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Questions and answers:

Maverick asks: Is 20,000 rub a good salary in Russia (without rent)? I mean if we include things like food, travel, entertainment, etc.
Expert's answer:
It depends a lot on the specific region. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, this is a small salary. In most other regions of Russia, this is slightly below the average salary, enough for basic food, utilities, and transport. If you don't need to pay for accommodation, it will be enough to live a relatively normal life in provincial Russia.
Em. asks: What are the average monthly wages for a non-professional person working in the city of Samara? Thank you!
Expert's answer:
As of February, 2021, the average monthly salary of unskilled workers in Samara (cleaner, loader, handyman, etc.) is in the range of about 20,000-30,000 rubles per month (300-400 USD).
Shura asks: How well can one live in Vladivostok on 11,000 Rubles per month? How well on 54,000 Rubles per month?
Expert's answer:
11,000 Rubles per month is not enough to live in Vladivostok. In 2017, the average salary in the city was about 50,000 Rubles per month. So 54,000 Rubles is a decent salary there.

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