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Vladivostok – the view from above

Vladivostok is a city with a population of about 600 thousand people and a major seaport located in the Far East of Russia. It is the administrative center of Primorsky Krai and the last station of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The city is located on the Muravyov-Amursky Peninsula and the islands in the Peter the Great Bay of the Sea of Japan. The military post of the Russian Empire called “Vladivostok”, which means “holding the east”, was founded in 1860. In 1880, it received the status of a town. Photos by: Slava Stepanov.

Vladivostok, Russia - the view from above, photo 1

fly over Vladivostok

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In the south of Gamov peninsula in the Sea of Japan (Primorye krai), there is a cape of the same name. It was named in honor of an officer of the frigate “Pallada” that arrived here in 1854.

This area, characterized by strong winds and frequent fogs, was very dangerous for navigation. That’s why it was decided to build a lighthouse here. The construction began in 1901, and the lighthouse was opened in 1906.

Gamov lighthouse, Russia, photo 1

on the eastern edge of Russia




Abandoned shelter-base for Soviet submarines

Scenic view of abandoned anti-nuclear shelter-base for submarines of the Pacific Fleet located at Pavlovsk submarine base in Primorye krai. Photo by hajoff

Abandoned shelter-base for Soviet submarines

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These tanks are not afraid to go under the water

In the previous post, we can see how the Russian and French troops looked 200 years ago during the battle of Borodino, but now back to the present. Military exercises of armored vehicles were held in Primorye this August. The main task of the exercises was surmounting water obstacles.

The exercises involved such armored vehicles as BMP-1, MTLB, BTR-80 and tanks T-80. Also as part of the exercises evacuation of vehicles stalled afloat was demonstrated; loading armored vehicles on the ferry was also shown. Photos by Smit Smitty

Military exercises, surmounting water obstacles, Russia photo 1


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April 20, the air base “Chernigovka” located in Primorye was the place of the first demonstration flights of combat helicopters Ka-52 “Alligator” and Mi-8AMTSh.

The audience could see well-coordinated training flights, preflight briefings, organization of the control tower, and preflight preparations of the helicopters. Photos by Smit_Smitty.

New Russian combat helicopters flights view 1



The next stage of combat training of units of the Marine Corps of Russian Pacific Fleet began in the new academic year. After winter combat training large-scale tactical exercises with firing began at the landing firing ground “Klerk” located near Vladivostok, the capital city of Primorye krai.

The exercises involved 122-mm self-propelled artillery “Gvozdika”, 82-mm battalion mortars, antitank guided missile systems “Fagot” and infantry flame throwers “Shmel”.

Military exercises of Marine corps of Pacific fleet, Russia view 1


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Vozdvizhenka is an airbase located in Primorsky krai. A heavy bomber aviation regiment was deployed at the airbase armed with supersonic long-range strategic bombers Tupolev Tu-22M3.

In 2010, the regiment was disbanded, some aircraft were transferred to other airbases. The airframes of others are waiting to be cut for metal. The airfield is abandoned. Photos by

Vozdvizhenka - abandoned air base in Prymorye, Russia view 1


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Russian submarines abandoned base photos

The following Russian naval base was built during the Soviet times somewhere in Primorye krai (region) on the Russian Far East. After the collapse of Soviet Union the base was abandoned.

Russian submarines abandoned base


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The Bridge over the Ussuri River

The vast territories of Russia are in great need of transport infrastructure objects of all kinds. The following video was captured on the Ussuri River located in Primorye (Primorsky) krai of Russian Far East.