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Trans-Siberian Trek in Style – Beating the Boredom on Board

For many travelers hoping to see large portions of Russia and head into the continent of Asia, the Trans-Siberian trek is an absolute must. There are many different routes that you can take, departing from a choice of Russian cities and lasting for a varying number of days.

Of course, the main draw of such journeys is to get out there and see more of our wonderful world, especially through Russia and the road often less traveled. You can start in the West at St Petersburg, head over to Moscow, take part in expeditions such as Siberian dog sledding, and even see “true” Russia in places like Irkutsk and Ulaanbaatar.

But what about the reality of the fact that you’re spending up to four weeks of your life on a train? Yes, you get off and stay overnight in hotels sometimes, but that still leaves a rather long time to your journey on board. Here’s how to make the most of it!

Download before you go

These days, it’s hard for us to be separated from our various devices. While you may not always be able to stay connected on board, you will have the Internet at least some of the time. Download your fave shows on your Netflix app before heading off, and your fave songs on Spotify, too. Consuming media will pass the time from stop to stop.

Playing games is another option. For example, you can download the Mr Green App for access to casino-style games on the go. On the app store, they describe themselves as offering “a vast ocean of never-ending entertainment” to beat the boredom of a long commute. You can play over 500 slot games, and even enter tournaments.

Don’t forget your phone charger and an adaptor!

Pack creature comforts

While there is an amazing dining car which can be seen as the main draw of the train itself, serving everything from smoked salmon and caviar to vodka, time spent on a train with the same cafe meals can soon lead you to wanting more.

If you tend to eat a lot and you’re trying to minimise your budget (or you simply have unique tastes), it’s a great idea to ensure that you pack a few things that you love to take on board. Think non-perishables, like crisps, biscuits and maybe even some chocolate to share.

Of course, creature comforts aren’t all food related! This could be something as simple as remembering to pack some photos from home or a memory foam pillow.

Get to know your fellow passengers

A Trans-Siberian train journey is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it’s a chance to meet people from all walks of life. While we all need some alone time, don’t pass up the chance to socialise as well.

The dining car and lounge is the place to be – share some drinks, play some cards, and swap travel stories.

Russia is a place with a wealth of experiences for you to enjoy, but the train is a big part of that as well – make the most of it.

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