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Abandoned tanks on Shikotan Island

Shikotan, meaning “the best place”, is the largest island of the Lesser Kuril Islands, part of the Sakhalin region. Japan disputes Russia’s ownership of Shikotan; it sees it as part of Nemuro province, Hokkaido prefecture.

Until 1855, the island was part of the Russian Empire. February 7, 1855, according to the Russian-Japanese treaty of trade and boundaries (“Shimoda Treaty”), the island was given to Japan with the rest of the southern Kurils. In 1945, after Japan’s defeat in World War II, the islands were captured by the Soviet Union.

Abandoned tanks, Shikotan Island, Sakhalin region, Russia, photo 1

the island of tanks

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Divers found the historical Russian mini-submarine “Som” (“Catfish”) that disappeared during the First World War near the coast of Sweden.

May 10, 1916, while carrying out patrols in the area of Aland Islands, the submarine collided with the Swedish steamer “Ingermanland” and sank. None of the crew of the submarine (18 people) survived.

Russian submarine "Som" ("Catfish")

One hundred years later…


In Soviet times, a very significant part of the budget was spent on various military purposes, including the construction of numerous defensive structures all over the country.

And here is one example. This artillery battery is located somewhere on the coast of the Kola Peninsula, in the northwest of the European part of Russia, in Murmansk region. Photos by: Ralph Mirebs.

Abandoned coastal battery, Kola Peninsula, Russia, photo 1

get inside the battery

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Cubism in the Russian army

In Russia, there are many sayings and proverbs dedicated to idiocy that often occurs in the army. For example, “people, served in the army, don’t laugh in the circus” or “in the army, they carry round things and roll square ones”, etc.

And here’s one example. In winter, when the territory of the army garrisons is covered with deep snow, soldiers are often busy making these nice looking snowdrifts – square snowdrifts.

Square snowdrifts, the army of Russia, photo 1

square paradise

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Abandoned storage of nuclear warheads

On the vast expanses of Russia you can find a lot of abandoned facilities. Most of them were built in remote and sometimes very picturesque areas for military purposes during the Soviet period and after the collapse of the USSR were abandoned.

For example, look at this abandoned storage of nuclear warheads built in the 1960s in the depths of the granite mountain and located somewhere in the northern part of Russia. Photos by Lana Sator

Abandoned storage of nuclear warheads, Russia, photo 1

explore the base




Victory Day parade on Red Square – dashcam view

Today, Russia celebrates Victory Day in the Second World War. In honor of this memorable date, military parades have been held in many cities across the country.

The main parade has been held on Red Square in Moscow. Interesing video – first-person view of the parade.


Breaking news. Upper House of Russian Parliament voted to approve sending Russian armed forces on the territory of Ukraine.

It was done by Putin’s request because of the “extraordinary” situation in Ukraine and threats to life of Russian citizens, the personnel of the military contingent of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation located in accordance with the international agreement on the territory of Ukraine (Autonomous Republic of Crimea).


Crimea - Russian troops


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Abandoned shelter-base for Soviet submarines

Scenic view of abandoned anti-nuclear shelter-base for submarines of the Pacific Fleet located at Pavlovsk submarine base in Primorye krai. Photo by hajoff

Abandoned shelter-base for Soviet submarines

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February 12, 2014, the only surviving tank T-35A drove under its own power for the restoration from the pavilion of Heavy armored vehicles of the Central Museum of Armored Vehicles.

T-35 is a Soviet heavy five-turret tank developed in 1931-1932 – the first Soviet heavy tank launched into mass production before the beginning of the Second World War.

Five-turret Soviet tank, photo 1

unique tank




Futuristic Soviet Assault Rifles

During the Soviet era, a lot of different and sometimes strange small arms were created. Nowadays, something is used worldwide, for example, Kalashnikov assault rifles. But some interesting firearms were almost forgotten.

Herman A. Korobov was one of the talented Soviet designers of small arms. Along with a number of other firearms, he was the author of these unique futuristic assault rifles created in the late 1950s – early 1960s.

TKB-011M and TKB-011

Korobov assault rifles, photo 1

really crazy small arms

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