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Questions and answers:

Laura asks: How much was a the ruble to dollar rate in 1990. Before the fall of the Soviet Ruble.
Expert's answer:
In 1990, the official exchange rate was 0.6 Soviet rubles to 1 USD. However, this meant little in real life, since in the USSR it was impossible to buy or sell foreign currency in a bank. On the black market, the cost of 1 USD was about 4-5 Soviet rubles.
M V Rao asks: Visiting St Petersburg in May 2022. In present situation, should we carry dollars or rubles?
Expert's answer:
The main thing is that you should take cash with you, as your cards will not work in Russia. Cash dollars will be the best choice, there should be no problems with exchanging them for rubles in banks.
Muhilan asks: Where is the town of Pavlova Posad?
Expert's answer:
You probably mean the town of Pavlovsky Posad located near Moscow.
Sam asks: I am going to Sakhalin for 10 days to see my daughter and wife. Is 1000 US$ enough to spend a very good time with them?
Expert's answer:
This amount is slightly higher than the average monthly income of a Sakhalin resident, especially considering the strong weakening of the ruble in recent days. So it should be enough. I think you'd better take cash as there is no certainty that your Visa/MasterCard will work in Russia considering the imposed sanctions.
Randy asks: I have 113,500.00 in 1993 Russian Bank notes. Are they exchangeable or worth anything?
Expert's answer:
These banknotes are no longer in circulation and can't be exchanged. The collectible value of them is low too. You can check the prices on Ebay. So you can just keep them as nice souvenirs.
Terry asks: How well could I live in Russia for $5,000 Australian dollars per month?
Expert's answer:
As of February 2022, 5,000 Australian dollars is about 270 thousand Russian rubles. Most of the working people in Russia earn in the range of about 20-40 thousand rubles a month, in Moscow - about 50-70 thousand Rubles. So this income will be quite comfortable for living anywhere in Russia, although in Moscow you will have to pay much more for renting an apartment (the price for a 1-room apartment in the central part of the city starts at about 50 thousand rubles per month). Check Cost of Living in Moscow to get more info.
Logan asks: I am rewriting a Slavic legend currently and I was wondering what original Russian Rubles are worth today?
Expert's answer:
Check the following article: What could be bought for the ruble in different eras.
Jon asks: Is $1,395 cad a month enough to live in Russia somewhere comfortably?
Expert's answer:
As of February, 2022, this is equivalent to about 80,000 Russian rubles. Most working people in Russia earn about 25,000-35,000 rubles a month (except for Moscow, St. Petersburg, and some regions with extreme natural conditions). So this level of income will be sufficient for a relatively comfortable life in small/medium-sized provincial towns/cities, most regional capitals (including renting an apartment).
JC asks: I live in the USA and want to send someone a food delivery from a restaurant in Barnaul (like pizza, rolls, seafood, etc.) How can I pay for such a service as this?
Expert's answer:
If you have a Visa/Mastercard card, you can try to pay for the order using it.
Alex asks: How much money do you need to live comfortably in Rostov-on-Don?
Expert's answer:
In 2021, the average salary in Rostov-on-Don was in the range of about 35,000-40,000 Rubles per month (450-530 USD). The monthly cost of a long-term rental of a one-room apartment starts from about 10,000 rubles. For a general idea of the cost of living in the city, check out this site. I think that an income starting at about 50,000 rubles a month will be enough to live relatively comfortably alone in this city. But of course you can live relatively well even with a lower income.

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