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Things You Must Know When Dating a Russian Girl

Love is a universal concept that cuts across race, nation, religion and ethnicity, hence dating is a universal concept as well. Every individual, regardless of where they come from, can relate to dating and being in a romantic relationship.

However, culture differs and since culture is the way of life of a certain people, it affects every facet of life of the people.

Just so you know, in the online world, there is no gainsaying that dating has come to stay and no matter what angle you’re viewing it from, online dating is on steroids – it’s paid its dues and got all there is to stay relevant.

Like every other nation, this speaks true for Russian girls. Dating a Russian girl will demand a different sort of understanding from dating a girl from other nations. If you are in a relationship or about to get into one with a Russian girl, here are things you must know when dating one.

Russian girl folk costume

Photo by: Victoria Borodinova

Be Confident

Confidence is a very attractive trait everywhere but especially for Russian girls, confidence is very important. Russian women are strong women emotionally and in every other way, so you have to understand that timidity will not attract her.

She wants a strong man who she feels can keep up with her and will not display weakness or cower in the face of her strength. In summary, they like a masculine man and one who is not afraid to show it.

Good Dress Sense

It might come as a surprise and maybe not, that even compared to western girls, Slavic girls dress really flashy. Coupled with their Slavic beauty, they stand out in their awareness of fashion. Therefore, it will be expedient that you also have a good dress sense to get a Russian girl to be attracted to you.

Of course, you are not expected to try to out dress her or almost be feminine as a result of your love for fashion. However, your dressing has to be presentable if you want to attract Russian girls.

The Man Pays

The culture in Russia is still quite conservative and the culture where the bill for the date is split has not quite been established in Russia.

So, if you are taking a Russian girl out, take away the thought of splitting the bill with her and be ready to take care of the bill. As a culture, it shows you are a strong man and can take care of her.

Be Spontaneous

If there is one thing that keeps a Russian girl interested, it is intrigue. You cannot afford to be monotonous because they will get bored with monotony faster than you can imagine. So, you have to keep the relationship intriguing by engaging her in spontaneous as well as creative activities.

Russian girls are really curious beings, so you can take advantage of that. The intrigue alone in not always figuring you out will keep her on her toes and interested.

Also, sometimes, men make the mistake of pushing too hard or demanding for dates too much. No matter how interested you are, keep the dates minimal, so she can have the opportunity to miss you.


Russian girls are really smart and intelligent. It could be from the fact that many of them are good readers. So, if you want to date a Russian girl, then you have to improve your brain by reading and engaging in any mental activity.

You want to keep your Russian girl interested and you can only do that if you can keep up with her intelligence.

In all, Russian girls are unique and they are great to date. But you need to work at it by knowing what keeps them interested and attracted in a man. Don’t go dating a Russian girl with the mindset of the girls of other nations. The tips above will help you get started in finding your Russian girl and keeping her interested in you and all you have to offer.

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  • Gordon · June 3, 2019 at 4:10 am

    I’m from America and I have been contacted by a very beautiful Russian lady around Volgograd and I’m taken!! I was shocked that woman was in my heart and soul before I even knew it! We’re making plans to meet in person and hopefully we’re going to have a great future ahead of us! She’s nothing like anyone else I’ve ever met and there’s so many layers!!

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