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Questions and answers:

JC asks: I live in the USA and want to send someone a food delivery from a restaurant in Barnaul (like pizza, rolls, seafood, etc.) How can I pay for such a service as this?
Expert's answer:
If you have a Visa/Mastercard card, you can try to pay for the order using it.
Alex asks: How much money do you need to live comfortably in Rostov-on-Don?
Expert's answer:
In 2021, the average salary in Rostov-on-Don was in the range of about 35,000-40,000 Rubles per month (450-530 USD). The monthly cost of a long-term rental of a one-room apartment starts from about 10,000 rubles. For a general idea of the cost of living in the city, check out this site. I think that an income starting at about 50,000 rubles a month will be enough to live relatively comfortably alone in this city. But of course you can live relatively well even with a lower income.
Viktor asks: I'm not sure if you guys can help, but, as a Brazilian citizen, can I go from Kiev to Moscow to transit SVO Airport in order to board another flight?
Expert's answer:
It is possible. If you don't plan to leave the airport transit area, you don't need a Russian visa. For registration and boarding a flight foreign citizens traveling in transit through the airports of Russia must provide a medical document (certificate) in Russian or English with a negative test result for COVID-19 made by PCR method no earlier than three calendar days before arriving in the territory Russia. You can also contact Sheremetyevo International Airport directly to get more info.
Doug asks: How much was 1,000 Rubles worth in 1986 (compared to the US dollar)?
Expert's answer:
In 1986, the official exchange rate was 0.7 Soviet rubles for 1 USD. However, due to the economic difference, it did not reflect the real ratio of the value of these currencies. In the USSR, it was impossible to buy or sell currency in a bank. On the black market, for 1 USD, they could ask for 4, 6, or more rubles. So the sum of 1,000 Soviet rubles was equal to about 200-300 USD.
Luan asks: Is 6,000 RUB enough for staying in Saint Petersburg for one week? Not considering the stay
Expert's answer:
I would double this amount to feel comfortable enough even if you are going to eat in inexpensive fast food restaurants. If you cook your own food and don't move around the city a lot, visit museums, etc., then the amount of 6,000 rubles will be enough.
Gigi asks: I have 5 and 10 Ruble notes from 1961. Are they worth anything?
Expert's answer:
The average collectible value of these banknotes is about 2-3 USD, so you can just keep them as nice souvenirs.
Paul asks: Is 50,000 rubles a good Christmas gift and what could you buy
Expert's answer:
Yes, this is a relatively large amount for the average Russian citizen, exceeding the monthly income in most cases (November, 2021). However, be careful and do not send any such gifts until you are absolutely sure that this is a real person (this requires a real meeting or at least numerous online talks with a webcam turned on).
Desmond asks: I speak English and Mandarin only, zero Russian. How difficult would it be to travel alone in Russia? Metropolitans like Moscow and St Petersburg are doing I guess? How about smaller places?
Expert's answer:
If you are an experienced traveler, then you should not have serious problems with traveling in Russia, especially in large cities that are often visited by tourists (Moscow, St. Petersburg), where signs and other information are often duplicated in English. You can also find comprehensive information about almost all places of interest in these cities in English online. Also, modern technologies can greatly simplify your travel, because you can translate almost anything on the fly using your smartphone, as well as communicate using an automatic translator.
John asks: I have a 50 Russian ruble I think. Where would I go to here in America to find out about it?
Expert's answer:
You can easily find information on the approximate collectible value of this banknote by checking it on Ebay. Just search for something like "50 rubles (the year of issue)". This year should be indicated somewhere on the banknote.
Janne asks: What is the value of a 10 rubles banknote 1917 Russia / Odessa city in mint condition?
Expert's answer:
The average collectible value of this banknote is in the range of about 10-20 USD. You can also check its price on Ebay.

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