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Top 5 posts about Russia in 2014

This year is coming to an end, and, summing it up, let’s look at the blog posts that were the most popular among our visitors throughout the year.

1. The most popular post of the year was the one about unique futuristic assault rifles created in the late 1950s – early 1960s in the USSR. Impressive examples of Soviet engineering.

Korobov assault rifles, photo 1

2. Our first post about propaganda posters of the Soviet space program still attracts a lot of attention. The beginning of space exploration.

Conquer the space!

3. After the collapse of the USSR, a lot of military bases were abandoned. And this abandoned submarine base, located in Primorye region, is a nice example.

Russian submarines abandoned base

4. The second part of inspiring propaganda posters of the Soviet space program.

Through the worlds and ages

5. And once again we visit one of the abandoned military bases. This time it is the base with various military machinery and equipment.

Abandoned base of Soviet military equipment view 25

Also, we would like to mention the following posts, published in 2014, that got a lot of attention.

1. Fantastic views of the town of Mirny, the diamond “capital” of Russia, known for its giant quarry

Mirny town - the diamond capital of Russia, photo 5

2. Heavy snowfalls often hit Russian cities during winter time, but sometimes a real snow apocalypse happens like this snowfall in Rostov region

Snow apocalypse in Rostov region, Russia, photo 1

3. The official emblem of FIFA World Cup 2018 hosted by Russia was presented in October. Russian internet users created a lot of mockings of it

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 official emblem (logo) mocking 1

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