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Questions and answers:

debye asks: My nephew's wife's ancestors emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1913. Their last name was Mari. Is that an indication that they were from Mari El? They were from the town/hamlet of Sewa or Suiwa.
Expert's answer:
This information is not enough. Also it should be noted that at that time there was no separate Republic of Mari El within the Russian Empire, this region was the part of Kazan guberniya. I could not find the place mentioned in your request.
Debbie asks: How can I find information about possible family living in Russia?
Expert's answer:
You can start by sending a request to the local archives, contact Russian detective agencies.
Musya Kurmakayeva asks:

Hello. My mother was evacuated in Kirov during the WWII. The address they were living is: Lesozavod #2, dom #13, kv.#8. We visited Kirov in 1977 and this house still was there. Does this place still exist?

Another question. My uncle, Zhiv Lev Ilyich is mentioned in Kirov's Memory Book. Also there is another person Zhiv Ilya Ilyich born in 1926. His date of death is August 18, 1944. My uncle's date of death is September 3, 1944. Both mentioned as born in Riga, Latvia. Zhiv Lev was born in 1925 and he is my uncle. My grandfather Zhiv Ilya Leyvikovich, was born in 1902 in Daugavpils, Latvia. After being wounded and disabled in 1942, he came in Kirov and worked on Lesozavod. I am sorry if I made some problems, but I really want this information, if possible. Thank you.

Expert's answer:

I have found Lesozavod Street in Kirov city but according to the map there is no house #13 there but the houses #11 and #15 exist.

And about your second question. As they were both born in Riga you should make requests to Latvian archives. Here are some contacts: Riga city documents archive (address: Latvia, Riga, Ata Str., 1. Contact phone 371 67272176; email, Latvia State Archives, Latvia Archives project.

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