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Top 3 Most Beautiful Places in Russia That Everyone Should Visit

Russia is a treasure chest that you can sort of endlessly. It is full of unforgettable places from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. No matter what things you consider beautiful and interesting, you will definitely have what to do and what to see there.

In this review, we will focus on the most beautiful corners of the country that are worth visiting – they are as good as various types of casino bonuses that you can avail of. Planning your trip to Russia? Here is a list of the best places to start your amazing journey.

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Lake Baikal

  • Location: Eastern Siberia;
  • Reason for the trip: To energize by the world’s deepest lake.

Baikal is one of the best places where you can relax in Russia in winter. This is the time when the blue of the lake is even more impressive than in summer. The absolutely transparent Baikal ice is especially suitable for ice skating enthusiasts. It is also worth noting that it is interesting to ride an excursion train along the rare Circum-Baikal railway at any time of the year. So if you are going to be there, then spend your time drafting the agenda.

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Ukok Plateau

  • Location: the Republic of Altai, the junction of the borders of Russia, Kazakhstan, China, and Mongolia;
  • Reason for the trip: admire Martian landscapes on Earth.

The Ukok Plateau is a real Red Planet in Altai. Wide valleys, lakes, and streams glisten; the caps of the mountains glisten on the horizon – you rarely see such endless expanses. You will rarely meet people in Ukok, and even the natural park is called the “Peace Zone” here. So this place is perfect for those who are looking for solitude with themselves and nature.

If you’re willing to sacrifice comfort for cosmic beauty, come to the Ukok Plateau. Among the most interesting sights of this place are the radon thermal springs of Ukok, found during archaeological excavations at the Akalakha burial ground in the Ukok tract in 1993.

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  • Location: Far East;
  • Reason for the trip: find out what life looks like at the end of the world.

Kamchatka is the most picturesque answer to the question of where to go to explore the beauty in Russia. You will find yourself on another planet, Kamchatka. It is for this reason that this spot is so popular with tourists.

In Kamchatka, it is difficult to choose a single place of beauty: it is beautiful everywhere. The Valley of Geysers is seething; Pacific waves run over the black beach; volcanoes are seething restlessly. If you want to be born again, plunge into Kamchatka thermal springs under the open sky. Climb the Avachinsky volcano, feed the gophers with cookies on the way back, and then watch the bear fishing on the Kuril Lake.

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Travel Notes

As you can see, there are many picturesque places in Russia that are worth visiting. In this article, you only learned about the top 3 must-visit tourist spots that every traveler should add to their agenda.

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