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Trinity Church, built in 1827-1832, is located near Pyatino village (western edge of Ulyanovsk region). Previously, next to the church, there was a manor of noble family of Annenkov.

The church is rapidly decaying; domes and columns in the interior are crumbling. It looks like nobody cares about preserving it. Pyatino landscape is definitely one of the most fascinating Russian landscapes. Photos by av_otus

Abandoned church, Pyatino village, Russia, photo 1

abandoned beauty

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If you like architecture, then the following video tour about monuments of Constructivism in Yekaterinburg will probably be interesting to you.

Nowadays, Constructivism (the Constructivist style in architecture) is a brand of Russia and Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk in the Soviet era) is one of the world’s largest exhibits of Constructivism. Sources: Ural Life & Culture and


“Sheremetevo Castle” is a unique park and palace complex, located in the village of Yurino in Mari El Republic (about 200 km from Yoshkar-Ola and 650 km from Moscow), an architectural monument of federal importance.

Construction of this huge castle-palace was going about forty years (1874-1915). As a result, you can see a wonderful eclectic mix of Western European and Oriental Gothic, Romanesque and Old Russian architecture.

Sheremetevo Castle, Mari El Republic, Russia, photo 1

very picturesque place


Moscow Kremlin 1800 is a project of recreating Moscow city fortress buildings of the early 19th century. It is based on various paintings depicting the architecture of the Kremlin made by artists of the time.

From a historical point of view, these images are closest to how the Kremlin looked like in 1805. Pictures by Moscow Kremlin 1800

Moscow Kremlin in the early 19th century, Russia, picture 1

Moscow Kremlin in the past


Rostov Kremlin (1670-1683), currently the State Museum-Reserve, is one of the most amazing cultural and architectural objects of Russian heritage. Photo by Alexey Skalin

Rostov Kremlin, Russia

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Church of the Savior on Blood

Church of the Savior on Blood in St. Petersburg was built in 1883-1907 to commemorate the fact that at this place, in 1881, as a result of the assassination, the Emperor Alexander II was mortally wounded. Height of the church is 81 meters.

It was built as a memorial to Alexander II of the money raised throughout Russia. This beautiful church, museum and architectural monument, is located in the historic center of St. Petersburg on the bank of the Griboyedov Canal near Mikhailovsky Garden. Photos by deletant

Church of the Savior on Blood, Saint Petersburg, Russia, photo 1

let’s go on a tour of the church

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Tula is a historic Russian city first mentioned in 1146. It is located 170 km south of Moscow. Photo by Pavel Minaev

Tula city, Russia




Architecture of Barnaul city

Barnaul is the administrative center of Altai krai. This city, founded in 1730s, is located in the south of Western Siberia at the confluence of the Barnaulka and the Ob rivers.

Barnaul has a number of cultural and historical treasures, architectural monuments of the 18th-20th centuries. Originally, the town was built on the model of St. Petersburg, which determined the present appearance of the central part of the city. Photos by Stepanov Slava

Architecture of Barnaul city, Russia, photo 1

old and modern architecture


Near the town of Podolsk, on the confluence of the Desna and Pakhra, the Dubrovitsy Estate is located.

It is famous for its Church of the Sign of the Most Holy Mother of God made in the style of European Baroque. This style was not typical for the traditional Russian church architecture.

Unique Baroque Church in the Dubrovitsy Estate, Podolsk, Russia photo 1

more info about this unique church

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Great Mosque of Saint Petersburg

Great mosque of St. Petersburg, constructed in a stylized form of Samarkand and Cairo schools of architecture, was opened in 1913. The length of the mosque – 45 meters, width – 32 m, height of the main dome – 39 m, height of minarets – 48 m, capacity – 5000 people.

Non-Muslims can visit the mosque during a tour “The East Face of St. Petersburg” organized by the State Museum of the History of Religion. The rest of the time access to the mosque is closed to non-Muslims.

Great Mosque of Saint Petersburg, Russia photo 1

enjoy the beautiful architecture


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