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Questions and answers:

Niki asks: Hey, I am going with three friends to Russia next summer to watch the World Cup live. One of the games is in Saransk, and it already seems difficult to find a place to sleep for the days of our visit, mid-June - any help on what to do? Anything would be appreciated, whether its hotels hostels, private accommodation, or something else. Thanks it advance
Expert's answer:
Check the following list of hotels and apartments in Saransk. More hotels can be found here, but information is in Russian. You can use this service to translate the pages.
Polar veg asks: How much does it cost to rent a hotel in Novorossiysk for one day?
Expert's answer:
The average cost of hotel accommodation in Novorossiysk is about 2,000-3,000 rubles (30-50 USD) per night (December 2016).
Andrew asks: Could you tell me some sites where I can find hotels in Obninsk?
Expert's answer:
The following lists of hotels available in Obninsk will probably be useful (first, second). You can use the following service to automatically translate sites from Russian.
jean asks: My friends and I are interested in visiting Blagoveschensk. Could you tell me about the hotels available?
Expert's answer:
I have found the following list of Blagoveschensk hotels with photos and reviews.
meg asks: How do I book a hotel in Anadyr?
Expert's answer:
You should try to contact people from the following official site devoted to Chukotka.
Ian asks: Best hotel in Smolensk city to stay?
Expert's answer:
I have found the following list of hotels in Smolensk with photos and reviews.
mea asks: Do you know telephone of hotel "Olimpic" of Khanty-Mansiysk city?
Expert's answer:
I haven't found any contacts. I think you should contact the officials of World Chess Olympiad 2010.
chris asks: Are hotels expensive in Penza?
Expert's answer:
The average prices are in the range of about 1,500-3,000 Rubles per night.
Rob asks: What is the phone number for hotel "Sharya" in Sharya town of Kostroma oblast?
Expert's answer:
Here are the contact phones of hotels located in Sharya:
  • Recreation base "Vetluga". +7 910 199 29 90, +7 910 950 69 19
  • Hotel "Sharya". +7 49449 5 10 10, +7 910 805 98 44
  • Hotel "Tikhiy Ugolok". +7 49449 5 00 19, 5 00 20
  • Hotel "Veles". +7 910 953 32 00, +7 910 376 19 18

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