but I can never find it's design capacity for chassis.Apparently it was designed in soviet days to make 150,000 trucks a year plus it seems it was to supply chassis to truck plants in neftekamsh and Tuimazy, 40,000 and 10,000 respectively, so was it's design capacity 200,000 chassis?
Expert's answer:
I think you should check the official site of Kamaz plant.
Michael asks: I note that you have found the address of a restaurant called "Jumanji" in Orenburg. have you also got their email address? Thank you.
Expert's answer:
Unfortunately I could not find the email of this restaurant.
Beth asks: What's the difference between and oblast, okrug, and krai?
Expert's answer:
Today there is no juridical difference between oblast and krai in Russia. Here is an article about federative structure of Russia with all the details. The article is on Russian but can be translated by the following service.
danny asks: Is there an travel agency called ... that would provide a visa and tickets to come to the United States?
Expert's answer:
Unfortunately we have no such services as checking for the info about companies, people located in Russia. You can try to contact specialized detective agencies.
Kate Miller asks: Where would I find information on mining and metal work in the Perm region in the early 1800s? I am especially interested in the kinds of labor involved and the resulting products. Thank you.
Expert's answer:
I could not find the info about this issue online but I think you can try to contact the specialists from Perm region local history museum and may be they will be able to help you. The site is on Russian but can be translated by the following service.
Sophie Cheval asks: i've got e.mail of library but google can't find it. Is it changed?
Expert's answer:
I have found that the contact email of Kalmykia National Library located in Elista is The other contact email of the library is the one from the official site And here is the site of the library. The site is on Russian but can be translated by the following service.
Janella asks: Is there a restaurant "Jumanji" in Orenburg? Do you know the address?
Expert's answer:
Yes, there is such restaurant. The address is Orenburg city, Kirova Str., 33. Contact phones: +7 3532 58 05 55, +7 3532 77 57 15.
David asks: Is there a travel agency called RuColumb near Kirov or Kirs?
Expert's answer:
Unfortunately we have no such services as checking for the info about companies located in Russia.
Joel Lorenz asks: How far is the airport from Kondinsky. some more info on that town, thanks.
Expert's answer:
There is an airport in Kondisnkoye itself, but the closest large airports are the ones of Tyumen and Khanty-Mansyisk (distances are about 1300 km). The closest railway station is in 183 km so it is not an easy task to get there. Here is the map location of Kondinskoye and a little article about the town. The info is on Russian but you can translate it by using the following service.
gerard asks: What are the contacts of Orel city mayor?
Expert's answer:
I have found the official site of Orel city administration. Here is the page about the mayor of Orel and the contacts page (contact email The info can be translated from Russian the following service.
derek asks: How do i send an email from English to Russian translation and it actually make it to its destination?
Expert's answer:
You can translate you letter from English to Russian by using the following service, copy the translated text into your letter and send to the email you want.
emakpo asks: I would like to visit a girl in Marakulino and would like to know all about this town or city, e.g population, places of interest, how much it cost to go there, hotels, where to take a girl for dinner etc. Thanks.
Expert's answer:
I haven't found a lot of info about Marakulino. The only fact is that it is a small village (population less than 5,000) located in Kirov oblast of Russia so I suppose there is almost nothing interesting there, no hotels, restaurants etc.
chris asks: Are the banks open on Sunday?
Expert's answer:
The majority of banks are closed on Sunday.
Bob asks: Can you tell me in English what words Transib drivers use for the four American railroad terms below? ...
Expert's answer:
I think you should better contact the people that know more about Russian railroads and the terms used there like from the following site devoted to Russian railways. Try to ask your questions on their forum. The pages that are on Russian can be translated by the following service.
bob radway asks: How did the Barnaulka River get its name? Which language? How do you pronounce Barnaul? Which syllable is stressed?
Expert's answer:
I have written an article about the origin of Barnaul name. As for the pronunciation of Barnaul the last syllable is stressed like Bar-na-Ul.
Crystal asks: I hear Russian say, if any foreigners go to Russia, they should go to Kazan. Because Kazan really do not like skinheads and they don't tolerance racism. The last time a skinhead try to go there they are several beaten. Is this true? I would love to go to Russia and learn the language. I am a Eurasian Native American and I have dark hair and skin. If I ever go to Russia, I would bring my dad a long and he is white, would he have problems there if he went with me?
Expert's answer:
You are right, Kazan is among the minority of Russian large cities where the level of skinheads activity is low (more than a half of the population are Tatar people). You will not have the problems if your dad goes with you.
bob asks: Is there a mall in Kyzyl?
Expert's answer:
As for the large Russian retailers there are no their malls in Kyzyl city, not sure about any of the local trading companies.
VINCE COMLEY asks: What is the postal code for Mubaryakova Street, Ufa? Thanks.
Expert's answer:
The postal code for Mubaryakova Street of Ufa city is 450092 except for the even houses 2-10 - 450103.
Dolores Skinner asks: How close geographically is Volgograd to Moscow? I would like to correspond with anyone interested in learning about home life here.
Expert's answer:
Volgograd is located about 969 kilometers south-east of Moscow (by roads).
dave asks: Hello. How do I travel to the area around Utmanovo in the Kirov oblast? Can I navigate that trip as a foreigner speaking only English?
Expert's answer:
The village of Utmanovo is located in the northern part of Kirov oblast, there is a regular bus running from Kirov to Utmanovo 4 times a week. Almost all the road signs are on Russian so I am not sure it will be an easy task to find the right road by yourself.
henry asks: hi where is the mongolian region and population in Russia. Or on Russian map?thank you
Expert's answer:
There is no separate Mongolian region in Russia and the total population of Mongols in Russia is only about 3,000.
joao batista asks: What language is used in Chuvashia?
Expert's answer:
There are two state languages in Chuvashia Republic: Chuvash and Russian.
David asks: Where is the Chelyabinsk regional geological museum that is mentioned on your website located? I am interested in minerals of the Urals an would like to visit this museum.
Expert's answer:
The address of Chelyabinsk city geological museum is Truda (Labor) Str., 98.
Nancy asks: Is there a memorial in Tula city for the miners that were sent to Chernobyl?
Expert's answer:
Yes, there is such memorial in Tula. It was opened in April 2002 to the 3,500 Tula miners that took part in fighting with the effects of Chernobyl catastrophe. Here is the photo of the memorial.
henry asks: After 2010 census, does want to put some results, for example, Russian 83% or Ukranian 2,9% something like that? thanks
Expert's answer:
We will publish the most interesting results of all Russia population census of 2010 as soon as the results will be available.
Penni asks:

