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Questions and answers:

Skanky Dada asks: Can I survive on 500 thousand rubles a month in Russia?
Expert's answer:
As of August 2023, most working people in Russia earn in the range of about 20,000-40,000 Rubles per month. With an income of 500,000 rubles a month, you can live in very comfortable conditions everywhere in Russia, including Moscow.
Francisco asks: What is the present value of a silver ruble in 1846? I have this question because I want to understand what Dostoevsky was thinking when he wrote one of his articles. If you know the value of the ruble in USD in 1846 that would be enough, thanks a lot!
Expert's answer:

Here are several examples of prices in 1848-1850s in order to assess the purchasing power of a silver ruble. It is also worth noting that the value of a silver ruble was higher than a paper ruble (banknote), 1 silver ruble - about 3-4 rubles in banknotes.

  • The price a fur coat made of black-brown fox - 1000 rubles,
  • A sable fur coat - 2000 rubles,
  • A village hut - 100 rubles,
  • One peasant in the Yaroslavl Governorate - 24 rubles,
  • Straw - 1 silver ruble for one cart,
  • Sugar - 0.24 silver rubles per 1 pound (0.41 kg),
  • Vodka - 1.13 silver rubles per 3 liters,
  • Beef - 5.30 rubles in banknotes for 16.4 kg,
  • Eggs - 1 silver ruble for 100 eggs.

You can compare this with today's prices to give a rough estimate of the value of the silver ruble of that time.

Fred asks: In April 1968, 4230 rubles were worth how many US dollars?
Expert's answer:
The official exchange rate at that time was 0.9 Soviet ruble to 1 US dollar. However, this had no practical significance for the citizens of the USSR, since it was forbidden to buy foreign currency under the threat of criminal punishment. On the black market, the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Soviet ruble was 5-10 times higher than the official one. So for the amount of 4,230 rubles you could buy about 500-900 US dollars.
Clare asks: What is the history of the emblem of Belgorod and what does it symbolize?
Expert's answer:
The current emblem of Belgorod repeats the historical emblem of this city, approved on July 21, 1893 on the basis of the banner emblem of 1712 of the Belgorod infantry regiment, which showed valor in the Battle of Poltava (1709), the main battle of the Northern War between the Russian army under the command of Peter I and the Swedish army under the command of Charles XII. The soaring eagle symbolizes Russia, and it soars above the fleeing lion, the symbol of Sweden. Quite an interesting story and a cool emblem that would look great on a T-shirt or as a custom enamel pin. You can Learn More at BPS.
Sean asks: Can I use 2017 era rubles banknotes in Russia or do I have to get 2023 rubles banknotes?
Expert's answer:
As of July 2023, banknotes of the 1997 series and their later variations of the early and mid-2000s (50, 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000 rubles) are in circulation in Russia. In 2017, two new banknotes were introduced in denominations of 200 and 2,000 rubles. All these banknotes can be used for payments.
Margarita asks: Hi! I just got a remote job where I earn 1000 USD and I've been thinking, is this enough to live comfortably in Saint Petersburg? It's my dream city and I'd love to be able to afford it. And if not, what city nearby would allow me to live comfortably with this salary? Thanks!
Expert's answer:
As of June 2023, 1,000 USD is about 85,000 Rubles. Most working people in St. Petersburg earn in the range of about 40,000-50,000 Rubles per month. You can rent an apartment with one living room for about 20,000-30,000 Rubles per month (check this list). The following article about cost of living in Saint Petersburg should be useful. In general, I think, this income should be enough, if you live in this city alone, but for example, buying an apartment or even a car will most likely be financially difficult. Also, be sure to check how you will be able to receive your salary in Russia, since international payments are very limited due to sanctions.
Anonymous asks: How much does a 25 Soviet Ruble from 1961 cost today?
Expert's answer:
Today, the average collectible value of this banknote is about 2-3 USD. In 1961, the average salary in the USSR was about 80 rubles per month.
Ariel asks: Is 1,000 Rubles in Russia much?
Expert's answer:
It is not much. As of June 2023, you can buy about 12 liters of milk or 30 loaves of bread or 3-4 movie tickets with this amount of money in most of Russia.
Akbari Ridham Hiteshbhai asks: Could you provide some information about the apartments for rent in Saransk, Russia? One bedroom kitchen bathroom.
Expert's answer:
Check the following lists of apartments with 1 living room available for long term rent in Saransk: first (auto-translated from Russian), second (in Russian).
Anthony asks: I want to live in the countryside of Russia. Anyone needing help I would be willing to be a daily servant to someone like a widow mother or widow who needs help. I'm seeking an Arranged relationship. I bring 1000-2000 USD per month.
Expert's answer:
You can start by contacting US citizens/other foreigners living in Russia now. Probably they can give you good advice. Here are some contacts: EXPAT American, Benyaamin Forster, a Swiss citizen making honey in the Russian countryside (Pereslavl-Zalessky), Jason Campbell, an American also living in Pereslavl-Zalessky (his story), haven't found any direct contacts of him, try to ask about him the local diocese, as he is interested in making icons. You can use Google Translate to add a Russian translation to your request to increase the chances that they will answer and can translate their reply as well.

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