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In Soviet Russia bear gets chased by you

Run Bear Run! :)

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Krasnaya Polyana is a small town in the Adler district of Sochi (Krasnodar krai) located 39 km from the Black Sea coast.

The population of the town is 3972 people (2009). There is a highway from Adler and Sochi airport to Krasnaya Polyana. The town will be one of the places hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 2014 and probably the most picturesque one.

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Karabash is a town in Chelyabinsk oblast, Russia located about 90 kilometers from Chelyabinsk.

It is one of the largest copper smelting centers of the country. For a time, according to UNESCO, Karabash was considered the most polluted city in the world.

Karabash - probably the most polluted city in the world view 1



Currently the icebreaker “50 let Pobedy” (“50 years of Victory”) is the largest nuclear-powered icebreaker in the world. Its construction was carried out at the Baltic Shipyard in Leningrad (later St. Petersburg). The construction began on October 4, 1989.

In 1993, further construction was suspended due to lack of funds. In 2003, the construction was resumed, and, February 1, 2007, the icebreaker went on sea trials, which lasted two weeks. The flag was raised March 23, 2007 and April 11 the icebreaker came to its home port in Murmansk. The estimated maximum thickness of ice that the icebreaker can go through is 2.8 m.



I have found the following interesting video from boat trip to the Pacific Ocean near Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The song is “You hear the sea”, children’s choir of the Leningrad Radio and Television (1981). Filming – Eugene Firsov, editing – Oleg Vereshchagin. The video is available in HD.

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Mysterious fog over Vladivostok city

Summer weather in Vladivostok is characterized by high repeatability of fog.

In addition to the deterioration in sea navigation the fog in the city hinders the work of road and rail transport, aviation, and slows the rate of construction and other work in the open air, accelerates corrosion of metals, increases energy consumption by reducing lighting and air temperature.

Mysterious fog over Vladivostok city, Russia view 1





Beautiful karst lake Marine Eye

Karst lake Marine Eye situated near the village Shariboksad, Volga district of Mari El Republic stands out as a form of volcanic crater. The depth of the lake is 37 meters, 45 to 50 m in diameter. Water transparency is significant, up to 5.5 m. The water of the lake is known for its unique characteristic emerald green color.

Lake Marine Eye, Mari El, Russia view 1



Mari El Republic is one of the most ecologically pure territories in the European part of Russia. There are a lot of beautiful lakes, rivers and forests on the territory of the republic. The region is a popular destination for travelers and tourists who are enjoying nature. The photos were taken by Dmitry Mordolff.

Mari El Republic, Russia scenery 1


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Picturesque views of Baltic Sea coastline

The following nice photos were taken on the shore of Baltic Sea (resort town of Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad oblast) by Andrey Rumyantsev.

Baltic Sea coastline, Russia view 1


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Picturesque landscapes of Buryatia nature

The following nice pictures were captured during the trip along highway M-55 (Buryatia Republic) on the way to Chita city by Victor Borisov.

Buryatia Republic, Russia landscape 1


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