Hi there, is it true that in Russia that if you do something your parents do not want you to do, they will disown you?

And is it also true that you're not normally allowed to sleep over at someone elses house?

Expert's answer:

Well, I think every situation is unique and may be in some cases it is possible but like in any country in the world (in most cases it is on the level of just emotions but not legal documents), as for if it is the normality it is not true.

It depends on the situation of course and the relations of the people involved, like if it is a party of friends they can stay till morning to have a sleep, etc. Of course the less you know the host of the house the less your chances that he/she will be glad and allow you to stay at night but I think it is not a unique way of behavior. In most cases you are right it is not allowed.

philip asks: is izhevsk safe for i know a woman who lives there im travelling alone.
Expert's answer:
There is an answer to the similar question on Izhevsk city page in the sections about the questions of our visitors.
Bobby Bradbery asks: I am visting Russia next month. Can i bring a small amount of Russian currency home (USA)?
Expert's answer:
Yes you can. The restrictions start at the amount of money equivalent to 10,000 USD.
vandeir silva asks: Why the city of Ivanovo is known as "the city of brides"?
Expert's answer:

The origin of well known in Russia phrase that Ivanovo is the "city of brides" is the following. In one of the Soviet movies famous Russian artist Andrey Mironov was singing a song where this phrase was mentioned in the general translation like "I will go to Ivanovo and Ivanovo is the city of brides".

The reason is that Ivanovo city is historically the center of Russian textile industry, so there are numerous textile enterprises with the majority of workforce presented by young women.

