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Questions and answers:

felicia asks: I was told that in September of 2012 the river between St. Petersburg and Moscow was ice and the river boat had to chip away the ice. Is this true? I'm going in Sept 2013 and wonder if there's a chance of such cold?
Expert's answer:
I doubt this information is correct. I have checked the weather archives (Moscow and St. Petersburg). In both places the temperature was about plus 10-15 degrees Celsius throughout the month. The first sub-zero temperatures were recorded only at the end of October.
Darla asks: What is the average weather at Kosh Agash in mid-September? What clothing is recommended?
Expert's answer:
The climate of the region is continental. The region of Kosh Agash is known as one of the sunniest places of Russia, the precipitation level is low. In the middle of the day, the temperature in mid-September is about plus 10-20 degrees Celsius, at night and in the morning frosts are possible.

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