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Expert's answer:
In general, the traffic rules in the US and Russia are not much different. If you are an experienced driver, then you should not have any difficulties. Also it should be noted that the roads in Russia are on average much worse than in the US, which makes them less safe, drivers in Russia are also less disciplined.
Michael Grant asks: I am considering a job transfer that would bring me to Kaluga for as many as 3 years. What would be the approximate cost, per month, of a "high priced flat". Also, would I be able to obtain a driver's license to operate my own car? Thank you for your help
Expert's answer:
I have found the following list of apartments available for rent in Kaluga. This service to translate from Russian. You can drive a car if you have your international driver license. Also you will need to have a notarized translation of your license into Russian language.
henk asks: How safe is it to drive by a foreign car in Russia?
Expert's answer:
In general, I can say that it is a trip for an experienced traveler, preferably with knowledge of the Russian language because the roads in Russia are quite dangerous. Most of them are narrow and of low quality, a lot of drivers don't follow traffic rules, the level of aggression on the roads is high.

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