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Questions and answers:

Fredrik asks: Why leopard is the main animal symbol that became historically in the coat of arms of Pskov? I cant find any information. It does not seem that there were any leopards nearby at that time (12th-13th centuries).
Expert's answer:

Great question! Today, there are different opinions about which animal was originally depicted in the coat of arms of Pskov. The motif used in the Pskov coat of arms to this day was formed, apparently, even before joining the Moscow principality.

On the coins and seals of the Pskov Republic, the "fierce beast", apparently a representative of the cat family, appeared approximately in the 1460s. Subsequently, Moscow princes and Russian tsars continued to use it as the emblem of Pskov.

The "List of all state seals" of 1626 has the following description of the Pskov coat of arms: "The Pskov seal: a leopard, land under the leopard." In the decree of 1666 on the making of the banner of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, there is such a description: "The Pskov seal, a lynx running on it." Nevertheless, most sources call the beast placed in the coat of arms a leopard. Check the following auto-translated article about the transformation of the coat of arms of Pskov with a lot of pictures.

Daren asks: Hello, I am doing a research project for the period of 1941 - 1944. I was told there was a city called Volkhostroi in Russia, however, I cannot find it on a map of the period. The only additional information I have is that it was 100 kilometres away from Leningrad. Does anyone know of this city?
Expert's answer:
Most likely you mean the town of Volkhovstroy located 140 km east of St. Petersburg. In 1940, it was renamed simply Volkhov. Google this name to find more info about it.
Barry asks: Where can I find street map of Saransk please?
Expert's answer:
You can find a decent street map of Saransk on Google Maps.
Sidney asks: Is Ufa already in Siberia?
Expert's answer:
The Republic of Bashkiria (Ufa is the capital of it) is located in the Urals and belongs to the Volga Federal District.
Hatem asks: Coming soon to Krasnoyarsk for my girl friend and I was wondering what would be the best spot or place to propose to her :) hope its not silly question
Expert's answer:
This is an excellent question! I can't recommend any specific place, maybe the following list of Krasnoyarsk places of interest will be useful.
Robb asks: What is the main street name in this city.Where is Ice and Fire hardware store.Thank you
Expert's answer:
Here is the map of Nefteyugansk that may be useful.
jeffrey lamont asks: Hi. When is the best time to visit your city Penza?
Expert's answer:
If you prefer winter, the best months are January-February, the first half of March. And May-July, if summer is your choice.
Joe asks: Can you give a population growth chart for the city of Kaluga, Russia from 1960 to 2009.
Expert's answer:
I have found the following Kaluga population growth chart from 1825 to 2010. I hope it will be useful.
Zina asks: I would like to find out about city Kirov in Kaluga region. Would you please let me know. Thanks a lot.
Expert's answer:
You can find some photos of the town of Kirov on the site of the Kirov district of the Kaluga region.

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