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4 Things To Know Before Visiting Russia

Russia is full of surprises and adventures, as you can enjoy yourself in the Russian province or visit the remarkable monuments in the Russian capital Moscow. Traveling to Russia for the first time may seem like a crazy adventure for tourists, but there are many things you need to keep in mind before visiting this beautiful country.

The country is not scary at all if you keep in mind these important things. This way you are going to enjoy your trip and come back with memories. Read below to know more.

Visiting Russia, photo 1

Check For Visa Requirements

People from other countries need to apply for a visa before arriving in Russia. The visa application form is quite simple and straight. You need to possess an invitation from a Russian citizen or a tourism operator based in Russia. The country is even planning to launch its evisa in 2021. It will be available to citizens from 50 countries. By getting an evisa, travelers can also enjoy an extended stay.

Visiting Russia, photo 2

Do Wider Research for Public Transport

Search well for public transport to get around in Russia. Mind you, Russia is an expensive country on the European continent. So, make sure to save wherever you can. Take the subway system, as the underground has maps that are translated into English too. The locals may not guide you on the directions, so make sure to use the subway map and know where to buy tickets from.

Note: Listen to the names of stations announced while traveling by bus. Keep a check on the phonetics description given in the English map.

Visiting Russia, photo 3

Go for Casino (But Only in Authorized Casinos)

Only the four designated regions in the country will help you settle your casino cravings. The players can head to the Altai Republic, where you can play at ‘Altai Palace Casino’. Next is Krasnodar, where you can play at ‘Azov City’, and in Sochi, you can play at ‘Sochi Casino and Resort’. Third place is Kaliningrad Oblast where you can play at ‘Sobranie Casino’. The last region is Primorsky Krai, where you can play casino games at ‘Tigre de Cristal’.

If you find it tough to reach out to any of these regions, try out a new online casino, namely Casimba, that can be accessed just by setting another country’s VPN. This is because Russia bans online casinos in every aspect.

Visiting Russia, photo 4

Hold Onto Your Money

Russia is working to become a cashless economy, but over time it will happen too. When going around in the country, make sure to be money savvy. It is expensive as compared to London. So, get your Euros or other currencies you are carrying converted into Rubles. The cards may not be accepted at many places.

Keep some handy cash to move around. If you are moving to Red Square or other tourist places, then be aware that it is an expensive country. Therefore, save big by choosing inexpensive travel options, food, and yes, for buying bottled water.

Note: Tap water may be a little heavy on your stomach, so it’s advisable to use bottled water.

Visiting Russia, photo 5


It’s perfectly safe to move around in Russia, if you follow their local rules and regulations without making a mess. You must keep a check of your cash, and it’s better to keep up with some local language words to order food and while traveling. Well, save big by checking around for local food restaurants, and better to travel with your food while journeying on an overnight train. With these tit-bits in consideration, you can enjoy your travel.

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  • Poorchop · March 11, 2021 at 5:23 am

    These are some amazing photos. The last three are especially picturesque. I also never considered how expensive it must be to travel in the European part of Russia. I’m a bit surprised that it’s more expensive than London.


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