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Questions and answers:

Yildiz asks: Hello! What is the average salary in St Petersburg and what is the range for renting a one bedroom flat or sharing? Thank you!
Expert's answer:
As of 2019, most people in Saint Petersburg earn in the range of about 40,000-50,000 Rubles per month. The price of long-term rental of 1 room apartment starts at 15,000 rubles per month.
Josh asks:

This may be sort of an obscure question, but I am looking to get a tattoo done in Moscow. The type of tattoo I am getting is known as a "blackout" tattoo. I will basically be getting an all black arm with some design, so that's a decent amount of ink with a fair amount of time for labor. (About 3 sessions or so) I was told that pricing would be 72,000 Rubles per session. Does this seem like a fair price?

I realize this is a niche type of tattoo, however, you have stated in other questions that average monthly income is 40,000-60,000. So I'm a little on guard. This would be about $1000 USD which would be average here but I'm not sure how it would translate there.

Expert's answer:
I think you should contact several tattoo parlors and compare the prices. Check this list of Top 10 Moscow Tattoo Parlors with their sites mentioned (the auto-translated version of this page).
Elena asks: I am a citizen of the US. Some of my descendants were Russian Jews (I am not sure how I can prove that) can I buy land there (Jewish Russia)? If so who would I contact?
Expert's answer:
Today, Jewish Autonomous Oblast is just a historical name, there are no special rights for Jews, their share in the total population is less than 1%. So in this region, as a foreigner, you have exactly the same rights to purchase land as in any other region of Russia.
John asks: What value of Russia 100 rubles 1993 banknote?
Expert's answer:
This banknote has a small collection value, about 2-3 USD. So you can just keep it as a nice souvenir.
Julia asks: Is the old 10000 ruble from 1993 still accepted or worth anything?
Expert's answer:
This banknote has long been out of circulation. Its collection value is on average between 20-30 USD. So you can just keep it as a nice souvenir.
Stuart asks: Are the traditional meals served in restaurants in rural regions of Karelia usually good quality and prepared to hygienic standards? I quite often get ill from restaurant meals in Europe such as in Italy but Russian food traditional foods being simpler in ingredients and using less Seafood, maybe it would it be less likely to make me ill? As I am staying a Hotel, I cannot cook my own food and will rely on these restaurants. I like Borsh, Meat Cutlets, Potato & Cabbages and Beef Stroganof etc as I am of distant Russian origins.
Expert's answer:
It is difficult to speak for small local restaurants/cafes that may have not the freshest cooking ingredients, decent hygiene conditions. I would avoid eating at least meat dishes in such places. However, when it comes to relatively popular restaurants, then of course this risk is much lower. Check the following list of Karelia restaurants.
Gelb asks: Was Ulan-Ude involved in World War 2?
Expert's answer:

After Germany attacked the USSR on June 22, 1941, six enterprises of Ulan-Ude (locomotive repair, glass, aviation factories, meat processing plant, etc.) were switched to military production. Ulan-Ude locomotive repair plant was engaged in repairing locomotives, freight and passenger cars, built new locomotives, produced ammunition. Ulan-Ude meat processing plant also produced up to 50 different medical products.

9 evacuation hospitals were located in Ulan-Ude. Kharkiv Russian Drama Theater was evacuated to this city. At the end of 1941, the 97th Rifle Division under the command of A. A. Schennikov was formed in Ulan-Ude. In 1942, it was sent to the Western Front, where it became part of the 16th Army.

Anna asks: I have a 100 rubble banknote from 1997, but the serial number is quite interesting-1752000. As we know, 1752 was the year when Russia is assumed to have adopted the Gregorian calendar as one of the last countries. Also, in the British Empire, it was the only year with 355 days, as 3-13 September were skipped when the Empire adopted the Gregorian calendar. Would this banknote would be worth anything for the ones who collects them?
Expert's answer:
This is an interesting story and probably can be used to sell this banknote at a higher price. In general, it doesn't have a high collectible value (except the first and experimental versions - 50-100 USD). You can read this article about all the versions of it and the rarest ones (auto-translated from Russian by Google Translate).
Ernie asks: What is the best way to get to city of Kaluga from USA?
Expert's answer:
At first, you should fly to Moscow. There is a number of trains running from Moscow to Kaluga. This trip takes about 2.5 hours.
Rasmus asks: How much would be 1,400 Russian rubles in 1714 in today's euros/dollars?
Expert's answer:
I have found retail prices for beef in 1718 and used this indicator. By rough estimate, the difference is about 10,000%, so 1,400 Rubles in 1714 is 14,000,000 Rubles in 2019 or about 215,000 USD (65 Rubles per 1 USD).

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