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Nerekhta is a small provincial town with a population of about 21 thousand people located in Kostroma Oblast, about 47 km southwest of Kostroma and 71 km southeast of Yaroslavl.

First mentioned in 1214, this old town is included in the famous tourist route known as the Golden Ring of Russia. However, due to the fact that the M-8 federal highway passes away from it, tourists rarely come here (especially organized tourist groups). Nerekhta on Google Maps. Photos by: Eduard Skvortsov.

Nerekhta, Kostroma Oblast, Russia, photo 1

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The Wooden Palace in Astashovo

In the Chukhlomsky district of the Kostroma region, hidden between forests and abandoned villages, there is a beautiful wooden palace designed by the famous architect Ivan Ropet (1845-1908).

The house was built by Martyan Sazonov for Yelizaveta Dobrovolskaya, his second wife, in the late 19th century. He was of peasant origin but that did not stop him to go to St. Petersburg and become a major construction businessman. Photos by: Vadim Razumov.

Wooden Palace in Astashovo, Kostroma region, Russia, photo 1

beautiful wooden house


This beautiful two-storey house, located in an abandoned village of Pogorelovo (Kostroma region, about 540 km from Moscow), is a truly unique building, a fine example of wooden architecture.

The house was built over 100 years ago, in 1902-1903, and has never been subjected to restoration, retaining its authentic decor and original interior. The photos were taken by deni.spiri.

Polyashov's house, Pogorelovo, Kostroma region, Russia, photo 1

amazing house


There is an abandoned village Ostashevo in Chuhlomskoy district of Kostroma oblast and 100 meters to the east this wooden wonder is standing. The building is an old two-storey house with a tower, full of various carved decoration.

The house was probably built by industrialist Markov at the end of the 19th century. It was his suburban villa (dacha). According to the other version St. Petersburg contractor M.S. Sazonov built this house for his second wife E.A. Dobrovolskaya. Photos by Denis Frantsouzov.

Wooden house, Ostashevo, Kostroma oblast, Russia view 1


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The hirsute Kostroma people

What a nice blast from the past :)

The hirsute Kostroma people from the primeval forests of central Russia: the first of their kind ever seen in England. 1874

Kostroma people 1874 poster

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Spas-Buraky is a small village located in Kostroma oblast and the following nice pictures will put you in Russian province autumn mood. The photos were captured by av-otus.

Spas-Buraki village, Kostroma oblast, Russia cathedral


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