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Questions and answers:

Krista asks: I would like to ask firstly where to find my mums Birth records. She was born then called (sorry for the spellings) Siberia, Tomsk, Krevoshanya, small place called Yelezaryeva. And secondly - my nan was born on the 1932 in Saratov, think it was the NORKA. Can someone please direct me where to start? Thank you in advance
Expert's answer:
You should try to get in contact with the state archives of the Tomsk region and the Saratov region. You can use Google Translate to translate sites automatically.
sylvie courtade asks: Where can one find the date and place of death of a family who lived in Uralmach in Sverdlovsk in 1936?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the State Archives of the Sverdlovsk region.
Mel asks: Are any records of any type available from the towns of Novozybkov and Surazh? Thank you very much.
Expert's answer:
You can try to get in contact with the State Archives of Bryansk Oblast. You can automatically translate sites/pages in Russian using the following service.
Sabina asks: My grandfather was born in Russia. How do I check for birth recoords?
Expert's answer:
You should contact regional archives. If Altai krai is the region of his birth, then the State Archives of Altai krai.
Agnes asks: I'm trying to trace my husband's Grandfather. He was born in Belgorod. I'm also trying to find the Gulag records of my husband's Great grandfather. He was sent to Siberia - from Poltava. Hopefully you can help me.
Expert's answer:
You should contact the State Archives of Belgorod oblast. As for the Gulag records, you can try to contact the State Archives of Russia.
KAREN asks: How could I find out if my mother was from that region? The family name is Novikov. My mother's name was Marfa & she was born in 1909. She immigrated to the United States around 1928 or 1929. Thanks for any information you can give me.
Expert's answer:
You can contact the State Archives of Bryansk oblast. All Russia Family Tree site will probably be useful too.
Al Dorof asks: I'm searching for the marriage license of my paternal grandmother, Eudokia Korechnikov, born 1880 or 1883 in Tomsk. She was married sometime between 1895 and 1905. Your suggestions are much appreciated.
Expert's answer:
You should contact the State Archives of Tomsk oblast.
Lyn Kokemor asks: My father was born in Tomsk in 1900 and I am wondering if it is possible to trace his family history. Thank you.
Expert's answer:
You can send your request to the State Archives of the Tomsk region (contacts). Also this site about genealogy research in Russia may be useful.
Jacquleynn Himango asks: I am looking for a relative who was born in Jerantowitza Russian in about 1898. I am having difficulty even finding that such a town exists or existed. It was perhaps taken over by Poland at some point in one of the World Wars. Can you help me?
Expert's answer:
I haven't found any info about the settlement mentioned, but you can try to contact the Polish Archival Service, maybe they can help you.
alex asks: Is it possible to find about my family history through local archives of Belgorod oblast? How?
Expert's answer:

You should try to contact the State Archives of Belgorod oblast.

At first send them a request by email with some details and your contacts. If there is no reply, send a written request to the address provided. It may work because in several cases much more attention is paid to written requests.

crayccrayceresa asks: Can you tell me about Tula Land Bank operated in 1920th?
Expert's answer:

I have found no useful info about the bank mentioned in your request. But while reading about the State Archives of Tula oblast I have found that the archives has documents of the banks (including Tula Land Bank) of the Soviet period.

I think you should try to get in contact with the State Archive of Tula oblast. At first try to contact the archives by the emails provided, attach the pictures of the documents you have to the emails too. If nobody answers, you can send a written request because in some cases much more attention is paid to them.

Svetlana Artemoff asks: My great-grandfather is from Omsk and I will be there in August. Can you tell me how I can contact one of the local churches to find out where he is buried? Thank You
Expert's answer:
Today, archives are the main source of such kind of information because all registration books of churches that were not destroyed became parts of the archival funds. You should try to contact the Archive Department of Omsk oblast (Omsk city, Tretyakovskaya Street, 1; and the Historical Archives of Omsk oblast (the address is the same;
Jeffrey Kash asks: I have family who came from Novyye Bobovichi within the Bryansk Oblast. Is there still an active Orthodox church within the town to which I can mail a letter requesting information?
Expert's answer:
I have found the village of Noviy Bobovichy. Today, it is a very small settlement. I haven't found if the church is active now, but if you are interested in historical records of this church (Church of the Archangel Michael), you can contact the State Archives of the Bryansk region.
Susan Low asks: Is there a place in Saratov that I can contact to find family records of relatives that lived there years ago? Thank you...Susan
Expert's answer:

You can contact the State Archives of Saratov oblast.

Eva Robotnick asks: My father was Polish and arrested by the NKVD in 1939 and sent to a forced labor logging camp near Syktyvkar. Is there a map or list of these logging camps from 1939-1941? Is there an archive with this kind of information? If yes, how can I contact the archive?
Expert's answer:
You can contact the public organization "Memorial" that helps people to find info about their relatives suffered from repression:
valerie rainey asks: I am trying to trace my family that originated in Ryazan. Are there adequate records going back to about 1890? The name is Tronoff.Kyzminishnai
Expert's answer:
You should send your request to the State Archives of Ryazan oblast.

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