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Questions and answers:

A M asks: What is the current US and ZAR value of 1909 Russian Ruble 5RF?
Expert's answer:
The average collectible value of this banknote (5 Russian Rubles issued in 1909) is about 5 USD. You can check the prices on Ebay yourself, just use a search query like: 5 rubles 1909.
Rob asks: What is the price of auto fuel in Russia?
Expert's answer:
As of December 2022, the price of gasoline in most regions of Russia is in the range of about 45-55 rubles per liter (0.75-0.9 USD), diesel fuel - 50-60 rubles (0.8-1 USD).
Steve asks: How much does a Russian university student need per month in Saint Petersburg? (Russian citizen, not international student). What is the minimum, and what is comfortable, including housing?
Expert's answer:
Check the following article about student living cost in St. Petersburg.
Chris D asks: I have a 1910 100 ruble note. Can you give me an idea of its value? Thanks!
Expert's answer:
The average collectible value of this banknote is about 1,500 Rubles (20-30 USD). You can check Ebay yourself, just use a search query like: 100 rubles 1910
Shane Dunn asks: How many rubles for a loaf of bread?
Expert's answer:
As of November 2022, the price for a loaf of bread (0.5 kg) in most regions of Russia is in the range of about 25-50 rubles (0.4-0.8 USD).
A asks: How much is 25 ruble from 1961 worth in British pounds?
Expert's answer:
The average collectible value of this banknote is very low, less than 1 British pound. You can check the prices on Ebay yourself, use a search query such as: 25 rubles 1961.
Mike asks: I'm watching a documentary about the end of the USSR. In one scene a mother is interviewed where her daughter is sent to beg for money from cars, and states she gets 40-50,000 rubles a day. I'm curious if that was a lot of money and if there is a reference it can be measured against? Thanks!
Expert's answer:

Without an exact year, it is quite difficult to determine the more or less exact purchasing power of this amount. This is certainly from the year somewhere between 1994 (during the period of hyperinflation) and 1998 (the 1000-fold denomination of the ruble).

Here is the dynamics of average wages for a rough estimate of what happened to the ruble: in 1992 - 1,438 Rubles per month, 1993 - 15,300 Rubles, 1994 - 134,000 Rubles, 1995 - 302,000 Rubles, 1996 - 654,000 Rubles, 1997 - 812,000 Rubles.

In any case, the mentioned level of earnings per day (40,000-50,000 Rubles) looks quite good and exceeds the average wage, if we take 20 working days in a month.

Diane asks: I have many paper notes from 1909 and 1918 Are they worth anything?
Expert's answer:
In most cases, these banknotes have a low collectible value, about 5-20 USD. You can see the approximate prices on Ebay for yourself, for example, 5 rubles 1909.
Rena asks: In 1940, my Polish husband's family were exiled to a labour camp near Syktyvkar. Do you know details about this camp and its location?
Expert's answer:
There were a lot of different labor camps in this region, check the following article with a lot of details about the Poles exiled to the Komi Republic, the article is auto-translated from Russian - The Pages of Polish tragedy.
Victoria asks: I was adopted from Russia in 2009. The orphanage I was in was called DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL PROTECTION OF THE POPULATION OF THE IVANOVO REGION REGIONAL STATE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION FOR ORPHANS AND CHILDREN. LEFT WITHOUT PARENTAL CARE "IVANOVSKY CHILDREN 'S HOUSE, 5", Ivanovo, st. Zhugin. I've tried to search it and nothing comes up I would really like to know where it is. Thanks
Expert's answer:
Today, it is known as Ivanovo Orphanage "Rodnichok", here is their official page with some info and contacts (auto-translated version of the page).

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