Fred van halm asks: Hello, Is there an airport near the city Ivanovo. And please tell me if there is a factory, in that town, perhaps a small one with the name "M-Video" in Ivanovo. Please the adress of "M-video" With respect Fred
Expert's answer:
There is an airport but the only flights available are the ones from/to Moscow city several times a week. And as for M-Video it is one of the largest Russian household electronics retailer so there is a shop in Ivanovo too (address: Lezhnevskaya Str., 55; contact phone 8-800-200-777-5).
jake asks: Where is the polyclinic in Kanash?
Expert's answer:
Here is contact info of Kanash city hospital: address V.B.Pavlova Str., 10; contact phone +7 (835-33) 22-6-55.
Pete Estrada asks: How many American citizens live in Kazan?
Expert's answer:
Unfortunately I could'n find the info of such kind, I am not sure there is the official statistics but may be you should try to contact the embassy of the US in Russia but I am not sure they will share with you this information.
steve asks: What is the correct name for the area in Russia that sounds like 'tiger'? I believe it is a forested or tundra in Siberia, thanks
Expert's answer:
I think you mean the word "taiga". Taiga main features are the dominating of coniferous forests and a lot of marshes. Tiaga areas occupy the majority of all Russian lands and the Siberia region.
henry asks: I want to say thank you about everything ..information..maps and all this good i have more information about the best country around the world...Russia in my heart
Expert's answer:
You are welcome!
richard asks: Is there a street in Samarovo called Lenina?
Expert's answer:

I am not sure what Samarovo settlement you mean. The first one was in Yaroslavl oblast but today it is abandoned. The other one was the village where the city of Khanty-Mansiysk was founded (the village became the part of the city in 1950).

If you need the info about the one that is the part of Khanty-Mansiysk there is such street in the city like in almost every town and city of Russia. For the time difference from the UK we have the info about the local time on the page about Khanty-Mansiysk city.

B. Duncalf asks: I am trying to trace a name, Leon-Noel Muryshkin that I found in a book Dated April 14th 1969.
Expert's answer:
I need more info about this person to check for the info about him, at least the Russian spelling of the name, the city of living etc.
DUNCAN ASHLEY asks: Dear Sir,can you tell me if the pskov police send policeman/women and there families to mexico in may 2010 and if so is this paid by the russian government?and for what purpose is this for please Thank you Duncan Ashley
Expert's answer:
Unfortunately I couldn't find the info about such a trip in Russian news so I can't give you the details. If you have a link to the news about it please let me know so I can find more info.
nyla asks: How big is the port of Kazan and can it handle large oil tankers?
Expert's answer:
Kazan city river port is the largest one in Volga region. The port operates for 57 km up the Volga river, 123 km down the Volga river, 340 km up the Kama river. The port accepts Kuznetsky coal, building materials, industrial goods and various foods. The timber goods and the goods of Kazan city enterprises are sent by the port to other regions of Russia. So there is no infrastructure to receive large oil tankers or container ships. Also I am not sure these ships can reach Kazan port itself because of the numerous hydro power stations of Volga river.
henry asks:

How many Tatars in Ural and Siberia and Far East in 2010?

Which Russian cars more strong Lada or others? In my country all cars are Japanese German.....Why Russia doesn't put Russian cars for sell to outside Russia? Thanks

Expert's answer:

Here are the regions of Russia where almost all Russian Tatars are living:

  • Tatarstan Republic about 2,000,000
  • Bashkortostan Republic - 990,000
  • Chelyabinsk oblast - 205,000
  • Ulyanovskaya oblast - 169,000
  • Sverdlovskaya oblast - 168,000
  • Moscow city - 166,000
  • Orenburg oblast - 166,000
  • Perm krai - 136,000
  • Samara oblast - 128,000
  • Udmurtia Republic - 109,000
  • Khanty-Mansy region - 108,000
  • Tyumen oblast - 107,000
  • Penza oblast - 86,000
  • Astrakhan oblast - 71,000
  • Saratov oblast - 58,000

All other Russian regions have the total Tatar people population of about 500,000.

