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Questions and answers:

Anna asks: I have a 100 rubble banknote from 1997, but the serial number is quite interesting-1752000. As we know, 1752 was the year when Russia is assumed to have adopted the Gregorian calendar as one of the last countries. Also, in the British Empire, it was the only year with 355 days, as 3-13 September were skipped when the Empire adopted the Gregorian calendar. Would this banknote would be worth anything for the ones who collects them?
Expert's answer:
This is an interesting story and probably can be used to sell this banknote at a higher price. In general, it doesn't have a high collectible value (except the first and experimental versions - 50-100 USD). You can read this article about all the versions of it and the rarest ones (auto-translated from Russian by Google Translate).
Rasmus asks: How much would be 1,400 Russian rubles in 1714 in today's euros/dollars?
Expert's answer:
I have found retail prices for beef in 1718 and used this indicator. By rough estimate, the difference is about 10,000%, so 1,400 Rubles in 1714 is 14,000,000 Rubles in 2019 or about 215,000 USD (65 Rubles per 1 USD).
Cyndy asks: Can I still use the 100,000 1995 Russian ruble note?
Expert's answer:
This note is no longer in circulation and you can't exchange it in banks. It has a small collection value (about 2-5 USD). So you can just keep it as a nice souvenir.
avery asks: Carol travels from France to Russia. She is going to spend six weeks vacationing in Russia. Carol is taking 1,700 Francs with her. How many Rubles will she have after the exchange?
Expert's answer:
The current exchange rate is about 66 Russian Rubles per 1 CHF. So 1,700 CHF is about 110,000 Rubles. The exchange rate at the airport may not be very good, so you should better exchange in banks. Also I would recommend to have USD instead of CHF, so that there are no exchange problems in banks.
Jerry asks: I have 31 100 rubles notes dated 1993. What is their collectible value?
Expert's answer:
These banknotes are no longer valid means of payment, so they can not be exchanged in banks. They have a small collection value, about 1-2 USD apiece, if they are in excellent condition.
Naveena asks: Can a 1,000 ruble note of 2001 still be exchanged?
Expert's answer:
These banknotes are still in circulation so you can use them as you want.
Mousa asks: I've heard that 100 USD 2006 series or unclean cashes with marks are not accepted in Russian exchange offices. Is that true?
Expert's answer:
Yes, it is recommended to bring new 100 USD banknotes in Russia if you want to exchange them in banks (better go to banks rather than exchange points to do it, much safer). It is often explained by the fact that the staff can not accurately ascertain the authenticity of older banknotes and accordingly may refuse to exchange.
Charlie asks: Can a 1,000 ruble note of 1995 still be exchanged?
Expert's answer:
You can't exchange this banknote. Its nominal value is only 1 Ruble today. Although its collectible value is about 200-300 Rubles or 3-5 USD. So I think that you should just keep it as a nice souvenir.
casey asks: What is the historical value of a 1993, 1000 ruble bank note?
Expert's answer:
This note is not of great historical value, a lot of them were released into circulation in the 1990s. Today, the cost of it is less than 1 USD. But still it is a nice souvenir.
Sharon asks: I have several 50,000 Rubles notes from 1995. Are they worth anything?
Expert's answer:
The value of these Russian banknotes as collectible objects is growing with time and currently it is about 1,500 Rubles per 1 banknote (about 25 USD).
leeny asks: 500 Russian Rubles is how much in dollar?
Expert's answer:
As of September, 2017, 500 Russian Rubles is about 9 USD.
Sahil Khan asks: Are the notes of 5000 Rubles of 1995 in use? I want to exchange.
Expert's answer:
No, these banknotes are no longer in circulation. Anyway, after the denomination, the value of such banknote in the current money is less than 1 USD.
Jen asks: I have a 50000 rubles dated year 2000, can you tell me if its worth anything?
Expert's answer:
This is equivalent to 50 rubles today (less than 1 USD).
ena asks: 500 rub converted to dollar how much
Expert's answer:
The current exchange rate is about 60 Russian Rubles per 1 USD.
Raj asks: Whose picture is on 100 ruble banknote?
Expert's answer:
It is the sculpture of the Greek god Apollo on the building of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.
David Brasher asks: Are the 1997 rouble currency still in use today?
Expert's answer:
Yes, Russian Rubles (the series of 1997) are in use in Russia now.
Lee Abbott asks: I have a 1995 dated 500000 note, is it of any value?
Expert's answer:
It is the banknote of the period before the denomination. After the denomination of 1998, its new value was 500 Rubles, less than 10 USD. So you can just keep it as a nice souvenir.
Jhun Caamic asks: Is the Russian Ruble currency change with other currency outside Russia?
Expert's answer:
It is not a problem to exchange Russian rubles for local currency in the countries of the former USSR and some countries of the Eastern Europe. Also if some place in the world has a lot of tourists from Russia you can do it too, but the exchange rate will be far from fair.
Nick asks: Is it a street with this name in Izhevsk: Dzerzhinsky Street, Izhevsk, 426050, Russia. I have a friend she wants some money in order to purchase a ticket to come and visit me in Holland. How much can I trust her? In order to fly from Russia to Europe do you need a visa?
Expert's answer:

We often receive requests similar to yours and our usual advice is that you should not send any help to a person in Russia before you are absolutely sure that this person is real.

All the costs (tickets, visa, etc.) are not so high that can stop someone from coming to you especially if you help afterwards. Russian citizens need visas to go to Europe but it is not a problem to obtain one.

Laura asks: Who is the man and the landmark on the banknote of 5000 Rubles?
Expert's answer:
The man depicted on the banknote of 5,000 Rubles is Nikolai Muravyev-Amursky - a prominent statesman of the times of the Russian Empire. From 1847 to 1861, he was the governor-general of Eastern Siberia. He played an important role in returning the Amur River ceded to China in 1689. The banknote is devoted to the city of Khabarovsk - the landmark is the Khabarovsk Cliff above the Amur River.
jane asks: How much is the value of our money there per dollar?
Expert's answer:
The exchange rate is about 60 Rubles per 1 USD (2017).
greg b asks: What is 10 ruble equal to a dollar?
Expert's answer:
In September 2017, 1 USD was equal to about 60 Russian Rubles, so 10 Rubles = 0,17 USD.
Nancy asks: Why are you not allowed to bring Russian currency out of Russia?
Expert's answer:
Cash in any currency in a total amount equal to or not exceeding the equivalent of USD 10,000 is not subject to customs declaration in Russia.

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