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Architecture of Barnaul city

Barnaul is the administrative center of Altai krai. This city, founded in 1730s, is located in the south of Western Siberia at the confluence of the Barnaulka and the Ob rivers.

Barnaul has a number of cultural and historical treasures, architectural monuments of the 18th-20th centuries. Originally, the town was built on the model of St. Petersburg, which determined the present appearance of the central part of the city. Photos by Stepanov Slava

Architecture of Barnaul city, Russia, photo 1

old and modern architecture


Near the town of Podolsk, on the confluence of the Desna and Pakhra, the Dubrovitsy Estate is located.

It is famous for its Church of the Sign of the Most Holy Mother of God made in the style of European Baroque. This style was not typical for the traditional Russian church architecture.

Unique Baroque Church in the Dubrovitsy Estate, Podolsk, Russia photo 1

more info about this unique church

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Great Mosque of Saint Petersburg

Great mosque of St. Petersburg, constructed in a stylized form of Samarkand and Cairo schools of architecture, was opened in 1913. The length of the mosque – 45 meters, width – 32 m, height of the main dome – 39 m, height of minarets – 48 m, capacity – 5000 people.

Non-Muslims can visit the mosque during a tour “The East Face of St. Petersburg” organized by the State Museum of the History of Religion. The rest of the time access to the mosque is closed to non-Muslims.

Great Mosque of Saint Petersburg, Russia photo 1

enjoy the beautiful architecture


The State Museum of Architecture named after A.V. Shchusev in Moscow begins advertising campaign. The main purpose is to tell people about this wonderful museum. Unique collections of the museum reflect thousand-year history of the architectural heritage of Russia.

The focus is on the key historic buildings, symbols of the city – St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square, the Bolshoi Theater, and the main building of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov.

Shchusev State Architecture Museum, Moscow, Russia poster 1


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This majestic Savior Cathedral, built in the early 20th century, is standing in the center of the small village Kukoboy (population about 1,000). The cathedral is a picturesque temple constructed in high artistic style.

It is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Yaroslavl region and in all Russia. The temple impresses in its beauty and amazing proportions, rich ornamentation of white facing stone. Photos by Denis Spirin

Savior Cathedral, Kukoboy village, Yaroslavl region, Russia photo 1


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The Petrovsky Palace was built as stopover palace at the entrance to Moscow from St. Petersburg. It is an example of Russian neo-Gothic architecture.

The palace was built by the order of Catherine II in 1776-1780 after the victory in the Russian-Turkish war of 1768-1774 as a residence for nobility to rest after a long journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Photos by av_otus

The Petrovsky palace, Moscow, Russia photo 1



Built in 1580-1620, Astrakhan Kremlin is a fortress in Astrakhan located on the place where new city was founded by the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible who captured Astrakhan in 1556.

On the territory of the fortress you will find such architectural monuments as Assumption Cathedral (1698-1710, cubic, with five domes and a rich decor of the facade), Trinity Cathedral (16th-18th centuries), Bishop’s House (16th-18th centuries) with the home church, St. Cyril Chapel (17th-19th centuries), Prechistinsky gate (the bell tower), and others. Photos by Alexander Lipilin

Astrakhan city, Russia Kremlin photo 1





Omsk city from bird’s eye view

Omsk with the population of 1.154 million is the second largest city in Siberia and the seventh in Russia.

The city is a major transportation hub and industrial center (light, food, printing, chemical, petrochemical and aerospace industries).

The architecture of Omsk is presented mainly by Soviet-built multi-storey buildings and the private sector. Photos by Stepanov Slava

Omsk city, Russia from bird's eye view photo 1


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Night views of Grozny city from above

The following unique bird’s eye views of Grozny city at night time were taken by timag82. The scenery is really beautiful but the second thought is the amount of funds spent to construct all these buildings even without taking into account possible significant corruption component.

Some think that as the city was destroyed during the war the federal center had to rebuild Grozny from ruins. Others believe that the funding level is too high especially comparing to the central regions of Russia.

Grozny city, Russia night view from above photo 1


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The following video was captured during the helicopter tour (Mi-8) of Saint Petersburg. You can see the beauty of this city known for its architecture, straight streets, large squares, gardens and parks, rivers and numerous canals, embankments, bridges, and monuments.

There are captions that help to identify several sights but unfortunately they are shaking because of YouTube stabilization feature.


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