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Questions and answers:

Anthony asks: I want to live in the countryside of Russia. Anyone needing help I would be willing to be a daily servant to someone like a widow mother or widow who needs help. I'm seeking an Arranged relationship. I bring 1000-2000 USD per month.
Expert's answer:
You can start by contacting US citizens/other foreigners living in Russia now. Probably they can give you good advice. Here are some contacts: EXPAT American, Benyaamin Forster, a Swiss citizen making honey in the Russian countryside (Pereslavl-Zalessky), Jason Campbell, an American also living in Pereslavl-Zalessky (his story), haven't found any direct contacts of him, try to ask about him the local diocese, as he is interested in making icons. You can use Google Translate to add a Russian translation to your request to increase the chances that they will answer and can translate their reply as well.
Andy asks: If you were given an extra 76,000 rubles as a gift in Russia, how helpful would this be?
Expert's answer:

As of May 2023, 76,000 Russian Rubles or about 1,000 USD is a fairly significant amount of money for most people living in Russia. Most working people in Russia (not in Moscow or St. Petersburg) earn in the range of about 20,000-40,000 Rubles per month.

Just be very careful when sending money to anyone in Russia unless you are absolutely sure that it is a real person. Otherwise the risk of being scammed is very high. In our opinion, at least without regular live video communication, you should not trust anyone.

Rose asks: Is 800 dollars a lot in Russian currency?
Expert's answer:
As of April 2023, 800 USD is about 64,000 Russian Rubles. Most working people in Russia (not in Moscow or St. Petersburg) earn in the range of about 20,000-40,000 Rubles per month. So it is not a small amount, but it is not too big either.
LEo asks: Can I use Russian 1997 rubles?
Expert's answer:
Yes, the 1997 Russian banknotes are still in circulation.
Venessa asks: I have a 1920s Russian ruble in the amount of 10,000,000. What is its worth in 2023 US?
Expert's answer:
If I understand correctly, you have one banknote of 10 million rubles. In the early 1920s, because of hyperinflation, such banknotes were issued both in the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic and in the Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic (picture 1 and picture 2). Not sure which one you have. The collectible value of the second banknote is about 13 USD. I haven't found information about the collectible value of the first banknote.
Foot asks: How much would 500 rubles be in 1850 present day?
Expert's answer:
I have checked the prices of some basic foodstuffs in 1850 (plus or minus several years), such as potatoes, buckwheat, meat, flour, and workers' wages. Based on this, compared with today's prices and wages, 500 rubles in 1850 roughly equals about 1 million rubles (13,000 USD) in 2023.
Alex asks: Do banks in Russia accept USD 100 old note for payment transaction?
Expert's answer:
Russian banks may refuse to exchange old dollars. Most often, dollar bills with a release date before 1996 are not accepted for exchange. Therefore, if you are going to Russia, then take new banknotes with you.
Yuri asks: I have 50,000 Belarusian rubles year 2000. How much is it worth?
Expert's answer:
The collectible value of this banknote is about 10-15 USD. You can check the prices yourself on Ebay, just search for something like: 50000 Belarus rubles 2000.
Bedo asks: Is 100 Euro ok for Kaliningrad to eat in cafe and make maybe visit museum. And if its danger to visit Kaliningrad in this time?
Expert's answer:
As of February 2023, 100 euros is about 7,500 rubles. The average check in Kaliningrad cafes and inexpensive restaurants is in the range of about 600-1000 rubles (without alcohol). The average ticket price of a local museum is about 400-500 rubles. So this amount will be more than enough for 1-2 days in Kaliningrad. There is no danger in visiting Kaliningrad, just take cash with you as your cards most likely won't work.
Adelle asks: What would 80 rubles from the 1960s be equivalent to in 2023 US dollars. I couldn't find an inflation calculator for rubles anywhere :(
Expert's answer:

The official exchange rate in the 1960s was 0.9 Soviet ruble to 1 US dollar. However, the Soviet ruble was not a convertible currency; on the black market, the price for 1 USD was about 8-10 Soviet rubles. So the amount of 80 rubles was equal to 8-10 dollars in the 1960s or about 70-100 dollars in 2023.

This is of course a very rough estimate, since the prices for all goods in the USSR were set by the state, therefore, for a number of goods, the purchasing power of the Soviet ruble could be high, while other goods simply did not exist or were in very limited supply (for example, cars).

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