And the question about Russian cars. The problem is that the quality and the technological level of them if we are speaking about original Russian cars like Lada, Volga, are very low and the cost is medium so Russian cars can't win the competition on the foreign markets.

peter unali asks: I am trying to find a woman by the name of Sofia, who owns a hat shop in Omsk. I would like her phone number and address if it is possible.
Expert's answer:
I have found two hats shops in Omsk but no info about owners so you may try to contact them by your own and may be you will be lucky to find Sofia. First one, hat shop "Sandy", contact phones: +7 3812 313334 and +7 3812 764780; second one, hat shop "Stevy", contact phone: +7 3812 242268. No emails available unfortunately. Good luck!
henry asks: Somebody says ..after 40 or 50 years almost everybody in Russia are Chines and Moslems because Russian people dont make children .....this is true? thanks
Expert's answer:
There are various possible scenarios of what will the population of Russia be in future including the one you have mentioned. The statistics says that from 1993 to 2009 the total population of Russia decreased for 6,6 millions.
adrian asks: Is volgograd a big city does it have web cam access most places thank you.
Expert's answer:
Yes, Volgograd city is big with the population close to 1 million. But the web cams network is not developed. They are rare and in most cases are placed not in the most attractive for visitors places like the following ones: Vologograd web cam #1 and Vologograd web cam #2.
henry asks: After 2002 census ...did russia have any other census or not?
Expert's answer:
You are right, the latest all Russia population census was in 2002. But the next one will be this year (2010).
simon asks: Why is it called Russia?
Expert's answer:

Rus is the historical name of the lands of the Eastern Slavs and their state known as Ancient Rus. It was first used as the name of the state in the text of the Russian-Byzantine Treaty of 911. Earlier documents mention the ethnonym Rus as the name of the people.

According to the chronicler of the "Tale of Bygone Years", the name came from the Varangians of the tribe of Rus, who were called by the Novgorod Slavs as a military squad in 862.

In the 15th-16th centuries, the Hellenized name "Rosia" was assigned to the Russian lands, which were united in a single state under the Moscow Principality. The present spelling of the word - with two letters "s" - appeared in the middle of the 17th century.

Cathy asks: What is the name of the building in Maykop that has a sculpture that looks like a dandelion in a reflecting pool?
Expert's answer:
I couldn't find the answer myself so I have asked your question to several people from Maykop city and I will publish the answer if I receive it. Also if you have a picture of the sculpture or the building it will be a little help to recognize it.
David asks: I would love to visit Russia someday, however, sometimes read that it is not safe for Americans to come to Russia. They get robbed, beaten up, or killed. Is this true?
Expert's answer:

Well, in general it is safe enough to visit Russia especially if you are staying with your group and not walking the streets alone late at night or visit nightclubs on the outskirts of the cities.

Also it should be mentioned that the majority of all accidents happens in the largest Russian cities like Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and if we speak about provincial towns of Russia the level of threat is not high and foreigners for local people are just the objects of high interest and nothing more.

We have a special article about peculiarities of traveling to Russia that also may be interesting and useful for you.

Don asks: To what extent was plattdeutsch common to the area around Ekaterinoslav in Russia at the turn of the century?
Expert's answer:
First of all Ekaterinoslav (present name Dnepropetrovsk) is the city of Ukraine and not Russia today. I couldn't find the info how common was plattdeutsch in the area. The only fact available is that Germans participated in building large metallurgic plants in the area.
Daniel asks: Where can I find a picture of the statue "Lubasha"?
Expert's answer:
Please give me more info about the statue you are looking for (the region, city) so I can find the photos you need.
BOGETIC asks: Sir, Please FAX number and E/MAIL address of Sochi mayor Anatoly Pahomov to propose him the program in Sochi for 2014 Thank you very much
Expert's answer:
Here is the contact email from the official site of Sochi city administration: and here is the contact phone number +7 8622 64-22-01 and fax number +7 8622 64-38-02
Anthony asks: Can you please explain the meaning behind the images and the colors of the Krasnodar krai flag. Thank you for your assistance.
Expert's answer:
The current version of the flag of Krasnodar krai is based on the flag of the Kuban Republic created during the Russian Civil War. There were no official meanings for each color. According to general version the raspberry pink central line symbolizes the Cossacks, the green line - the Adygs (the natives of the region), the blue line - other people of the region.

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