Russian Ruble (RUB)

Russian Ruble - Overview

The currency of Russia is ruble (also The monetary unit of the Russian Federation is the Russian ruble (rouble). The ruble was also a national currency in the USSR and the Russian Empire. The code in the standard ISO 4217 - RUB, digital - 643. One ruble consists of 100 kopecks.

The ruble is the oldest national currency in the world after the British pound. The monetary units of other countries have repeatedly changed their names. In Russia, the ruble has been used since the 13th century.

Russian Ruble - Origin and the Current State

There are a lot of versions of the origin of the word “ruble”. According to most of them, it was derived from the Russian verb “rubit” (to cut/chop). In early Russian history it was a piece chopped off a silver bar called grivna. Later, the term became the official name of the Russian currency.

Today, you can find the following banknotes in circulation: 10 Rubles (almost out of circulation and rare), 50 Rubles, 100 Rubles, 500 Rubles, 1000 Rubles, 5000 Rubles. Also there are coins: 10 kopecks, 50 kopecks, 1 Ruble, 5 Rubles, 10 Rubles. In autumn of 2017, new banknotes of 200 and 2000 rubles will be put into circulation.

Russian Ruble - Banknotes

10 Rubles

Russian 10 Rubles banknote front view Russian 10 Rubles banknote back view

50 Rubles

Russian 50 Rubles banknote front view Russian 50 Rubles banknote back view

100 Rubles

Russian 100 Rubles banknote front view Russian 100 Rubles banknote back view

500 Rubles

Russian 500 Rubles banknote front view Russian 500 Rubles banknote back view

1000 Rubles

Russian 1000 Rubles banknote front view Russian 1000 Rubles banknote back view

5000 Rubles

Russian 5000 Rubles banknote front view

The comments of our visitors

Vincent Isambert
500.000 Rubles banknote
The 500.000 Rubles Banknote is actually an interesting and rather scarce collectible (especially if in good condition ). I believe it is worth quite more than 17 USD. I am personally ready to pay between 30 and 90 USD for one, still depending on condition (30 for average, 90 for uncirculated or about uncirculated). If anyone has one, please send me an e-mail! Sincerely Vincent Isambert vincent.isambert (at)

The questions of our visitors

Kent asks: I have a 100,000 ruble dated year 2000, what is it worth?
Expert's answer:
You probably have a banknote of 100,000 rubles of the Republic of Belarus and not Russia. In 2000, no such banknotes were issued in Russia. The collection value of it is about 20-40 US dollars.
Julia asks: Is the old 10000 ruble from 1993 still accepted or worth anything?
Expert's answer:
This banknote has long been out of circulation. Its collection value is on average between 20-30 USD. So you can just keep it as a nice souvenir.
Anna asks: I have a 100 rubble banknote from 1997, but the serial number is quite interesting-1752000. As we know, 1752 was the year when Russia is assumed to have adopted the Gregorian calendar as one of the last countries. Also, in the British Empire, it was the only year with 355 days, as 3-13 September were skipped when the Empire adopted the Gregorian calendar. Would this banknote would be worth anything for the ones who collects them?
Expert's answer:
This is an interesting story and probably can be used to sell this banknote at a higher price. In general, it doesn't have a high collectible value (except the first and experimental versions - 50-100 USD). You can read this article about all the versions of it and the rarest ones (auto-translated from Russian by Google Translate).

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