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Five Most Beautiful Towns in Russia

Russia is a beautiful country, stretching over a massive length of northern Asia and Eastern Europe. It became an independent state on the 12th of June, 1990. Natural beauty and glamour in Russia are unmatched. Russia has various gorgeous cities, towns and villages. Here are a few of Russia’s most beautiful towns.

Kolomna, Russia

Sergiev Posad

This is a small town but close to natural beauty, nearly 70-75 km from Moscow. The history of this town began with the origin of a monastery by St. Sergey. It is a small and religious town where people like Sergey could ultimately lead to religious life.

There are several fascinations and appealing facts for people in this town. A few legends are contending that Russian dolls, an engraved set of dolls, were introduced here. Many people arriving here would want to stop by the Chapel as it has preserved several memorials of St. Sergey.

Each year this town celebrates a balloon carnival, which provides many people with a reason to visit this place. It fascinates a huge number of pilgrims and other tourists. You can also play games here as well as online. Even you can play Indiacasinos while sitting in this town.

Sergiev Posad, Russia


Sviyazhsk is a rural town located in Russia. The explanation it is called Sviyazhsk due to its neighboring with Sviyaga Rivers. It is also known as an island since the construction of Kuybyshev Reservoir downstream at Tolyatti. It became an island when the water rose above a certain level. So, the councils decided to build a power station, named as “Togliatti Hydroelectric Power Station.” It was the only town until 1957, which altered into an island.

It has many architectures, like museums and churches. It also has an amusement park. Due to its unique architecture, it gets the attention of many tourists and visitors and thousands of them visit this beautiful, and unforgettable town every year.

Sviyazhsk, Russia
Photo by Shelkovnikov Evgeniy (license).


This town of Russia is located on the South Western coasts of a beautiful lake, Ladoga, which is also Europe’s biggest lake. This village is very popular for various reasons. One of them is a famous fortress named Oreshek.

It doesn’t retain many historical buildings but many churches were built there in the 18th century. It has numerous shipyards, which built and repaired varied types of ships. One of the very famous of these is called “Nevsky Shipyard”, built in 1913. It also repaired and modernized many ships. This town is also very beautiful due to its natural beauty.

Shlisselburg, Russia


This beautiful town is situated on the Volga River, almost 280 km north of Moscow. The town’s name in English means “Mouseville.”

But how did it get this name in the first place? Well, the answer is very reasonable as many people assumed that a mouse helped to rescue the “Prince Fedor” from a dangerous snake. In regards to this, the Prince named the town by Myshkin meaning, Mouseville in English. It’s a cozy place where children and adults both can relish.

There are more than twenty museums in Myshkin. One of the museums in this town even offers to touch anything people see in there. People go there every year to enhance their cultural knowledge and enjoy the art of touching historic ornaments.

Myshkin, Russia
Photo by Alexey Zadonsky (license).


This former royal village is a few kilometers away from the Red Square. It got its name from a historical road, which leads to a town called Kolomna. It is very famous for the rich agricultural ancestry formed at the start of the 15th century. This was because it served as a summer residence for the Grand Dukes of Moscow and Russian Tsars. This village is also famous for many reasons. One of them is its museums. In 1923, the authorities turned it into an open-air museum mainly designed for wooden architectures.

Another amazing attraction for people here is its natural beauty, including the apple orchards constructed in the 17th century. Many visitors and tourists come here for a perfect picnic spot. Many festivals and holidays are also celebrated in this park.

Kolomenskoye, Russia


Russia has miscellaneous towns and villages that are all famous in their way. All these beautiful towns have a significant history. A lot of tourists and visitors who want to learn about the culture and history of Russia come to these places every year.

These significant town and villages also help the young generation and foreigners to understand and see their culture and understand it in the best possible way. People of Russia also have a very positive and welcoming attitude towards everyone who visits Russia and these towns and villages.

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