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Questions and answers:

Shane Dunn asks: How many rubles for a loaf of bread?
Expert's answer:
As of November 2022, the price for a loaf of bread (0.5 kg) in most regions of Russia is in the range of about 25-50 rubles (0.4-0.8 USD).
Anatol asks: Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy is so isolated city , where the food is coming from? There are no roads, railways, etc. Thanks for the info. Anatol
Expert's answer:
Most food is delivered by sea or air with the exception of seafood, fish, and bread. Therefore, food prices in this city are much higher than in most regions of Russia (about 2 times higher).
Stuart asks: Are the traditional meals served in restaurants in rural regions of Karelia usually good quality and prepared to hygienic standards? I quite often get ill from restaurant meals in Europe such as in Italy but Russian food traditional foods being simpler in ingredients and using less Seafood, maybe it would it be less likely to make me ill? As I am staying a Hotel, I cannot cook my own food and will rely on these restaurants. I like Borsh, Meat Cutlets, Potato & Cabbages and Beef Stroganof etc as I am of distant Russian origins.
Expert's answer:
It is difficult to speak for small local restaurants/cafes that may have not the freshest cooking ingredients, decent hygiene conditions. I would avoid eating at least meat dishes in such places. However, when it comes to relatively popular restaurants, then of course this risk is much lower. Check the following list of Karelia restaurants.
Peter asks: I'm going to study in Russia (Ryazan or St. Petersburg), I'm also getting a dorm, how much money will I spend per month on food?
Expert's answer:
Your food expenses will be in the range of about 10-15 thousand rubles per month (150-230 USD). Here is a good article about prices in Russia.
Andrea asks: How much does the egg cost in Russia
Expert's answer:
As of February 2019, the average retail price of a pack of 10 eggs in Russia is in the range of about 60-100 rubles (1-1.5 USD).
Kim asks: Going to Sochi and staying at Russian Seasons Hotel. Can you recommend local restaurants with traditional/local menu and good prices?
Expert's answer:
We can't recommend any restaurant in particular, but check the following list of restaurants/cafes located in Sochi and nearby, there are map locations, a lot of reviews and additional info available.
Judy asks: Is unsweetened almond milk available in Murmansk?
Expert's answer:
I haven't found any offers of this quite unusual for Russia food product in Murmansk. Although there are online shops selling it in Moscow (for example, this one ), but the shelf life is only 14 days so this is not a reliable option. Shipping in Russia may be delayed and take longer time. You can use the following service to translate sites from Russian.
Michel asks: Visit Russia for work soon. Diet requires a low gluten and no bread and avoid toxins, I know Russia food is bread often and salty unhealthy, what to do?
Expert's answer:
In grocery stores in Russia, you can find quite a wide range of food products and I think you will be able to find the products that fit your diet.
Ash asks: Do packaged foods in Russia have nutrition labels on the back?
Expert's answer:
On the back of packaged food products in Russia you can see the following information: the calorie content in 100 grams of product, the proportion of protein, fat, carbohydrates and the composition of the food product.
ROSLY asks: Can you name few muslim restaurants and their locations in Kazan city centre? Thanks
Expert's answer:
I have found the following list of Halal restaurants in Kazan.
John Alessio asks: I am a nutritionist and will be visiting Orenburg. Can you tell me if I would have access to whole grain products, nuts, beans, fish, organic eggs, and of course, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables?
Expert's answer:
It will not be a problem as Orenburg like other large Russian cities has several supermarkets with a great variety of food products including the ones mentioned in your question.
jacqueline asks: What is the regular everyday food eaten in Russia on any given day?
Expert's answer:
The food that Russians eat varies depending on season, level of income, region, etc. The most common dishes include various soups (borscht, fish soup, mushroom soup, pea soup, and others), pelmeni (meat dumplings), potatoes, cutlets, vareniki, a variety of rigatoni, various sausages, apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, tea, coffee.

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