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Questions and answers:

Victoria asks: I was adopted from Russia in 2009. The orphanage I was in was called DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL PROTECTION OF THE POPULATION OF THE IVANOVO REGION REGIONAL STATE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION FOR ORPHANS AND CHILDREN. LEFT WITHOUT PARENTAL CARE "IVANOVSKY CHILDREN 'S HOUSE, 5", Ivanovo, st. Zhugin. I've tried to search it and nothing comes up I would really like to know where it is. Thanks
Expert's answer:
Today, it is known as Ivanovo Orphanage "Rodnichok", here is their official page with some info and contacts (auto-translated version of the page).
Steven asks: I have a 1000 Rubles bill 1995. How much is it worth?
Expert's answer:
You probably have the following banknote. Its average collectible value is about 2-5 USD. You can also check its price on Ebay, just use a search query like this: 1000 Rubles 1995.
John asks: If I earn 50,000 RUB in Yekaterinburg, how much money I need to pay as tax per month? A university of Yekaterinburg offer me a postdoc position.
Expert's answer:
In Russia, foreigners can have two statuses: a resident (with an income tax rate of 13%) and a non-resident (30%). A resident is a foreigner who stays in Russia for more than 183 days in a calendar year. So at first your income tax will be 30% and after you become a resident - 13%.
John asks: I am planning to move in Yekaterinburg with my family this November. Is 50,000 rubles enough to live with 3 family members in Yekaterinburg?
Expert's answer:
As of August 2022, this amount will be barely enough for a family of 3 members to live in Yekaterinburg. Renting an apartment with 1 living room will cost you at least about 15,000-20,000 Rubles per month. The rest will be enough for very basic food and utilities and that's all. Most people working in this city earn about 25,000-40,000 Rubles per month, so this is enough, if you don't have to rent an apartment.
Amy asks: How much do you need to live comfortably in Moscow with a family of three (two adults and one toddler)?
Expert's answer:
Check the following article: Cost of Living in Moscow (August 2022). You can use it to get a rough estimation of your budget.
Peter asks: My father gave me when he passed at least 500000 in 1993 rubles I believe. I don't know if and never thought they could be worth anything. He was a shipping agent and traveled the whole world his whole life.
Expert's answer:
These banknotes are out of circulation now and can't be exchanged in banks. The average collectible values of these banknotes are in the range of about 5-20 USD per banknote. You can check the prices yourself on Ebay, just search for something like: 10000 rubles 1993. All the banknotes with some info about the collectible prices can be seen here (auto-translated from Russian).
art asks: Is $6,000 cad a month enough to live in Moscow?
Expert's answer:
As of August 2022, it is about 270,000 Rubles. Most working people in Moscow earn in the range of about 50,000-70,000 Rubles per month. So this sum will be enough to live in this city, rent an apartment not far from the center.
DaQuan asks: I have rubles I would to exchange or sell. I'm in the United States. Will I be able to?
Expert's answer:
Previously, this was possible in the offices of large banks, as well as in some exchange offices. I'm not sure that this is still possible. Contact several banks and get this information first hand. If the amount is small, then probably not worth the bother.
Chris asks: In 1911, my Russian grandfather wrote "Gouvner, Russia" as his place of birth on his US Naturalization record, but I can't find any information about this being a real place. Everything else he wrote seems accurate and verifiable. Any chance you've heard of or can find this town? Thank you!
Expert's answer:
It is difficult to find anything without the Russian spelling of this place. If you have a photo of any original document where this place is mentioned in Russian, that might help me find it. Send it here
Mailes asks: Hey. How much cash money (minimum sum) I should have for my 80 days stay in Russia for crossing the border of Russia without problem? If there is minimum monetary support of the trip at august 2022
Expert's answer:
You can bring cash in an amount equivalent to no more than 10,000 USD into Russia without declaring it. This amount will be more than enough for you 80 days stay in the country. The minimum budget I think starts at about 5,000 USD, although you can spend even less. Most working people in Russia earn in the range of about 400-700 USD per month.

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