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Questions and answers:

Laure asks: If someone spent 11 million rubles on a project in 1989. how much would he have to pay today to reach the same effect?
Expert's answer:
According to very rough estimates, taking into account the exchange rate on the black market in the USSR, 11 million Soviet rubles equaled about 1 million USD in 1989. Today, January 2023, this amount is about 2.2 million dollars or 154 million rubles.
Aziz asks: Dear Sir, I want to import woods from Syktyvkar, Russia to Tehran, Iran. Is it a good business for me? Thanks Aziz
Expert's answer:
I haven't found any info that may be useful.
J. Snyder asks: I am interested in the progression of the plywood plant being built in a nearby town (near Krasnoyarsk city). Has the building of this facility halted? Thank you very much for your time.
Expert's answer:
I have found the news dated April 20, 2010 that, according to the interview with the official of Krasnoyarks krai government, Yenisey plywood plant in Sosnovoborsk is planned to start production in the summer of 2010.
Tim Johnsen asks: Do you know of any reputable D2 gas oil exporters apart from Komi-Neft. I am wanting a regular supply for East Africa. I would very much appreciate your help, Thank you
Expert's answer:
You can contact the following large Russian oil and gas companies: Rosneft, Surgutneftegas, Gazpromneft, Tatneft.
Su asks: Is Kaliningrad still a major shipping port? Do you have any citizens that were on the Malta Sawnee? For research of vessels.
Expert's answer:
Here is the official site of Kaliningrad Sea Commercial Port where you will find all info about it. I am not sure what is "Malta Sawnee", some kind of expo may be but I have found nothing on Russian about it.
emad asks: I work Visa traveler to Moscow and I want to rent a shop in this city and open the Seeder out .. My question is do I find a guide or a realtor to rent the place for me? What are the prices there? Do you have any advice for me? Thank you very much thank you
Expert's answer:
I think you should contact Moscow Association of Realtors (the contact email is
Jafar Alhussaini asks: Does Kuwaity people need visa to visit Dagestan? If yes how we get it? Is it easy to import from Dagestan? And where would I find the commercial office in Kuwait? Can we know how to do business with Dagestan? And where we find supplement trade or how to contact him? Is there a risk in the field visit to Dagestan? Whether it should be the visit through, for example, a trader or not we need this?
Expert's answer:
Thank you for all your questions. Official info about obtaining a Russian visa can be found on the site of the Embassy of Russia in Kuwait. I am not sure about the ways of doing business with companies from Dagestan, but you can contact the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of Dagestan Republic (contact email, contact phone +7 8722 56 76 80), maybe they will be helpful. And yes there is a risk of visiting Dagestan because the situation there is not stable and the visit should be very carefully prepared.

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