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Elbrus is a stratovolcano in the Caucasus (on the border of the republics of Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia). Elbrus is located north of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range and is the highest peak in Russia. Also because the border between Europe and Asia is controversial, Mount Elbrus can also be the highest peak in Europe.

Elbrus is a saddle-shaped volcano with a two peaks. Western peak has an elevation of 5642 meters, Eastern – 5621 meters. The peaks are connected by a saddle (5200 meters), the distance between peaks is about 3 kilometers. By climbing classification Elbrus has rating 2A (snow and ice), climbing to the top of two peaks – 2B. Photos by Oleg Grigoryev.

Mount Elbrus - highest peak in Russia view 1


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The maximum depth of this abandoned mine shaft located somewhere in Russia reaches 880 meters. The mine is not functioning for several years and is suspended.

All the entrances and ventilation trunks are either concreted or sealed with steel “stoppers.” However, there are people for whom this is not an obstacle. Photos by Vadim Mahorov.

Abandoned mine suspended for years somewhere in Russia view 1



Picturesque view of Saint Petersburg is determined by architecture: straight streets, large squares, gardens and parks, rivers and numerous canals, embankments, bridges, monuments and decorative statues.

Among the other interesting places of Saint Petersburg are the fountains. Saint Petersburg is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Gulf Stream causes humid sea climate in Saint-Petersburg. Most days in the year are cloudy and gloomy. Photos by Sergei Nagorny.

Saint Petersburg city, Russia view 1





Winter Kazan from bird’s eye view

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan with the population of 1.1 million people. In 2005 the millennium of Kazan was celebrated. In 2013 the city will host the 27th World Summer Universiade, and in 2015 – World Championship of Water Sports.

Today Kazan is the center of Tatar people culture. Kazan Kremlin is among UNESCO world heritage and a 1000 year history of Kazan makes it one of Russian cities most often visited by tourists. Photos by Stepanov Slava.

Winter Kazan city, Russia bird's eye view 1


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Saint Petersburg is located in northern Europe, in the north-west of Russian Federation, on the shore of Finnish Gulf and on Neva River. It is the only city in the world with the population over 1,000,000 located so far in the north.

Saint-Petersburg is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, being an important center of tourism in Russia. In 18th-20th centuries the city was the capital of Russian Empire.

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Karelia Republic is a remarkably beautiful land of white nights, boundless forests, and blue lakes. Karelia is located on the border of Western and Eastern Europe, on the border of cultures and religions.

Severe beauty of Karelia Republic nature, the climate, not too favorable in these latitudes, the coexistence and intermingling of various peoples inhabiting this land for centuries, all that conditioned the character of the people living here: very laconic, self-assured, contemplative, and tolerant people.




Grozny city at night time

Today, after the war, Grozny is once again the administrative center of the Chechnya Republic of Russia. The reconstruction works are in process. In 2004 the railway connection with other parts of Russia was restored and the Grozny city airport, Severny, began to offer flights to Moscow in 2007.

Also, after several years of reconstruction, the beautiful Grozny city mosque (the largest in Europe) was opened in 2008. The following beautiful high-res photos of night Grozny were taken by timag82.

Grozny city at night time 1



December 28, 2011, just before the New Year celebrations, a new metro station “Admiralteyskaya” was opened in Saint Petersburg. The station is located on the 5th purple line between the stations “Sadovaya” and “Sportivnaya”.

For about 15 years it was in fact ghost-station, the trains passed it without stopping. Active work was resumed several years ago – escalators and platform were assembled. Today, after the opening, “Admiralteyskaya ” has become the deepest metro station in Russia – the length of the escalators is 120 meters. Photos by skydrinker.

Admiralteyskaya metro station, Saint Petersburg, Russia view 1



Pyatigorsk (“the city of five mountains”) is the oldest balneological and mud resort of Russia and the largest cultural and tourist center of eco-resort region Caucasian Mineral Waters.

On January 19, 2010 Pyatigorsk received the status of the center of North Caucasus Federal District. It is the only center of the federal district not being the capital of the subject of the federation. Photos by timag82. Click the photos for high resolution versions.

Pyatigorsk city, Russia view 1





Time-lapse video of Omsk city

Omsk located about 2,600 km to the east of Moscow is the second largest city in Siberia. The city is standing on the banks of Irtysh river at the confluence with Om river.

The rivers connect Omsk with various coal and other mineral mining cities and towns of Kazakhstan and with oil, natural gas and lumber rich regions of Siberia. Video by Vladimir Skorokhod and Sergey Kotov.

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