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Interesting Things to Experience in Russia

If you are visiting Russia and are stuck for ideas for what to see, then read on. There are diverse tourist spots on the list; from magnificent architecture to excellent nightlife. Russia has so much to offer from beautiful churches, great food, and interesting museums.

If you are considering a trip, be sure to read our guide to So let’s get started, here are the 5 places you must visit when in Russia.

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St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

The Orthodox Cathedral situated in Red Square, Moscow was built from 1555 to 1561 on orders by Ivan the Terrible. It celebrated the capture of Kazan and was the tallest building up to the year 1600. It has 9 very unique colorful domes shaped like a fire. The place is packed with history and looks even more majestic in the evening, with the domes all lit up. A true architectural beauty that is perfect for an Instagram post.

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Altai Palace Casino, Siberia

Gambling is restricted to specific zones in Russia, however, a visit to the Altai Palace casino is a night to remember. Situated in Siberia, the casino has three floors; the ground being slots, first for the table games and VIP rooms, and the third floor containing guest suites. Additionally, the casino hosts a fine dining restaurant serving Russian delicacies such as caviar. It is an exciting experience in the dark wilderness, but if you cannot make it to one of Russia’s gambling zones, there is always With the use of a VPN, they offer all the best slots which you can play online for free. Moreover, they provide thorough reviews on safe casinos and check for all the best welcome bonuses/free spins. The Altai is priced reasonably to stay the night and can offer air charters to their most distinguished clients.

Monastery of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers in Ganina Yama, Yekaterinburg

A very historical and poignant place for Russians is Ganina Yama where the bodies of the executed Romanov family were buried. They advertise on their website that it is one of Russia’s youngest monasteries founded in 2000. Architecturally it is a masterpiece but when you visit it has a somber feeling, it was built to honor the Romanov family who has since been made saints by the Russian Orthodox Church. There are excursions available and a museum about the history of Tsarist Russia.

The monastic complex consists of seven wooden churches, according to the number of dead members of the royal family. Three monuments have also been erected on its territory: Emperor Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, and their children.

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The State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg

If you are an art lover, then the State Hermitage Museum is for you. Regarded as one of the best museums in the world, it exhibits over 2.7 million art pieces including Flora by Rembrandt, The Dessert: Harmony in Red by Matisse, and Combat of a Tiger and a Buffalo by Henri Rosseau. The museum is huge and was a Palace for the Tsar. With its grand architecture, opulence, and splendor, the museum is both an educational and inspiring experience. A must-visit for all culture lovers.

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The Kremlin, Moscow

Situated nearby Red Square and home of the Russian President, The Kremlin is an architectural delight. The word Kremlin means fortress inside a city and the building was completed in 1492. The site comprises citadels, 5 palaces, 4 cathedrals, the Kremlin Wall, and Kremlin Towers. It was the former Moscow residence of the Tsar, overlooking the Moscow River to the south, Red Square and Saint Basil’s Cathedral to the east, and Alexandra Garden to the west. It is open to the public for guided tours and has a museum. If you need some more information on the museum at the Kremlin, please check here: It has over 3 million visitors every year and offers guides in English.

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Russia is a historical place with a rich history. Furthermore, the culture is unique and fascinating, so a trip will not disappoint. If you are to visit, there has to be an honorable mention of the Trans Siberian Railway, which is the longest train journey in the world. Starting in Moscow and finishing in Vladivostok, there are some cultural gems to explore on the way. The journey will take roughly a week, but the experience is worth it.

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